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|platforms = PlayStation 2
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}}The '''Devil May Cry Trial Edition''' is a demo of the original ''[[Devil May Cry]]''. It came with copies of ''[[w:c:residentevil:Resident Evil CODE:Veronica|Resident Evil CODE:Veronica X]]'' when it was re-released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001.
The '''''Devil May Cry Trial Edition''''' is a demo of the original ''[[Devil May Cry]]''. It came with copies of ''[[w:c:residentevil:Resident Evil CODE:Veronica|Resident Evil CODE:Veronica X]]'' when it was re-released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001.

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The Devil May Cry Trial Edition is a demo of the original Devil May Cry. It came with copies of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica X when it was re-released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001.


Mission 01: Curse of the Bloody Puppets, Mission 02: Judge of Death, Mission 03: Destroyer of Ardor and Mission 04: Black Knight are the playable stages in the demo, though Mission 01 is only playable in the Japanese version of the demo. The weapons available in the demo include the following:

  • Alastor (named "Air" in the JP version) - Dante starts out with it instead of the Force Edge.
  • Terra (JP version only) - A sword that looks like Alastor, however, it is fire-based. It can't be equipped.
  • Ebony & Ivory - Dante also starts out with this.
  • Shotgun - This weapon is located in the same location as in the full game.
  • Devil Trigger - Dante starts out with DT.


The Japanese version of the demo is a much earlier build of the game, as such, it has many striking differences. The NA/PAL versions of the demo are closer to the final product, though there are still some minor differences.

JP version

  • Dante doesn't have his coat.
  • Alastor is named "Air".
  • A fire-based sword named "Terra" is present in the weapon menu.
  • The flag present just outside the castle entrance is missing.
  • After Dante enters the castle, there is no "Mission start" menu.
  • Dante can move during the cutscene that plays out when he enters the castle.
  • The UI is different, this goes for the Red Orb counter, HP bar and Devil Trigger gauge.
  • There is a door present on the second floor, east of the Mundus statue in the first room of the castle.
  • When a Red Orb is picked up for the first time, it doesn't display a screen stating what the Red Orb is.
  • Only 9 Red Orbs are needed to open the locked door.
  • Locked doors do not have the "hand breaking" animation.
  • In the room with the armor statues in the full game (where a Blue Orb Fragment is present), there are no armor to be found, but instead a door.
  • The lighting of the room where the Marionettes are present is different, the room now has a blue tone to it.
  • On the second floor, before facing the Marionette on the third floor, there is a hanging Marionette on the ceiling.
  • There is a door present in the third floor, where the first Marionette is fought.
  • The Marionette comes to life immediately when the Rusty Key, instead of having a cutscene play.
  • Devil Trigger doesn't make Dante move faster.
  • No Stylish Rank is present.
  • When attacking, Dante performs different animations not present in the final game.
  • There is only one combo in the demo, which is the 3-hit default combo. Pausing the attacks doesn't make Dante do a different attack.
  • Dante can't shoot while in the air.
  • Dante regenerates HP over time without DT being active.
  • The room with a Divity Statue next to the main corridor has a a slight different soundtrack. There are also Red Orbs floating around inside it.
  • In order to enter the room where the Shotgun is located, Dante needs 30 Red Orbs to unlock door.
    • The table immediately to the right when entering this room does not give Red Orbs when destroyed.
    • Only one Sin Scissor is fought in this room.
  • In the room with the Lion statue, there is no water in the fountain.
    • The Lion statue has no "protective barrier" around it.
    • Dante needs 25 Red Orbs to open the door above the statue.
  • All Key Items need to be manually equipped in order to be used, similar to how items work in the Resident Evil series.
    • Dante does not place the Death Sentence onto the statue. Instead it just moves itself during the short cutscene.
    • In this same room, the Sun Door is not present, the stairs next to the bed have small rails, and the Divity Statue is missing.
    • The door that leads to the area where Nelo Angelo is fought is also different.
    • Dante can't jump towards the top of the bed.
  • After acquiring the Melancholy Soul, Dante doesn't fight Nelo Angelo, instead he needs to get back to where Alastor is found in the full game.
  • The room where Phantom is fought has a different soundtrack.
  • The demo ends at the end of the Phantom cutscene - he is not fought.

NA/PAL versions

DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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  • The demo starts from Mission 02.
  • The animation of the 3rd hit in the default combo is different than the one present in the final game.
  • Dante starts out with Alastor, Devil Trigger and a bigger HP bar than in the final game. However, his DT gauge is lower than in the Jap version of the demo.
  • No Stylish Rank is present, though the game is able to recognize it because enemies will drop more Red Orbs if killed after a long combo of hits.
  • Detroying the tables in the enviroment don't yield Red Orbs.
  • There is an additional UI element in the Divinity Statue menus.




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