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(The city is shown with the huge tower in the middle. Next the interior of the tower is shown with the bald man talking on the phone)

Mundus: Yes. By close of trading on Friday... no you can't have more time. You know the terms, you know the consequences...

( Mundus chuckles)

Mundus: No this is not a veiled threat. This is a direct one. Should you fail to comply, the collapse of the economy will be on your head. I will make sure that you are stripped of power, shamed and hated.

(Lilith sighs)

Mundus: Is that clear enough for you?

(Bald man exhales)

Mundus: Well, Friday it is then... You have a good night, Mr President.

(Lilith exhales)

Lilith: Did you get it, my darling?

Mundus: Over a trillion.

(Lilith exhales once more)

Mundus: Soon I will own everything worth owning.

(Lilith smiles)

Mundus: I will control the world through debt. I have absolute power.

( Lilith smiles once more)

Lilith: The world is at last your bitch. As am I. Nothing left, you just grab it by the hair, bend it over and...

( Mundus senses something)

Lilith: What's the matter? What? What's the matter?

Mundus: A loose end.

Lilith: A loose end? What?

Mundus: The son of the traitor Sparda...Dante.

Lilith: Him...

Mundus: He's still out there.

Lilith: The Hunters will find him. They found Sparda and his whore.

( Mundus smiles)

Ugly Woman: And when they do...

Mundus: I will rip open his chest with my bare hands and feast on his beating heart.

(Opening credits play)

Mission 1: Found[]


(The interior of the trailer is shown, with the young man from opening credits sleeping and the news report is heard in the background. Man wakes up, magically heals his wounds and drinks alcohol. The news goes as follows:)

Terrorist: The demon's have been increasing their power for millennia. They are on the verge of controlling mankind. Citizens, we have been kept sleeping in a manufactured illusion for too long. We must wake up!

Bob Barbas: The masked lunatic you saw there claims to represent an organization called The Order. This group has claimed responsibility for several serious attacks in recent weeks. He is undoubtedly a traitor and a terrorist. And I for one am not for the death penalt, so... there's only one way to do it: illegally shot the son of a bitch. This is Bob Barbas, Just doin' God's work.

(The news report ends and woman bangs on the door of the young man's trailer)

Kat: Dante! Get out of there, you're in danger!

(Dante opens the door)

Dante: Who are you? What do you want?

Kat: You were careless. You left a trail. Now he's onto you.

Dante: What are you talking about? Who's onto me?

Kat: A hunter demon.

( Kat gasps)

Kat: He's here.

(The world changes drastically as the hunter demon shows up)

Hunter: DAaaaAAAaaaNTE...

Kat: He's dragging you into Limbo.

Dante: Demon scum.

(Hunter demon roars)

Kat: It's too late, you're gonna have to fight your way out.

(Hunter demon roars once more and the terrain changes even more)

Dante: Shit! Back in Limbo.

(Hunter demon growls)

Dante: ...Bad day for a hang-over.

(Hunter demon growls once more and shoots a metallic claw at Dante's trailer)

Dante: Get you filthy fucking claw off my trailer!

(Hunter demon pulls the trailer towards itself, while Dante jumps inside and gets dressed. Then he jumps out and the hunter demon destroys the trailer.)

Dante: Missed.

(Hunter demon growls for a third time and leaves, while the lesser demons named Lesser Stygians show up to attack Dante)

Dante: Time for a little Rebellion. You wanna fight? Let's go.


(During the fight with Lesser Stygians)

Dante: Slam dunk. Fuck. Keep coming.


(After defeating the demons, woman from earlier reappears)

Woman: Dante! This way.

Dante: Who said that?


(After following the woman for a bit, Dante notices his guns, hanging in the distance on the bra)

Dante: My guns?

(The ground is pulled from behind by the hunter demon)

Dante: Whoah!


(After running from the falling ground and trailers, Dante retrieves his guns)

Dante: Ebony. Ivory. I missed you girls.

(Dante tries shooting the hunter demon, but it's ineffective and the demon leaves, while the new demon named Bathos appear)

Dante: Target practice, right on cue.


(After defeating the Bathos, the woman from earlier reappears again)

Woman: Dante!

(Dante aims his guns at the woman and she gasps)

Kat: Don't shoot! My name is Kat - I am not a demon. I am still in the real world. You're in Limbo.

Dante: How come I can see you clearly?

Kat: I'm a medium - a psychic - I can phase into Limbo and communicate with you. I can see you, talk to you, but I'm not actually in Limbo with you.

Dante: And if I pull the trigger?

Kat: I'll die. I'm risking my life here for you. I want to help.

Dante: I don't need your help.

Kat: The Hunter has dragged you into Limbo. I can get you out.

Dante: I've been down here before. I know how to get you. You fight whatever shit-sucking demon dragged you in here.

Kat: You don't want to fight the Hunter. He's not your regular demon. Follow me. Now!


(After losing Kat, Dante wonders where she is)

Dante: Where'd she go?


(After going through Limbo a bit, the Hunter reappears and destroys the ferris wheel, while Dante notices that his coat is on said wheel)

Dante: Is that my coat? How did it get up there?

(Dante stylishly evades the wheel and retrieves his coat, while the Hunter leaves)

Dante: Sweet.

(The cutscene jumps into the real world with the news report)

Bob Barbas: Breaking news - We go live to our eye in the sky. Steve, I can't believe what I'm seeing!


(The Hunter reappears, ready to shoot his claw at Dante)


Dante: Hey, get down here and fight!

(Kat reappears, telling Dante to hide inside)

Kat: Hey! Through here!

(Once inside, Dante continues forward. A small doll tries to scare him)

Dante: Get lost!

(Hunter's arm destroys the wall and slams on the ground, suprising Dante)

Dante: Oh shit!


(After going through the building a bit, Hunter reappears and he and Dante have small fight. Dante is victorious and Hunter runs off)

Dante: Hey! Get back here!


(Continuing in the building, Dante reaches the exit)

Dante: Exit. Good.

(But the room itself changes)

Dante: Not good.

(The huge doll tries to scare Dante)

Dante: Yeah, whatever.


