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Vergil is the twentieth mission in Devil May Cry 5 and the nineteenth "proper" mission.

June 15th 04:04pm[]

Dante revealed the truth to Nero: Vergil is his father. Leaving the young Devil Hunter in shock, Dante then went on alone to confront Vergil at the summit of the Qliphoth. The path was blocked by V's castoffs, the three demons that served him until his reunion with Urizen. Having proved to them what it means to be a legendary Devil Hunter, all that's left is to confront his brother.


Style Points & Time Requirements[]

The following is a table that lists the S rank requirement (Style) based on difficulty level as well as the timing requirements for each "Speed Clear" Extra Bonus. This information was taken from the Devil May Cry 5 Official Complete Guide and was translated by @DMC5Info which can be found here.

- Human Devil Hunter Son of Sparda Dante Must Die Heaven or Hell Hell and Hell
Style Points 4000 5000 5500 6000 ? 5500
Speed Clear S 04:00 05:30 08:00 13:30 00:05 13:30
Speed Clear A 06:00 08:15 12:00 20:15 00:10 20:15
Speed Clear B 08:00 11:00 16:00 27:00 00:15 27:00


The entirety of the mission is the boss battle against Vergil.

Boss: Vergil[]


Vergil's attacks barely differ depending on the difficulty you're playing on. This a list of attacks for the Dante Must Die difficulty since it has the most variety of attacks.

Yamato Combo A: Vergil performs two strikes with the sheath, draws the sword and slashes twice. In Devil Trigger Vergil adds a claw strike to this combo.

Yamato Combo B: The basic three hit combo that's similar to the one that player has access to. In the second phase the final hit also creates Blistering Blades.

Stinger: Vergil lunges forward and drives Yamato into the player's chest, dealing massive damage. A large portion of the damage can be avoided if the player activates the Devil trigger when Vergil is holding the Yamato in the player's chest.

Rapid Slash: Vergil's version of Dante's Stinger attack, he charges up towards the player slashing rapidly.

Rising Star: A attack that lets Vergil launch the player mid-air, preceded by a Rapid Slash and usually followed by Aerial Rave.

Aerial Rave: The basic three hit air combo that's similar to the one that the player has access to.

Aerial Cleave: Vergil drops down and slams down Yamato in a vicious overhead strike.

Judgment Cut: Vergil charges Yamato to release orbs that appear on the player and deal a ton of damage, they come in singular in the first phase of the fight, but the number increases on the second phase; three on Human and Devil Hunter difficulties and four on Son of Sparda and above.

Judgment Cut End: One of the most dangerous attacks in the fight, Vergil stops for a while and leaves a large area next to him, that area is where the Judgment Cut End will take place, the attack does a lot of damage so be aware. It can be blocked or dodged only with perfect timing; but activating Devil Trigger eliminates the block restriction; albeit costing more DT gauge.

Mirage Blades: Throws blue swords that look like the Force Edge. They usually launch at a slow pace, giving you time to block them using the Royal Guard style.

Spiral Blades: Vergil surrounds himself with Mirage Blades to act like a shield and for extra damage. One aerial shot from Coyote-A can destroy all the blades

Storm Blades: Vergil surrounds the player with Mirage Blades and later fires them to damage the player. The blades can be destroyed by multiple means, or blocked through Royalguard.

Blistering Blades: The second type of Mirage Blades attack, he puts Mirage Blades on each side of him and then shoots them at a faster pace than usual. If the blades hit the player, the player may get stunned for a few seconds leaving him completely defenseless. Devil Trigger activation can shorten the stun duration. It is possible to return the attack with a well-timed Revolution or Turbulence. Ice Age and Break Spiral can also be used, in exchange for making the blades reflect in different directions.

Heavy Rain Blades: Vergil puts a lot of Mirage Blades on top of the player and rains it on him. During Sin Devil Trigger, he uses this in tandem with Blistering Blades. Similar to Blistering Blades, the blades can be reflected with a well-timed Revolution or Turbulence; or reflected in multiple directions using Ice Age or Break Spiral.

