Devil May Cry X The Last Judgement is a pachinko game developed in 2016 by Enterrise.

The game uses Devil May Cry 4 as its template. The player sees various DMC4 locations, demons and events; however, they have no control over the characters or their interactions. The characters whose journeys players will follow are Dante, Trish, Lady, Nero and Vergil.

While the story is quite similar to Devil May Cry 4's, there are slight differences, like Dante beating and converting Credo to his side, Lady taking down hordes of enemies on her own, Trish training Dante in martial arts as well as Dante and Nero teaming up against the Savior.

The number of points scored by the player in the game slightly changes cutscenes during fights. Like all pachinko games, it plays like a slot machine and is only available in Japan.




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