Wheel of Destiny is the fifteenth mission in Devil May Cry.

Walkthrough (lower difficulties)

Dante starts in front of the small structure to one side of the main room from Mission 09: New Strength, which previously had a Holy Water on the roof. Before anything, the first thing to do is double back and return all the way to the underground chamber with the rotating spike-floor. Examine the skull engraving on the wall to start Secret Mission 08: Treasure of the Reaper, a tough battle which tasks Dante with killing three Shadows in this confined area. After claiming the Blue Orb Fragment, return all the way back to the room where the mission began.

This room will either contain a pack of Blades or two Kyklops. Fighting them is optional. Regardless, proceed to the covered passageway with the three doors that Dante could not open when he first came to this area. The Emblem Shield now allows Dante to open the glowing doors with shield motifs on either side of the main doorway.

Dante's task here is to acquire an item called the Pair of Lances, which will open the main door. Regardless of which path the player chooses, the first path they take will always have the item Luminite near a pile of Fetish parts at the start. This item lights up a small area around Dante when he is in the dark: before getting it, Dante cannot go through the door at the bottom of the stairs in this room.

The Pair of Lances will always be at the end of the first path Dante goes down, after which he can proceed through the main locked door to take on the boss if the player so desires. However, the first possible place to acquire the game's last gun, Nightmare-β, is found by going down the second. After going down one path and returning, a brief cutscene will show it is now night, and that a group of five Sin Scythes have replaced the previous enemy spawns in the main room.

After it is dark, Dante can acquire an Untouchable by going into the barbican area where he acquired Ifrit: it is found by activating the moving platforms and climbing up to where the Devil Arm was.

Blue path (left)

The first room is on two levels: right above the entrance is a ledge which Dante can jump up to for a small Red Orb Cache. Directly ahead is an odd heap of material surrounded by Fetish parts, which contains the Luminite. Downstairs will be Marionettes on Easy Automatic, and Fetishes on all other difficulties: down here is also a Divinity Statue and a large door. Prior to going through, walk away from the door to find a cracked section of wall: destroying

The next area is rather similar to the area with the rotating floor in Mission 14: Deep Darkness & Towering Mountains with a rotating floor and a spike wall, but in this case there are no spikes springing out of the floor. Instead, there are a series of points where the path pinches in, and at regular intervals spikes will shoot horizontally across the width of these. Touching the sides of the spikes will also damage Dante.

On this path, there are more four sets of spikes, and Dante is accosted by a group of Sin Scythes as he makes his way through, so switch to the Shotgun. Halfway along there is a small tunnel in the left-hand wall, which leads into a small room with some Red Orbs and an odd device on the floor. Standing on this will restore Dante's Devil Trigger gauge at a fairly rapid rate, with no limit as to how much it can be used. Outside of Dante Must Die mode this can be used to heal for free if the player feels Dante's health is insufficient.

Red path (right)

The first room is largely the same including the Red Orb Cache location, save that behind the cracked wall the only item found is a Yellow Orb. The second room is similar with another DT recharge platform halfway along, but this time there are no enemies in the area with the rotating floor, and Dante is instead tasked with activating a pair of wheel devices to drop two platforms down in the area with the pedestal, in order to make a path to it. Once activated, they remain so: they are not timed. On this path there is no damage floor.

Do not jump to the pedestal with the item right away: picking it up will make the platforms lift back up, and they cannot be dropped down again as the wheel devices become inactive. Instead, go down into the pit below and defeat the Blades, then double-jump with wall jumps or Air Hike underneath the pedestal. It may take a few tries, but if Dante gets the right spot a Blue Orb Fragment will appear and drop down onto the platform as well. This would be impossible to reach with the platforms raised back up.

Jump over and collect the Fragment and the item: with the platforms raised, Dante must now drop into the pit, but this is not a problem with the Blades already dead.

Entering the Coliseum

Interact with the main door after getting the Pair of Lances to open it. This allows Dante entry to a massive, ominously empty ampitheater. Touching the glowing blue-green magic circle in the middle of the arena will start the boss battle, but do not do this just yet.

Instead, go into one of the alcoves on the left and right of the arena: these are teleporters that warp Dante to the level above. On both sides, jumping to the level above allows Dante to acquire a Green Orb, which can be saved for the battle if the player desires. Midway along the walkway along the back wall of the arena is a Yellow Orb, and if Dante stands at the exact midpoint of the top level of the bridge structure that bisects the arena, the mission's final Blue Orb Fragment will appear and drop down. These can be acquired in the first stage of the boss battle, though it is not a good idea to try this.

When ready, touch the magic circle to initiate the final encounter with...

Boss: Griffon

Griffon starts the battle with a similar set of moves to the first encounter rather than the pared-down set he had in the second.

  • Rush: Griffon lunges at Dante and attempts to peck him, performing a follow-up peck if the previous one connects. In this phase of the battle Griffon does not run along the ground, instead using the drooped-wing posture of his old bombing run move to zip towards Dante in a similar manner to Stinger.
  • Chain lightning: After an aerial Double Check, the orb remains in place and traces out a faint pattern of straight lines across the arena. Lightning then arcs along these lines, dealing damage if Dante is touching them.

Griffon's first phase is his most dangerous as there are several camera locations in the arena that do not properly track him, meaning it is hard to tell precisely what he is doing. In particular, stay away from the walls in front of the arena's seating, as these tend to have fixed cameras that point directly at them. His first phase can be skipped entirely on most difficulties and almost skipped on Dante Must Die by throwing Ifrit's Level 2 Meteor at him at the start of the fight just as he lands: if timed correctly, this will hit twice and knock off a huge chunk of Griffon's health.

