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Sparda (Devil Arm)

DMC5 Devil Sword Sparda

Sparda and its unawakened form, the Force Edge, is the beloved demon-forged sword wielded by the Dark Knight Sparda himself, and magically imbued with his power. Throughout the series, the sword is recognized as a source of god-like power, and in both Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4, it was the main objective of the villains.


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    Why I Love DMC 5 !

    April 26, 2019 by ElleWithNoi

    I'm sure that we can all agree that DMC 5 is an excellent game overall, thus we are on this wiki having conversations and discussing it so often (as well as the other games in the series of course) since its pretty new still.

    One thing that I love ab…

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  • ElleWithNoi

    How about V?

    April 25, 2019 by ElleWithNoi

    Hey everyone,

    I just joined this wiki and so far I have found it really interesting, I've been interested in the DMC series for a while now.

    it is one of my favorite games and i have made so many friends from playing the game some of which are my best…

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  • Davidhater

    I think articles Majin Form, Perfect Devil Trigger and Sin Devil Trigger should be merged, either to one article or to Devil Trigger article (which is bloated enough imo). Here's my reasoning:

    So, one of the signature DMC series features is Devil Trig…

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