Air Trick: Vergil teleports around the fight arena quite often, usually towards the player.

Sin Devil Trigger: Vergil enters this form when you reduce his health to about 55%, in this form his attacks are faster and stronger and allow him to heal, however, he heals on a slower pace than the player.

Dive Bomb: In this form, Vergil flies into the sky and chases the player, however, he loses the ability to heal during it. He often summons Storm Swords during this attack. He can also "fake" the last flight by appearing somewhere else before rushing to the player.

Doppelganger: Vergil creates a spectral double of himself that performs attacks alongside him, however, his doppelganger has very little health and can easily be destroyed with a few combos.


Proficiency with the Royalguard Style is highly recommended for this boss fight, as many of Vergil's attacks can be anticipated; effectively giving time to increase both DT and Royalguard gauge. His Doppelganger can easily be countered by one Royal Revenge; eliminating the need to focus on multiple enemies for an extended duration. Another recommended strategy is the usage of King Cerberus' high AoE lightning attacks to reflect Vergil's Summoned Swords back at him for high amounts of damage.

Vergil immedately starts with either of the three moves: Rising Star, Stinger, or Heavy Rain Blades. After which he attacks in a slow but calculated fashion. He automatically deflects all attacks while he is stationary; only being vulnerable during the end of each melee attack he makes. Attacks with knockback properties do not apply when attacking Vergil (e.g. Stinger), as he is only thrown back once hit a certain amount of times; however it is still possible to launch him (e.g. High Time, Crystal, etc.). After getting his HP down to around 55%, he transforms into his Sin Devil Trigger form. In this form, it is extremely difficult to land combos on Vergil as he shrugs off many attacks.

When he teleports to the middle of the arena and charges up, he is readying up for either Air Raid or a chain of powerful attacks; depending on the amount of health he has remaining (and if the game mode is Dante Must Die). During Air Raid, it is possible to knock him out of the flight prematurely using different tactics.

  • Double Kalina Ann - Mega Cascade once it touches Vergil in flight can knock him off.
  • Dr. Faust - It is possible for Red Hot Night to knock him out of flight, but the timing is very difficult.
  • Balrog - Real Impact can end his flight. It has a slight lingering hitbox that can knock Vergil off; but the timing is still difficult.
  • Royalguard Style - It is possible to block his incoming attacks; even without perfect timing (so long as there is still DT available). It will take however a Royal Release for Vergil to get knocked off flight.
  • Sin Devil Trigger - once in Sin Devil Trigger form, Dante can knock off Vergil using Sin Stinger or Demolition.

His chain of powerful attacks happen when he has around 35% of health remaining when he starts charging up. Instead of lunging for flight, he simply teleports away. And launches a series of attacks in quick succession (Storm Swords > Heavy Rain Swords > Upper Slash > Two Aerial Cleaves > Blistering Blades > 4 Judgement Cuts > 2 Rapid Slashes > Judgement Cut End). These moves only happen during Dante Must Die mode.

When driven to around 35% health, Vergil's attacks become more aggressive and after being attacked a certain amount of times will trigger a Block mechanic different from the one he has when on the defensive. This block mechanic can be broken through with any attacks from Kick Mode Balrog, or any Devil Trigger-enhanced attacks. If unsuccessful, Vergil will simply parry an attack and engage with his own attacks. He will also summon the Doppelganger when activating Sin Devil Trigger on low health. Should he deactivate Sin Devil Trigger, the Doppelganger will remain. When he teleports to the center and charges up as he would with Air Raid, the Doppelganger disappears prematurely. The Doppelganger possesses Vergil's moveset when at full health.

Throughout the fight, it is possible for Vergil to taunt back at the player should the player taunt with an S Stylish Rank or higher.

Boss: Dante[]