(After leaving the building, Dante is attacked right away by Hunter and debris is flying towards him, with the white wig landing on his head)

Dante: Not in a million years.

(Dante tries shooting the Hunter again and Kat reappears)

Kat: That won't work.

Dante: Why not?

Kat: He's bulletproof.

(Hunter and Kat run off)


(The terrain is tearing itself apart and Kat is telling Dante where to go)

Kat: There's a rift up ahead.

Dante: A what?

Kat: It will take you back to the real world. We'll come back for the hunter.


(Dante and Kat reach the end of the Limbo and Dante is trapped by the Hunter)

Dante: OK then, let's fight.

Kat: Dante, wait.

(Kat throws a molotov cocktail at Hunter)

Kat: It's working, you can fight him now. It won't be easy. Hunters are brutal fighters.

Dante: So am I.


Kat: Dante, can you still hear me?

Dante: Yeah, I hear you.

Kat: Attack its face!

(Hunter jumps on the rollecoaster)

Dante: Get back down here!

Kat: Now use your guns to shoot him down!

(Dante shoots the Hunter down)

Kat: That's it, it's working.

(Hunter jumps on the rollecoaster again)

Dante: I said get down!

(Near the end of the fight)

Dante: Do you fucking demons even feel pain?


(After defeating Hunter, Dante walks up to him)

Dante: Game over.

Hunter: Son of Sparda.

Dante: Son of who?

Hunter: You have been found. You are dead, just like your whore mother.

Dante: Whore mother? I don't know my mother but if you're calling me a son of a bitch - you wouldn't be the first.

(Dante kills the Hunter, returns to the real world and has a flashback about his mother)

Dante: My mother... I barely remember her.


(After some time later, Dante is seen walking on the sidewalk and Kat drives up to him in the car)

Kat: Are you ok, Dante?

Dante: How do you know my name?

Kat: My boss knows you. He wants to meet. Please. I helped you back there.

Dante: I didn't ask for your help.

(Dante enters the car and Kat starts to drive in the opposite direction)

Kat: We know all about you, Dante. I'm with an organization called The Order. Heard of it?

Dante: Something to do with that masked freak on the net?

Kat: That's my boss.

Dante: Wonderful. Can't wait.

(The screen moves from the car to the big screen on the tower with the news report, then moving to the room from the prologue)

Bob Barbas: We're just receiving reports of a terrorist attack that has taken place at the Bellevue pier in the western district of the city. Police are asking the public to remain vigilant as further terror attacks could take place anywhere, any time, and whe you least expect it.

Mundus: We have your scent, Son of Sparda. Now it is just a matter of time.

Mission 2: Home Truths[]


(Dante and Kat arrive at their destination)

Kat: Welcome to The Order.

Dante: Not what I was expecting.

Kat: That's the idea.

(The duo goes in)

Kat: The demons are amongst us Dante, the are enslaving mankind. The world is asleep, brainwashed and helpless. We're fighting back. We are a small handful of freedom fighters. We are the last and only line of defence.

Dante: Defence? You got no chance!

Kat: We don't leave things to chance, we've accumulated vast inteligence on the demons and their collaborators: World leaders, bankers, pop stars... We can hit them where it hurts.

(The duo reaches the Kat's boss)

Kat's Boss: Amazing...! Dante - it really is you!

(Dante shrugs)

Kat's Boss: You don't remember me?

Dante: No.

Kat's Boss: How much of your childhood do you remember?

(Dante exhales)

Dante: Not much, I had meningitis when I was seven - wiped my memory - why?

Kat's Boss - Hah! They told me I had a car accident that resulted in total amnesia. Age: seven.

Dante: Your point?

Kat's Boss: Meningitis is a human affliction. You are not human, Dante. All war is fought with deception and you have been deceived. Your past has been hidden from you for a reason.

Dante: Rewind a bit - who are you again?

Vergil: My name is Vergil. I established The Order to help to find a way to fight the demons.

Dante: Besides swords and bullets you mean?

Vergil: Such weapons can win battles, but not the war. We use force, yes, we also use intelligence, politics, propaganda.

(Dante chuckles)

Dante: You really believe you can make a dent?

Vergil: Make a dent? With the two of us working together, I believe we can defeat them!

Dante: So that's what this is about. You need me to fight the demons, help you save the world.

Vergil: What else were you planning on doing with your life?

Dante: Well you guys do seem really nice, but I'm more of a loner type: trust issues, work alone - that kind of thing.

Kat: Dante, I don't think you understand what is at stake.

(Kat is interrupted by Vergil's hand gesture)

Vergil: If you want to leave - turn your back on me, I'm powerless to stop you. But you'll be making a grave mistake. Not just for yourself, but for mankind.

Dante: For mankind?

Vergil: Yes!

Dante: What makes you think I give a shit?

Vergil: At least give me a chance to show you.

Dante: Show me what?

Vergil: Who you really are.


(The trio arrives at the ruins of the mansion named "Paradise" and go inside)

Vergil: This was your home.

Dante: I don't remember.

Vergil: You will. Kat, open the gateway.

(Kat crouches down to spray a symbol on the ground)

Dante: What are you doing?

Kat: Our world and Limbo are very closely super positioned. They collide in places causing what we call rifts. It's here, in the rifts, where we can create gateways to and from Limbo.

(Dante touches the paint and smells it)

Dante: Doesn't smell too good. What's in the can?

Kat: A compound I created based on an old Wiccan recipe. Sea salt, shark oil, iron shavings, desiccated squirrel semen, wolf hair...

(Dante wipes his fingers on Kat, while she completes the gateway)

Dante: Good stuff.

Vergil: Go ahead. The house hold secrets. I've found mine. Now it's your turn.

(Dante steps on the gateway, activating it)

Dante: How will I get back?

Vergil: We'll take care of that. Just be careful, it can get rough in there.

Dante: I like it rough.

(Dante is transported to Limbo)

Kat: Is this really going to work? He doesn't seem to care.

Vergil: He's raw. Just like you were when I first found you.


(Dante enters the main hall)

Dante: So this was my home. Well, show me your secrets.


(Dante enters the room with a painting of a male)

Dante: I remember this place.

