Devils Never Cry is the theme song for Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Parts of it can be heard throughout the game, such as when Dante runs down the side of the Temen-ni-gru, and the song's main theme can be heard within other tracks, most obviously in the "Divinity Statue" track; however, the full song is only played during the end credits, the demo movie, and the bonus motion capture video. As shown in the Devil May Cry 3 manga, the song itself exists within the canon; it plays when Dante turns on his jukebox, and again at the bar where Lady takes Alice.

The music was composed by Tetsuya Shibata, and the lyrics were written by Shawn "Shootie HG" McPherson. Shootie HG also performed the "Demonic Lyrics", while the "Clear Lyrics" were performed by David Allen Baker. The song's full lyrics and the sheet music for the intro were also made available on Shootie HG's site. The song was released with the Devil May Cry 3 Original Soundtrack (released on March 31, 2005), as well as with Dangerous Hits (October 9, 2006).[1]


Lyrics in italics only appear in the extended versions of the song.

Clear Lyrics Demonic Lyrics
Steal a soul for a second chance,
But you will never become a man.
My chosen torture makes me stronger
In a life that craves the hunger,
A Freedom and a quest for life
Until the end of the judgment night

Bless me with your gift of light,
Righteous cause on judgment nights.
Feel the sorrow the light has swallowed,
Feel the freedom like no tomorrow.

Stepping forth a cure for soul's demise
Reap the tears of the victim's cries.
Yearning more to hear the suffer (of a)
Of a demon as I put it under.

Killed before, a time to kill them all
Passed down the righteous law.
Serve a justice that dwells in me,
Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see!

The eye can see!
The eye can see!
The eye can see!
The eye can see!
The eye can see!
Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree,
On it, I see
The freedom reign.

We are falling,
The light is calling.
Tears inside me
Calm me down.

Midnight calling,
Mist of resolving.
Crown me with the
Pure green leaf.

Praise to my father, Life of vengeance, a passive test
Blessed by the water. Until the grave, I will rest.
Black night, dark sky, Engage the pressure until it crumbles
The devil's cry. The existence of the lifeless black souls.

Bless me with the Onward, to the sacred battlefield,
Leaf off of the tree, Where justification and limits are revealed.
On it, I see Tools of steel, in rage they conquer,
The freedom reign. Weed out, the killing of victim's stalker.

We are falling, The powers proven to end the madness
The light is calling. Upon I, take it to end the savage,
Tears inside me The rays of light, a truth of meaning
Calm me down. To my father, the blood is pleading.

Midnight calling, A justice rage for all to feel,
Mist of resolving. With innocent cries and hatred squeals.
Crown me with the The gore of evil seems to satisfy,
Pure green leaf. When slain and maimed and pacified.

Bless me with the My chosen torture makes me stronger
Leaf off of the tree, In a life that craves the hunger,
On it, I see A Freedom and a quest for life
The freedom reign. Until the end, the judgment night.

Praise to my father, Watch the footsteps, but never follow
Blessed by the water. If you want to live tomorrow.
Black night, dark sky, Steal a soul for a second chance,
The devils cry. But you will never become a man.

Other appearancesEdit

DmC: Devil May CryEdit

Completing the game on Dante Must Die difficulty earns the player the "Devils Never Cry" award.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3Edit

A remixed version of this song is used as Dante's theme for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and its updated version, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Pieces and Renditions of the song also appear in Vergil's Theme for both games.

Marvel vs. Capcom: InfiniteEdit

In this game, Devils Never Cry has a more trimmed style to the lyrics and the song is much more synthesized than the previous metal versions. Also, the clear vocals are now autotuned to reflect on the storyline of Ultron and Dante's demonic form (which the voice is also pretty technological), and the menacing voice is now more vicious with the angry shouts.


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