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Devil Trigger is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. It plays at the end of Mission 07.


Having battled Vergil, Dante ends on the losing side, however, a demon power awakens in him.


Vergil: Why do you refuse to gain power? The power of our father Sparda?

Dante: Father? I don't have a father. I just don't like you, that's all.

Vergil: Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness... Might controls everything. And without strenght, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

Arkham: Do you finally have it?

Vergil: Yes! Now the spell Sparda cast will be broken!

I see, a devil inside you has awakened as well.

Arkham: Wait! We should leave. For the moment we have all that we need.

Vergil: 何故さらなる力を求めない 父の——スパーダの力を!

Dante: 親父? そんなのは関係ない あんたが気に入らない それだけさ

Vergil: 愚かだな ダンテ 愚かだ 力こそが全てを制する 力なくては何も守れはしない ——自分の身さえもな

Arkham: 手に入れたかね

Vergil: ああ—— これでスパーダの封印は解ける


Arkham: 待て ここは退くべきだ 既に目的は果たしている

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