(The room shows itself how it was in the past and Dante walks up to the painting)

Dante: And who the hell are you?

(Dante sees the name "Sparda" on on the lower part of the painting)

Dante: Sparda...

Hunter (in Dante's mind): Son of Sparda...

Dante: My dad?

(Enemies show up)


(While fighting demons)

Dante: Great.

(A new demon named Death Knight appears)

Dante: You're up next! Unh! A tough guy!

(After the Death Knight is defeated, the painting is shown again)

Dante: What are you trying to show me?


(Dante walks up to the painting again and touches it. Vines sprout from it and they travel up the Dante's arm to the Rebellion, transforming it to a battleaxe)

Dante: Hell yeah!

(The Death Knight appears again)


(A Death Knight is defeated)

Dante: Not so tough now!

(After defeating the enemies, the way back if blocked, forcing Dante to take a different route. The next corridor expands and Dante hears children giggling)

Dante: Who's there? Woah!


(After defeating the enemies in the hall, the memory of two boys playing with swords is shown)

Boy 1: Hahahaha, wooo!

Boy 2: This way, Dante.

Kid Dante: Ok! Raaaaa! Hahaha, can't catch me!

Dante: Dante...? Did I hear that right?


(After destroying the door with Arbiter)

Dante: Ha!


(After following the small boys and defeating the demons in the bedroom, the boys hide under the bed)

Dante: That was me! I remember this!

(Dante picks up a emblem on the piece of wood, "transporting" him into his mind)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): How much of your childhood do you remember?

(Dante "arrives" in his mind)

Dante: Where am I? Am I dreaming?


(The Rebellion transforms into a demonic claw named Ophion and Dante pull ground towards him)

Dante: Oh yeah!


(Dante pulls out the ground from a building)

Dante: Out you come!

(The enemies appear and Dante used Ophion to pull one of them toward himself)

Dante: Get over here!

(Dante finds a gigantic chain)

Dante: What now?


(The gigantic chain is destroyed and the huge statue turns it's head. After that the woman's voice is heard.)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): Meningitis is a human affliction. You are not human, Dante.

(Dante appears back in the bedroom)


Dante: OK, so what else have you got?


(Dante continues forward, until he sees a memory of a woman)

Woman: SPARDA! They're here. THEY'RE HERE! They've found us. We've got to get out... NOW!! Hurry... Come on! Quickly...

Dante: What the hell happened here?


(Dante returns to the hall, which proceeds to be torn apart and a new demon named Shielded Bathos appears. After defeating them, the woman is seen again)

Woman: No no no! Come on. How did they find us?


(After following the woman, the Dante finds a room with a painting of a female holding a rose and showing her name, Eva)

Dante: Is that... Mom?

(Dante sees the pendant on the mother's neck, which triggers a flashback)

Eva (in the flashback): I love you, Dante.

(Flashback ends and demons appear)

Dante: Fucking demons.


(Dante defeats the demons, touches the painting and his Rebellion transforms into a angelic scythe named Osiris, the more demons show up)


(While withing with Osiris for the first time)

Dante: Getting better and better!

(After defeating demons, Dante hears a men's voice)

Men's voice: You! Get after her - down there! Cover the doors! MOVE!

(Dante follows the memory of his mother to the remains of the hall, which proceeds to be torn apart even more)

Memory of Eva: Uh! Get away from me! Get away from me!

(After cutting the blue wines with Osiris in order to proceed)

Dante: Cool.


(After following the memory of his mother, Dante comes across a blue rose)

Dante: A blue rose.

(Dante is "transported" back into his mind)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Dante, I don't think you understand what is at stake.


(Rebellion transfroms into a angelic version of Ophion, which allows Dante to pull himself towards an object. After using the Ophion for a bit, Dante does a flip)

Dante: Nice.

(Dante then proceeds to the end of the area with another gigantic chain)


(Dante destroys the chain, the woman's voice is heard again and he is transported back to the mansion)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): Dante - it really is you!

(Demons appear)


(Before Dante leaves the room, he notices a photo on the ground, making him remember even more and flashback is seen)

Dante: I remember... I remember my mother... her name was Eva. She gave this to me. I had a brother too? We were a family. I had no idea of the danger we were in. The demons found us. When they broke in, I saw him. She gave her life so that we could escape. I will never forget what he did to her. Our father, Sparda took my brother and I away. He separated us, hid us safely amongst the humans, wiped our memories to protect us. That's why it all went black... until now.

(Dante drops the photo and leaves)


(Dante arrives at the remains of the main hall, which start to torn themselves apart even more than before)

Dante: I'm getting outta here.

(Dante arrives at hallway where he started his journey)

Dante: Keep going!


(Dante lands on the gateway and is transported back to the real world, then turns to Vergil)

Dante: You're my brother.

Vergil: Your twin brother. I've been looking for you for a long time now.

(Vergil shows his pendant to Dante)

Vergil: Our mother gave these to us. I think she knew that this moment would come. That we would find each other.

Dante: And our father, Sparda?

Vergil: Banished forever. A fate worse than death, they say. He's never coming back.

(Sparda is seen chained by two demons)

Dante: I want to know more. Where we came from, what happened to us. Above all, I want to know who is responsible for all this.

Mission 3: Bloodline[]


(Dante and Vergil talk in the ruins of the playground, with various graffiti around them depicting what they're saying.)

Vergil: Do you remember this place?

Dante: Yeah, I remember coming here.

Vergil: Our mother used to bring us here.

Dante: Tell me everything.

Vergil: Some things have always been. There have always been angels; there have always been demons. And they've always been at war. Nine millennia ago, one demon rose through the ranks to take power over the dark hordes: the strongest, the cruelest - Mundus. But Mundus did not rise alone. At his right hand was his most trusted lieutenant, his blood brother...

Dante: Sparda.

