This is a guide on where to find hidden Red Orb Caches in Devil May Cry. Red Orbs will appear when Dante touches these locations. They can only be collected once per playthrough, but will re-appear in New Game+.

Mission 1Edit

  • In the entrance hall, on the tip of the raised spear held by the statue of the mounted knight. Landing on it requires a tricky wall-jump off the shaft of the spear. (100)
  • On the engine cowling of the biplane in the workshop area. (50)

Mission 2Edit

  • On top of the fountain in the courtyard. Jump from near the edge of the circle around the fountain to land squarely on it. (50)

Mission 3Edit

  • On the ornate porch above the door to the Cathedral in the broken bridge area. Use the "lip" on the left side of the porch to get up, then jump to the peak of the porch. (50)

Mission 4Edit

  • On top of the bed in the Castellan's bedroom. (40)

Mission 5Edit

  • On a square tower to the left of the hole leading back to the door to the Castellan's bedroom. Can be collected in the previous mission by wall-jumping up to the top level of the battlements from the balcony, but best left for this mission to help make up the S-rank Red Orb requirement. (100)

Mission 8Edit

  • In the area with the Trident after defeating Phantom, on the head of the horse statue on the left. (20)
  • In the same area, on the small pillar in the alcove on the right. (25)

Mission 9Edit

  • On top of each of the three full-height pillars which do not have anything on top of them, after crossing the drawbridge. (50, 50, 50)
  • In the room after the fight with Griffon, on top of a broken tree stump to the left of the area. (50)

Mission 10Edit

  • Above the wooden arch in the first canyon area. (50)
  • In front of the second area's copy of the stone which Dante used to get the light in the first area. (50)

Mission 11Edit

  • In the screened-off area with the Sign of Chastity, on the high platform directly behind it. (200)

Mission 14Edit

  • In the room after the cliffside area, jump over the wall to the right and walk away from the camera to the end of the path. (20)

Mission 15Edit

  • In the first room of both Emblem Shield paths, on a high platform directly opposite the entrance door. (20, 20)

Mission 16Edit

  • Near the ceiling close to the door of the Cathedral. (100)
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