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This is a guide for finding items in Devil May Cry. For a guide to Blue Orb Fragments, see "Devil May Cry Blue Orb Fragment Locations."

Mission Item Where
1 Yellow Orb Turn to your left when you start the mission.
5 Untouchable After exiting the castelions master bedroom, jump up from the patio onto the upper walkway. There is a tower to the left wall opposite to the Blue Orb fragments tower. Wall jump on top of it, and you will see the items shining. This will also reveal a hidden orb cache.
9 Devil Star Behind the obelisk in the start of the mission.
9 Devil Star To the left hand side of the Ifrit chamber.
9 Yellow Orb To the right hand side of the Ifrit chamber.
9 Yellow Orb After defeating the Blades, to the left of the door from which you entered.
9 Holy Water On the way back, follow the wall on Dante's left until it ends at a squat building with blue flames that is locked from the other side. Jump on top of it.
9 Holy Water After the Boss fight with Griffon, you will arrive in what appears to be a misty forest in which you first encounter Fetish. Jump on top of a tree trunk and then jump to the right hand wall. There is an overhang you are able to grab hold of.
9 Yellow Orb Continue into a small outdoor area with headstones and the entrance to the Valley of Mist. This one is on top of an eave in the right corner.
9 Devil Star Jump into the overhang near the stairs in the outdoor area. There is a Red Orb fountain and another Devil Star, but you have to break a headstone to get to the Devil Star.
10 Holy Water After killing the Kyklops, it is in a corner before going through the big gate.
11 Devil Star At the very top of the greenhouse, there is a platform and pedestal in which the Devil Star sits.
12 Untouchable Entering the ghost ship, there is a closed chest in the underwater section surrounded by barrels which holds the Untouchable.
12 Devil Star Directly next to the Needlegun.
14 Holy Water After exiting the cave and wreckage of the ghost ship, take a sharp left and investigate the open treasure chest next to the two closed ones.
14 Holy Water Investigate beneath the waterfall and you will find a hidden holy water.
14 Yellow Orb Use Stinger from the top of the elevator in the waterfall area to jump to a ledge to the left of the waterfall. Climb up the ledges from there to reach the top where the item resides.
14 Devil Star After making it to the next outdoor area similar to mission 9, jump onto the circular awning.
15 Holy Water Within the secret storeroom in the Blue Shield hallway.
15 Yellow Orb This item is obtained after searching one of the Shield hallways storerooms and obtaining the blue orb shard, and then entering the opposite colored Shield hallway storeroom.
15 Untouchable After obtaining the Pair of Lances and returning to the Ifrit chamber at dusk, jump your way back to Ifrit pedestal and you will find an Untouchable.
15 Yellow Orb A Yellow Orb can be found at the far end of the Colosseum, next to the debris of the damaged wall on the highest level.
16 Untouchable An optional item that can be found in the Castelions master bedroom after beating Nightmare for the first time. After using the Staff of Hermes, enter the mirror portal to the right and jump ontop of the castelions bed. The item can also be obtained during missions 17-19.
21 Untouchable Returning to the room in which you had fought Nightmare for the third time, there is an Untouchable hidden behind a stalagmite.
21 Holy Water Investigating below the door covered in claws will reveal a Holy Water.