Vergil: But Sparda betrayed him. He fell in love with an angel, Eva. The secret union between angel and demon was inconceivable. But it happened, and with it came new life: twin boys, you and I - a hybrid of the warring angel and demon races. When Mundus learned of Sparda's betrayal, his fury knew no limit. He hunted the lovers down. Eva was murdered by his own hand. And for Sparda, he demanded a more brutal fate: endless punishment and pain. But even as Eva was destroyed and Sparda imprisoned for eternity; each knew that the seed for their revenge had already been sown. Because accoring to legend the only beings that can slay a demon king are nephilim, a hybrid of angel and demon. Those hybrids now exist: you and I. Mundus believed that only one child was born, but there were two nephilim and each had been hidden well. Sparda armed his sons: the Rebellion for Dante, the Yamato for Vergil.

Dante: So Mundus killed our mom and imprisoned our dad?

Vergil: Yes.

Dante: And we're offspring of angels and demons?

Vergil: Demon father, angel mother. We are nephilim. The only ones that can slay the demon king.

Dante: Good. How?

(At the end of the conversation, the unknown man discovers Dante)

Unknown man: ...Daaannnteee...

(The duo takes notice of the man, with Vergil revealing it's a Spotter)

Vergil: A Spotter. Fucking demon collaborators. You're being dragged into Limbo. I'll find Kat - she'll get you out. Stand firm!

(Dante is pulled into Limbo, where multiple demons attack. During this fight, a new type of demon named Ravager is shown for the first time)


(After defeating the demons, Kat is seen spraying the gateway)

Kat: Dante! The gateway's ready! Come on!


(Kat sees that Dante is approaching)

Kat: Dante! Over here!


(The road itself is destroyed, denying Dante the way forward)

Dante: Woah!

Kat: Can you get across?

Dante: I'll have to find another way.


(After multiple waves of demons, Dante sees a blue rose in the distance)

Dante: Another blue rose?


(Dante finds his way on the top of the statue in the middle of the square, taking a blue rose on top of it. Dante is then, again, "transported" to his mind)

Dante (in Dante's mind): I didn't ask for your help.


(Dante is using his demonic and angelic abilities to proceed forward)

Dante: Getting the hang of this...


(Dante destroys the gigantic chain and the head of the statue turns)

Dante: What are you hiding in there?

(A woman's voice is heard and Dante is "transported" back into Limbo)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): You don't remember me?

(Once in Limbo, a new demons named Pathos appear)

Dante: Flying rats.


(After defeating demons and using his new ability, Dante lands at the gateway. Some time later, Dante and the others are back in the headquaters of The Order.)

Vergil: Silver Sacks Tower. The world's most powerful investment bank. And who runs it? CEO, Kyle Rider. A human vessel: the physical manifestation of Mundus, the demon-king.

(The bald man from the beginning of the game is shown)

Vergil: Through debt, he controls everything. To Mundus, the world is a factory firm for human souls. And he likes to keep his animals monitored and docile. The monitoring is done by the Raptor News Corporation, a global network of CCTV cameras, satellites and spies. The way he keeps us docile is a... a little more insidious.

Dante: What is it?

(Dante drinks a soda)

Vergil: It's in your hand. Planet Earth's most popular soft drink, Virility. The demons have spiked it.

(Dante spits out the drink)

Vergil: It's ok! It has no effect on us. Only humans.

(Dante throws the drink away)

Vergil: It's lobotomy in the can.

Dante: So what's the plan?

(Vergil shows a picture on the monitor)

Vergil: That's the Hell Gate. A conduit from which Mundus draws his power. While he is connected to the Hell Gate, he is immortal. But if we get him away from the Hell Gate, our swords will do the rest.

Dante: So how do we do that?

Vergil: We get his attention. Mundus is petty, he's impulsive. If we hit him where it hurts, let his anger rule him, I believe we can draw him out.

Dante: Ok, so to kill Mundus we need to drag him away from the Hell Gate. We do that by pissing him off.

Vergil: Roughly speaking, yes.

Dante: And we piss him off by taking out the Raptor News Network and Virility?

Vergil: That's it.

Dante: Which one do you wanna do first?

Mission 4: Under Watch[]


(Dante and Kat are walking in the streets, while Vergil is heard but not seen)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): They're aware of you now, Dante, so stay low. Mundus doesn't know I exist so I'll remain hidden until we're ready to strike. Kat knows the Virility factory, what lies beneath. She will be your guide.

(Dante knocks the Virility can out of the fat guy's hand)

Dante: It'll kill ya.

Kat: Don't draw attention!

(The camera takes notice of Dante and transforms into an eye)

Camera: ...Daaannnteee...

(Dante is being dragged into Limbo)

Dante: Oh c'mon!


(After being dragged into Limbo, Dante informs Kat)

Dante: Kat, they've dragged me into Limbo.

Kat: What? How?


(Kat takes notice of the cameras)

Kat: The camera spotted you. They must have been looking out for you. You'll hve to take it out.

Dante: I know. And here comes trouble.

(New demons named Stygians appear)

Kat: Shit. I'm not safe here.

Dante: Then go.

(Kat runs off and Dante goes to kill the demons)


(After Dante gets under the camera, he taunts it)

Dante: I'm gonna get up there and rip you apart!


(After defeating the demons and reaching the camera, Dante pulls it out)

Dante: Hey, snake-eye.

(Dante kicks the pulled out eye and the way forward is cleared)


(The road in front of Dante destroyes itself and Kat returns)

Dante: Whoah! Someone doesn't want me here!

Kat: The city itself is trying to stop you.

Dante: Great.

Kat: Vergil sent me the camera locations for this area. Best avoid them if we can. Follow me.


(While following Kat, Dante comes across a spinning demonic shards)

Dante: What the hell?

(After Dante destroyes the shards by shooting at them.)

Dante: Nicely done, girls.


(After coming across the fountain, the new demon named Shielded Pathos appears to attack)


(Dante catches up to Kat)

Kat: There you are.

Dante: Here I am.

(Rumbling sound is heard)

Kat: This isn't good. It's the walls! Get out of here!


(After escaping the walls, Dante lands to see two more CCTV cameras and the new demon named Frost Knight)


(While fighting demons)

Dante: COME ON!


(Dante pulls out the one of the cameras and uses the Rebellion as a baseball bat)


(After Dante destroys the camera)

Dante: One more.

(Dante finds Kat)

Kat: Over here Dante. We're clear... for the time being.


(Dante walks up to Kat, while she takes out one of her sprays)

Kat: Over here.

