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On Mission 04: V, the player is able to collect two Nidhogg Hatchlings. The first one is in plain sight immediately after the bridge section. The second one is found on the streets, in the first battle in that area, there is a wall that can be destroyed by spawning Nightmare. If Vergil is being played, the wall is broken by default. This will open up a path inside the building which also contains one Blue Orb Fragment, the Nidhogg Hatchling is inside this building by following the path on the right side on the first floor.

Now use the two items to open up the passage that's near the end of the mission, before the area with the red phone booth, which leads towards another building, eventually this path will lead to the ledge of the building, do not drop down but instead search for the pattern in front.

As Vergil, it is possible to not use any of the Nidhogg Hatchlings. For example, players are able to do a wall jump and then Aerial Rave B and a Trick Up in order to reach the Secret Mission.


Using Shadow's Quickplay skill makes this Secret Mission much easier because while V is riding Shadow, he will destroy any objects in front of him.

There are a total of 20 Red Orbs to be collected within a 35 second time frame, all orbs are at plain sight. The ones in the middle are on a circle shape, and using Quickplay to get them will break all of the tables around which are blocking your path.

The ones to the right side are all in the air, the 3 on the northeast can be acquired by using the double jump, and the 3 on the southeast can be acquired by using Griffon's Hanging skill, which allows V to glide by using Griffon.

The ones on the left side are perfectly lined up for the player to pick them up, but there are various objects blocking the way. Shadow's Quickplay again will automatically break all objects and allow V to freely pick up all of the orbs.