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Canyon of Mist is the tenth mission in Devil May Cry.

Walkthrough (lower difficulties)[]

Dante starts out through the door he opened at the end of the previous mission. Proceed forwards and jump over the archway (Air Hike helps) to uncover a Red Orb Cache, then proceed onward. There are Marionettes in this area and a Fetish accompanies them except on Easy Automatic. Deal with these demons, then examine the plaque at the junction of the two paths.

The gimmick in this section of the mission is there are three identical areas: the small ball of light will take one of the two paths, and Dante has to follow it. If he goes the wrong way or waits too long after it vanishes, he will be returned to back in front of the door at the end of the last mission to try again. If the light passes near an enemy it will be absorbed by the enemy, and Dante will have to kill that enemy to liberate it.

With this in mind, release the light and follow whichever path it takes. This will lead to an area with Sin Scythes, so switch to the Shotgun to deal with them. In this area, standing in front of the copy of the plaque where Dante released the light in the previous room will uncover another Red Orb Cache.

The third room is host to a pack of Blades, so consider switching to the Grenadegun. Once these are out of the way, Dante only has to follow the light to exit the Canyon.

The next room is large and host to the first mandatory battle with Kyklops. They will not attack unless Dante moves close to them, so try to only activate them one at a time if possible. These creatures are evil spirits copying the form of Phantom, but are nothing like as dangerous. They have Phantom's jump attack, his back-dash, his claw and block moves, and a variation of his fireball where they fire a shotgun-like burst of boulders from their mouths. This attack has friendly fire damage, as the player may have already seen in Secret Mission 05: One-Eyed Evil. An interesting aspect of these enemies (and several others) is that, provided Dante does not have Devil Trigger active, they will refill the entire DT Gauge when their death animation completes.

Once the two Kyklops are defeated, there are two Green Orbs off to the sides of the arena to pick up, as well as a Holy Water off to the left of the large archway. With this picked up, pass through the archway to finish the mission.

Higher difficulties[]

The enemies in the Canyon are changed: the first room consists entirely of Fetishes, the second is Blades, and the third is a pair of Shadows. The remainder of the mission is the same.