Dante: Never seen a witch use a spray can before.

Kat: Well, spells can take hours if not days to prepare. So why not can it for instant use later?

Dante: And they do it with cheese... Where'd you learn this stuff?

Kat: Vergil taught me the basics of demonology and occultism. Then thought I had a natural talent for it.

(Kat starts spraying on the stairs)

Kat: Said it would help me to focus on something constructive instead of...

Dante: Instead of what?

Kat: Instead of focusing on the nightmares.

(Kat stops spraying)

Kat: Ok, there you go.

(Police sirens are heard)

Kat: Shit. Cops. I gotta go. I'll find you. Take out the camera.


(Dante pulls out the camera and punches it, the demons appear afterwards)

Dante: Come on then you little shits.


(The way forward is cleared after demons are defeated)

Dante: And we're good to go.


(After the city itself starts to hinder Dante again, after a while, Dante is dropped into a church and more demons appear)

Dante: Unh! Ah, great!


(After defeating the demons, Dante yells for Kat)

Dante: Kat? You there? Can you hear me?

(A new demon named Tyrant appears)

Dante: Who invited you, fat ass.


(Tyrant is defeated)

Dante: The fatter they are - the harder they fall.


(After defeating the Tyrant, Kat appears and the ground starts to shake)

Kat: Dante! It's chaos out here. But I found a way out.

Dante: Where?

(Kat points to the window)

Kat: Up there. I've marked it.


(The ground is falling apart)

Kat: Dante! Run!

Dante: I am running.


(Dante jumps out the window of the church and lands in the real world, thanks to the gateway)

Dante: That just seemed to drag on forever... Church.

(The church's bell tower falls and the cutscene switches into a news report)

Bob Barbas: The police have released footage of the terrorist responsible for the recent attack at Saint Agares's Church. He goes by the name of Dante.

(A footage of Dante on the cameras is shown)

Bob Barbas: Remember this face people. If you see him, inform the police immediately but do not approach. He has a history of physical violence and is a known sexual deviant. This is Bob Barbas, Just doin' God's work.

Mission 5: Virility[]


(Dante and Kat arrive ant the Virility factory)

Kat: I was here years ago as a child, I explored the whole facility unseen. I sensed a demon under the factory. The Succubus, the ancient one. We believe it's the source of the psychotropic ingredient. That's what they use to control us.

(A woman's voice, probably on the intercom is heard)

Intercom woman: Welcome visitors to the Virility factory. Virility's secret ingredient is what makes Virility the number one soft drink in the world. And best of all, it has been scientifically proven to improve weight loss by 21% and enhance sexual performance by 63% if drunk daily!

(While the woman talks, Dante ask a question)

Dante: How do people actually fall for this crap?

Kat: If you're told something is true often enough, you tend to believe it. They told me I was crazy for seeing demons.

Dante: Yeah. They tried telling me I was a basket case too.

Kat: They wanted to put me on drugs. Said it would make me better. They lied. They just wanted to keep me weak and docile.

Dante: How did you figure it all out?

Kat: Vergil pulled me out of the nightmare. You?

(Dante starts telling Kat how he figured it out with the flashback in the background)

Dante: When the people you are supposed the trust most... turn out to be demon scum... Your eyes really do open up to evil everywhere. I took a stand. Fought back, killed... No matter the consequences. So I chose my path, and I lived by it... And then after all that anger, violence and death, you have to dig deep... deep into your own heart... to see if you are still sane. Or if you can still call yourself... human...

(Flashback ends)

Dante: I just knew in my heart I wasn't crazy.

(Dante and Kat arrive in the mixing room and the intercom woman is heard again)

Intercom woman: This, ladies and gentlemen, is where the magic ingredients are mixed together to give you the unique taste of Virility.

(Kat continues talking about Succubus)

Kat: The Succubus is hidden deep inside the factory but there is no physical way to reach it from our world. Only from Limbo. There's a rift inside.

(Intercom woman keeps talking, while Dante and Kat go deep inside the factory)

Intercom woman: Rest assured that it has been deemed both safe and beneficial by our trustworthy and ethical scientists. Virility truly is a national treasure!


(Dante follows Kat deeper into the factory)

Kat: This way... I think.

Dante: You said you'd been here before?

Kat: Yes, but it was during an out-of-body experience, years ago.

Dante: Flying around in spirit form?

Kat: Yeah. In Limbo. Vergil says it could be an effective inteligence gathering tool but I can't do it at will.

Dante: So... how did you do it before?

Kat: It was triggered by extreme psychosomatic trauma... the nightmares.

Dante: What are the... nightmares?

Kat: It's in the past now.


(Dante and Kat arrive at storeroom)

Kat: This is where they store the merchandise ready to export. It's funny...

Dante: What is?

Kat: I expect it to be bigger, a lot bigger... But then, I was just a child when I was here and I was in Limbo.

Dante: What were you doing here?

Kat: Escaping my nightmares.

Dante: You came to Limbo to escape your nightmares.

Kat: Yes.

(Kat goes ahead, while Dante shows a dumbfounded expression)


(Dante continues following Kat)

Kat: Once you're in Limbo, all you have to do is retrace your steps back to the mixing room.

Dante: Should be easy enough.

Kat: Maybe, but the demons may sense you once you're in Limbo, so stay alert.

Dante: And once I've reached the mixing room?

Kat: You'll be able to descend deep down into the factory.

Dante: And kill me a Succubus.


(The duo stops, and Kat crouches to spray the gateway)

Kat: Okay, it's here.

(Dante steps on the gateway)

Dante: Alright, see you on the other side.

(Dante is transported into the Limbo)

Dante: Phew!

Kat: Dante?

Dante: Down here!

Kat: Oh, good.

Dante: You're right. It's a lot bigger here in Limbo. What next?

Kat: Head back to the mixing room! I'll meet you there.

(Kat leaves)

Dante: Obesity, stupidity.... Drink Virility!


(After going through the Limbo a bit, Dante comes across a new demon named Hell Knight)

Dante: Hey! Could you point me to the mixing room?

(After continuing a bit more)

Dante: Where the hell is that mixing room?


