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Abyss is the thirteenth mission in Devil May Cry.

Walkthrough (lower difficulties)[]

Dante starts out inside the Captain's cabin, with a Divinity Statue and some objects that can be examined for lore. The main thing here is the statue next to the globe on the right-hand side of the cabin: interacting with this gives Dante the Staff of Hermes.

As soon as Dante picks this item up, the ship will sink. When control is returned after the cutscene, the interior is completely flooded. The mission now is to reach the hole in the side of the hold where Dante initially entered the vessel.

The door to the cabin does not allow Dante to pass: the only way out of the room is through the small vent near the floor on the side of the room with the Divinity Statue, which was shown in the cutscene of the ship sinking. Going through this will place Dante on the gun deck, and the exits will seal until Dante deals with the pair of Blades in this room. Once they are defeated, go down the stairwell next to where the Needlegun was in the last mission.

In this dead-end hold are three Blades, two starting out in front of Dante and one behind. These guard a Blue Orb Fragment which was not present in the previous mission.

With this done, return to the gun deck and then go down the stairwell into the hold. There are more Blades here, though there is nothing stopping the player from simply having Dante swim out of the hole in the side of the hull and finishing the mission.

Only 200 Red Orbs are required for the S rank on this mission and the time limit is a fairly generous 2 minutes and 30 seconds: if the player is reasonably careful in order to take no damage, this is one of the easier missions to get the Special Bonus on. This results in a total reward of 3,500 Red Orbs.

Higher difficulties[]

Aside from how much damage the Blades deal, there are no changes to this mission on higher difficulties.