After losing 25% of his total health, a brief cutscene will show Griffon falling out of the sky, smashing through the walkway and tearing off one of his wings. The teleporters at the sides of the arena will stop functioning after this, and Griffon is no longer able to fly: the only air move he retains is his dive attack. He will also stop creating the columns of platforms. This marks phase 2 of the fight, and Griffon's attacks will change.

In phase 2, his attacks are as follows:

  • Double Check: Griffon can now perform up to four sequential Double Checks, and can also re-perform the attack immediately to fire even more. This attack will track Dante both horizontally and vertically, aiming the point where the two lines of electricity close at his location when the attack starts.
  • Blockade: Griffon's most common attack in this phase of the fight. He performs a Gust startup and then fires walls of six vertical lightning columns with gaps between them. He will fire eight of these in a row, but will cut the attack short if he hits Dante. The wall is much too wide to evade it entirely, and it is best to line Dante up with the gaps and use the invincible frames at the start of Dante's dodge-roll animation (or even his jump, if the player is skilled with timing it) to increase the chance of the attack failing to connect.
  • Dive: Griffon's dive has improved tracking which means a backward jump will not evade it: it is necessary to dodge to the sides. It will also briefly stun Dante if he is touching the ground when Griffon lands, similar to Griffon landing in the previous battle. Griffon will also no longer stop and screech after landing, and can instead perform an evade and immediately start another attack.

After Griffon

Jump on top of the fallen stone pillar: the top is an elevator platform, and takes Dante down into a chamber below. Walk towards the camera and interact with the glowing item held by the statue to get the Wheel of Destiny and complete the mission.

Higher difficulties

The Sin Scythes in the last chamber on the blue path are replaced with a Death Scythe, while the two Blades in the pit on the red path are replaced with two Shadows. After night falls, the five Sin Scythes in the main room are also replaced with a Death Scythe.

The first room beyond both doors are nearly identical, if mirrored. The room is dark, and you won't be able to see anything if you head down the stairs now. Across from the door is a glowing pile of blue orbs. Examine it to pick up the Luminite. This will act like a lantern for Dante, and allow you to see what's around. Travel down the stairs and deal with the Fetishes. On the wall opposite the downstairs door is a breakable section. Smack it to open up a pathway and another breakable wall. Smack that again to get to a small circular room. On the blue shield path there's a Blue Orb Fragment here, just waiting to be picked up. If you break the barrels you'll find a Holy Water as well. On the red shield path, there will be a Yellow Orb.

In the pit with the Blades (the area under the lances in the RED shield area) before obtaining Nightmare Beta or Pair of Lances. After defeating the Blades, kick off the wall under the item and the Blue Orb Fragment will appear on the pedestal. Alternatively, before striking the two seals and activating the pillars, you can use Air Raid to fly over to the pedestal. You will have to time air raid just right to get under the cross-beams.

After you've gotten all the party favors, head back to the metal door at the bottom of the stairs. Regardless of path, you'll be in a long, semi-circular booby-trapped hallway with spikes on one wall and a moving floor. Spikes will also thrust out of the wall at intervals to spike you, and if you stop moving, you'll be pushed into the stationary wall of spikes. The basic layout of these booby trap rooms are largely the same on both paths, but with a challenge to complete in order to claim the prize at the end. If that wasn't trouble enough, on the blue shield path you'll have some Sin Scythes keeping you company as well.

Both hallways have an opening with a large Red Orb inside, past the second set of retracting spike traps, that leads to a room with a white pedestal on the floor. That pedestal will refill your Devil Trigger gauge when you stand on it. Use this to your advantage. On the blue shield path, this is a great room to fend off the Sin Scythes.

On the blue shield path, after passing the rest of the rotating floor, your mission will be to cross a gap over a dangerous floor. The object of this obstacle course is to jump onto the little ledge from the edge of the pit, and then from there to the far side. If you fall down, the purple stuff at the bottom will sap your health, and you will have to jump back to the start. Use your Devil Trigger to your advantage if you need it. Air Hike is also useful here, if you bought it.

On the red shield path, the spinning floor room will have several blue devices on the wall as you progress forward. Every shield device you activate will drop a platform on the other side. Once they're all activated, go to the far end and find the pit in the center, just like before. Jump across the platforms you just dropped to get to Grabbing this will reset the platforms. Jump into the pit and kill all of the Blades that spawn. Then, jump out and head back to the blue door. Kill the Fetishes if you like and go back to the courtyard.

Boss: Griffon

DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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Oh, how convenient! Griffon isn't much different from your previous encounters, except all of his attacks are longer. His energy scissors will spawn multiple pairs of lines instead of just one or two, he will send waves of horizontal electric bars interspersed with lightning balls, and will be all in all quicker and more annoying. At least he doesn't have that boomerang wing attack this time.

At about two-thirds of his health, Griffon will fall and shear off one of his wings against the overpass. From here on he is ground bound.


    • Super Lightning Scissor - Just like before, this will spawn multiple lines of energy that home in on Dante.
  • Scream - Horizontal bars of lightning. These may also have round lightning balls in between dante that track his movements. Run and jump to avoid these.
  • Power Dive - Griffon will jump high in the air, and dive down on Dante, attempting to crush him beneath his feet. Griffon's trajectory will be highlighted by red lightning. Dodge the lightning and get out of the way when he comes down.
  • Electric Storm - At less than ten percent of his life, Griffon will go berserk and just shower the whole place with lightning pillars. His life will drain very slowly as he does this, so if you can keep your distance and dodge the line of attacks that randomly shoot out, he will eventually die.


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