(Dante reaches the mixing room)

Dante: What in the shitting hell is going on here?

(Kat appears)

Kat: The mixing process.. But it's the source we're intrested in.

Dante: I'm guessing our Succubus is on the other end of that?

Kat: That's right. This way.

(Demons appear)

Dante: Trouble. Gimme a minute.

Kat: Be careful.


(Tyrants appear)

Dante: So which of you fatasses wants to be Limbo's biggest loser?

(Tyrants are defeated)

Dante: Congratulations. You win.


(Dante defeats the demons and goes to Kat)

Kat: Dante. You OK? That looked pretty nasty.

Dante: That? Nah. That was just a big fat joke. C'mon, let's go get this Succubus.

Mission 6: Secret Ingredient[]


(Dante and Kat reach the tunnel with the gigantic fan at it's bottom)

Dante: Now what?

Kat: This tunnel will lead you to the Succubus.

Dante: How do I get down there?

Kat: You can only get there from Limbo. I can't follow.

(Kat pulls out the cooking timer)

Dante: What is that? An egg-timer?

Kat: It's a vial containing the spell I made from variety of...

(Dante interupts her)

Dante: I don't need to know.

Kat: You jump, I twist.

Dante: Are you serious?

Kat: Trust me.

Dante: I jump, you twist.

Kat Good luck.

(Dante jumps down the tunnel and Kat twists the timer 2 times to rotate it 90 degrees, so Dante can walk on the wall)


(Dante lands and demons + timer appears)

Kat: You don't have long, hurry!


(Dante reaches the end and pull the hatch from the wall)

Dante: Open up!

(The egg-timer twists back, returning the tunnel to it's previous state)

Dante: Uh! That really was an egg-timer!

(Dante jumps into the newly made hole)


(After jumping into the hole, it's revealed to look like a sewers, with the smell to match)

Dante: Ugh! What a stink!


(Dante reaches the room with the Succubus inside and jumps down)


(Dante notices the horrid smell again)

Dante: Ugh, smells of sick...


(Dante reaches the Succubus)

Dante: So you must be the secret ingredient.

Succubus: Who are you?

Dante: I'm your prom-date you ugly sack of shit!


(Succubus vomits)

Dante: You missed. My name, by the way, is Dante.

Succubus: Dante? Son of Sparda? And Eva the whoooorrrreeee?

(Succubus vomits again)

Dante: Yep. But you can call me Dante the demon killer. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Succubus: You want to kill me? You can't kill me! I'm twelve hundred years old!

Dante: You don't look a day over twelve thousand.

Succubus: Fuck You!

Dante: Fuck You!

Succubus: FUCK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Succubus vomits for a third time)


Succubus: You're afraid! Why don't you go back to mummy and suck on her putrid teasts!

Dante: You like that?

Dante: Nice nails - let me cut them for you!

Succubus: Stop spitting those pathetic little peas at me, you scrawny little turd! Hahaha, you're going to die, and then I'm going to eat you tiny body.

Dante: Ah... Don't be shy!

Succubus: You're gonna be pulled to pieces, just like your mother!

Dante: Oh really? Somehow, I doubt that.

Succubus: I'm going to smash you to bits, you pitiful pile of pus.

(After depleting one of her 3 life bars, Dante kicks Succubus in the face)

Dante: Hey, Succubus! Suck on this!

(Dante pulls one of 3 cabels connected to the Succubus)

Succubus: AAAGH, I'm going to pull off your arms and legs, chew them up and puke them all over your pathetic face!

Dante: Shit! I'm out of here!

(Succubus destroys one of the platforms, forcing Dante to retreat to another one)

Dante: Aah! Ahhhshh!!! an... dawn. That's gross.

Succubus: What's wrong with you little boy? Forgotten how to use your little metal toothpick.

Succubus: Stay away you flea ridden boil bag.

Dante: In your face!

Dante: I'm over here sweetie.

(After depleting her second life bar, Dante puches Succubus in the face)

Dante: Donkey punch!

(Dante moves to higher platform and pulls the second cabel connected to the Succubus)

Succubus: AAAAGH You disgusting fuck child! I'm going to pull off your head, piss down your neck and shit on your worthless carcass.

Succubus: Whhhhhhyyyy don't you just die you stinking little pus globule. I'm going to eat you, shit you out and smash your tiny shit covered little bones.

(Succubus destroys the higher platform, forcing Dante to return to the previous one)


(After depleting her last life bar, Dante pulls out the last cabels connected to the Succubus and she begins falling into the liquid below her)

Dante: You're dumped.


(As Dante begins to leave, Succubus returns from under the floor, making them both fall down, her into the liquid, him onto some rocks)


Succubus: I told you... You can't kill me!

(Dante jumps to another platform to pull the ground from under Succubus)

Succubus: You! Little! I'm... Gonna... Argh.

(Dante pulls Succubus' head)

Succubus: Aaaaaaagh, why won't you just die!!

(Dante jumps to yet another platform and Succubus tries to catch him, only to be taken by the liquid, saving herself by grabing the nearby pillar)

Dante: You know what your problem is? You're too clingy!


(After Dante slashes Succubus' hands off the pillar, she begins to drift into a big fan, which proceeds to squish her head, killing her)

Dante: I think you're all mixed up.

(Succubus' essence goes to Dante and creates a demonic gloves named Eryx for Dante to use)


(Mundus and the ugly woman have sex, when Mundus feels something is wrong)

Lilith: What? What is it?

Mundus: My Succubus.

(The woman reattaches her face while talking)

Lilith: Really... must we talk about her?

Mundus: My Succubus is dead.

Lilith: Oh.

Mundus: Sparda.

Lilith: The traitor? What of him?

Mundus: His spawn. The Nephilim. It fights back.

(Mundus punches the window, the woman shrieks and the glass is seen falling down the tower)

Mission 7: Overturn[]


(Kat finishes talking with Vergil over the hands-free phone in her car)

Kat: Yeah, we'll meet you there. See you soon, Vergil.

Dante: You guys seem tight. How'd you meet?

Kat: Is it relevant?

Dante: I like to know who I'm risking life and limb with. He's my brother and is trying to save the world. What's your story?

(Awkward silence)

Dante: Listen, I never asked for your help but you gave it and I appreciate it. I trust you. You can trust me too.

(Kat starts telling about her story)

Kat: He rescued me. I was in a foster home. My foster father was a demon. He attacked me most nights. I had to get out.

Dante: The nightmares.

Kat: It's ok. I felt nothing. I couldn't physically escape so... I found another way. I aimlessly wandered Limbo in spirit form. And I found Vergil there. He heard my cry for help. He helped me to deal with the demons, both figuratively and literally. I killed the bastard. Now I want to deal with them all. You're gonna stick with us to the end, right?

Dante: Count on it.


(Dante and Kat arrive at the bridge, where Vergil is waiting for them)

Vergil: You've done well. We've dealt with the Succubus. That will have hurt Mundus, and got his attention. Now to land the second blow, and disable Mundus' monitoring network.

(All three turn to the tower at the distance)

Vergil: Raptor News Tower. Controlled by Mundus, they've a monopoly over the world's media: news, advertising, entertainment.

Dante: Mind-control.

Vergil: Yeah. And surveillance. They spy on the populace through their network of satellites, routers and CCTV cameras.

Dante: Yeah I noticed that bit. So what's the plan?

Vergil: Kat.

Kat: The Raptor News Network is run by a demon, Bob Barbas.

Dante: Bob Barbas is a demon? So he's more than just a fucking dick... And he's in that tower?

Kat: Not that tower. That one.

(Kat points on the reflection of the tower in the river)

Dante: Huh?

Vergil: In Limbo, that isn't a reflection. It's the real deal. It's a prison and Barbas rules it cruelly. There's no mercy and no escape. Prepare the gateway. You'll have to go alone this time. Kat can't follow where you're headed.

(Kat is spraying the gateway in the background)

Dante: Alone is fine. She's done enough.

Vergil: On the plus side, there won't be any cameras down there.

Dante: Good.

(Kat finishes the gateway)

Kat: Dante, we don't know much about this demon.

Dante: I'm sure it will be lovely.

(Dante is transported into Limbo and looks at the tower)

Dante: Well Bob, I now get why your point of view is so upside down.


(Dante uses Eryx for the first time)

Dante: Boom!

(The way ahead is blocked and demons appear)

Dante: Unh! Badass! Smack that!


(Dante defeats the demons to reach the gate of the prison, titled "Central Penitentiary")

Dante: Wow, so even Limbo has a slammer. Never thought I'd be breaking into jail.


(Continuing forward, Dante sees a wall, only destroyable by Eryx)

Dante: Aha! Let's give it a crack.


(Dante destroys the wall and lands inside the prison)

Bob Barbas (on the intercom): You have commited crimes against the holy order of demons. Mundus has allowed you to live so that you may serve him. Rejoice in this gift of life.

Dante: Just doing God's work, are ya Bob?


(Dante continues forward but his way is suddenly blocked)

Dante: Damnit... Gonna have to take a detour.

(Bob is still heard in the background)

Bob Barbas (on the intercom): Setting foot outside of the penal colony will result in 100 years of severe suffering.

(After making a detour, tower is once again seen in the background)

Dante: OK - there's the tower. Back on track.


(After continuing forward, Dante sees a quadrupedal demon)

Dante: Whatever you are, get the hell outta here!


(Dante reaches a room, where human screaming is heard and people are seen as silhouettes)

Dante: Poor bastards.


(After defeating the demons and continuing forward, Dante sees the demon from earlier)

Dante: Go on, get lost!

(The demon leaves and is replaced by bigger one. This new demon named Rage)


(The Rage attacks)

Dante: Ah great - Here comes Mommy.

(During the fight, the Rage starts to glow, making it stronger. After defeating it, Dante continues forward and reaches a stuck elevator, using Eryx to "unstuck" it)

Dante: Going down? Smashing.

(After continuing forward, Dante reaches a upside down monorail)

Dante: I'm coming for you Bob!


(The monorail destroys itself, sending the train into multiple directions)

Dante: Woah!

(After Dante sees the destroyed way)

Dante: Oh great.

(Dante notices some flying demons harrassing a old man)

Dante: What's going on there?


(After Dante reaches the demon, a old man is heard)

Old man: Leave me alone... Leave me alone...

(2 of the 3 demons leave, while the last one, revealed to be named Harpy, attacks Dante)


(After defeating the Harpies)

Old man: Who's there? I know you're there! I can feel you. Who is it? I'll cut your head off!

Dante: Put the stick down! I'm not gonna hurt you - unless you give me a reason to.

(Old man stops swinging his stick around)

Old man: Are you... a prisoner of Mundus too?

Dante: No. I'm from upstairs. Can you tell me how to get to that tower?

Old man: The tower? Why?

Dante: Cuz I wanna kill the demon that runs this show. Will you help me?

Old man: Kill it? Yes. I can help. If you help me first.

(Dante sighs)

Dante: Let's hear it.

Mission 8: Eyeless[]


(This mission starts where the previous left of, with old man talking to Dante)

Old man: Those flying bastards stole my eye. They torment me incessantly. I can't leave here without it. I'm trapped for eternity. Get me back my eye and I'll take you to the tower.

(The scene cuts to black. Dante is then seen on the nearby destroyed wagon while the old man lures the Harpies back)

Old man: Over here! Flying bastards! Come.

(Next we see the first person view of the Harpy flying towards the old man)


Old man: Go, go! Follow them, find their nest.

(Dante approaches the Harpies and they fly off, Dante then follows them)

Dante: That's it, lead the way.

(The terrain changes so Dante can't follow them for a moment)

Dante: You little bastards.

(Dante catches up to them again)

Dante: Ahaha, there you are!

(A demonic version of subway train appears before Dante)

Dante: Whoah!

(Dante gets on the tracks and continues, before another train is seen in the distance)

Dante: Oh shit!

(Dante catches up to Harpies again)

Dante: Flying bastards.

(Dante is stopped by a wave of enemies)

Dante: You wanna play?

(After defeating the demons and continuing forward, Dante sees the Harpies in the distance)

Dante: No... get back here!

(Dante sees the Harpy nest)

Dante: The nest! That's gotta be it!


(Dante lands on the nest with the glass floor, which breaks and forces Dante to run into the middle of the nest)

Dante: Why am I doing this for a crusty old demon?

(Dante sees the eye)

Dante: Oh yeah, that's why.


(Dante pulls the eye towards himself)

Dante: Got it! You must be the eye!

(More Harpies return to the nest, forcing Dante to defend himself from an ambush)

Dante: An ambush... you flocking bastards!


(During the fight, the glass floor starts to break more and Dante comments on it)

Dante: Ah No! I'm runnin' outta roof! Crap!

(After killing all the Harpies)

Dante: That was a cracking good fight. Now how do I get back?


(Dante return to the old man)

Old man: Who's there?

Dante: It is I.

Old man: The eye? You have it? Have you?

(Dante gives the old man his eye and he reassembles it to his face)

Old man: I can see! I can see!

(Old man turn to Dante)

Old man: Dante...

Dante: You know me?

Old man: No, I knew your father, Sparda. I can see him in you.

Dante: Sparda was a demon and I'm nothing like him.

Old man: No. Of course. You are Nephilim. I can see that too.

Dante: What are you?

Phineas: Phineas. Scholar, inventor, prophet...

Dante: demon.

Phineas: And until you arrived, political prisoner of Mundus. I am grateful.

Dante: It wasn't a favour. You said you'd take me to that tower.

Phineas: Of course, my friend, of course. This way.

Mission 9: Devil Inside[]


(Dante and Phineas arrive at the ruins of the monorail)

Dante: You were blinded and imprisoned here for how long?

Phineas: Hundreds of years.

Dante: You sure know your way around?

Phineas: Like the back of my hand.

(Phineas almost steps into the hole)

Dante: Wow! Are you nuts?

Phineas: I forget. You and I see things differently. Seeing things differently can open new paths.

Dante: What do you mean?

Phineas: You only see evil in me. Because I am a demon. Try opening your mind. It's all a matter of perspective.

(Phineas uses his eye to repair the damage done to the monorail, enabling Dante way forward)

Dante: What?

Phineas: As I said, I see things differently. We'll meet up ahead. I have something to show you.


(After going forward for a bit, Dante meets up with Phineas again, with him looking at the broken statue)

Phineas: Her name was Assiel. An ancient one. Nephilim like you.

Dante: I didn't know there were others.

Phineas: The Nephilim were the third race. Sadly, they were hunted down and slain.

Dante: Why?

Phineas: They wielded the power of both angels and demons. But unlike them, the Nephilim could easily cross worlds. They were formidable!

Dante: Which made them a threat. Like me.

Phineas: And like you, they held great potential. What a waste. You want to reach your full potential? Perhaps Assiel holds the key.


(After landing on the statue, a woman figure appears)

Dante: Assiel?

(It is revealed to be yet another new demon named Witch)

Dante: Nope... it's a fucking demon.


(After Dante defeats the Witch)

Dante: Good riddance..


(After defeating the Witch, the statue's head turns to Dante)

Statue of Assiel: Nephilim.

(Dante holds his amulet and the statue turns it head to the direction of the key, reminding Dante what's he doing)

Dante: Right... Assiel holds the key...


(Dante gets the key)

Dante: Got it!

(Dante is "transported" into his mind again)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): At least give me the chance to show you.


(Dante "arrives" in his mind)

Dante: Alright. Let's see what happens.


(Dante destroys the gigantic chain, which in turn makes the eyes and body of the giant statue glow and his body to move. Dante's amulet then glows a bit and the screen cuts to white to the woman from before, now being revealed to be his mother, Eva)

Eva: Dante, you are here because I was unable to protect you. For that I am truly sorry. Your father fell in love with me. A love that transgressed rigid ancient boundaries. We chose our path in the face of certain annihilation. We never regretted our choices, but we never gave you yours, my dear son. Now finally you will have that choice. You will have a great power. A power that will allow you to forge your own path. That my son is freedom. Be brave my son. I love you.

(Eva dissappears and the screen shows that Dante got a new ability, Devil Trigger)


(Dante starts screaming, power starts flowing within him, his hair turns white and his eyes red. Next the demons are send flying and due to powers of the Devil Trigger, are falling slower than normal)


(After the enemies are defeated, Dante is "transported" back into Limbo)

Vergil (in Dante's mind): At least give me the chance to show you.

(Phineas calls out for Dante)

Phineas: Dante!

(Phineas uses his eye to make a path for Dante)


(Dante remembers his goal)

Dante: Oh right... the tower. On my way!


(After going forward a bit, Dante meets up with Phineas again)

Dante: That was wild.

Phineas: Come here.

Dante: What is it?

(Phineas touches back of Dante's head, revealing that part of his hair turned white)

Phineas: You found your inner devil all right. But you have yet to discover your full potential.

Dante: Mainly, I just want to kill a demon king named Mundus.

Phineas: And if you do kill Mundus... Who will take his place?

Mission 10: Bad News[]


(This mission starts off where the last left off, with Dante and Phineas talking)

Phineas: I am no longer suited to violence. I cannot proceed.

Dante: Thank you Phineas.

Phineas: It wasn't quite a favour. I want to see Mundus destroyed... and I now believe you may stand a chance.

Dante: What made you change your mind?

Phineas: You were right. You are not just like your father. I see your mother in you too. You want to hit Mundus hard. This is how. Mundus has power almost beyond limit. But... He has one weakness.

Dante: He has a weakness?

Phineas: Yes. His mistress, Lilith.

Dante: His weakness is that he loves her?

(Phineas laughs)

Phineas: Mundus? Love? No, my friend. Yet, she has recently become the most important thing in creation to him. This is what I have seen. Lilith, his mistress, carries his child. His heir. You want to hurt Mundus? Kill Lilith. Kill the child. Nothing will hurt him more. But be warned, the fury of Mundus is boundless. Many thousands could perish.

(Phineas uses his eye to make a way for Dante)

Phineas: Good hunting, My master

(Phineas leaves and Dante goes forward)


(The tower notices Dante and fires a beam at him)

Dante: Good. I finally have your attention.


(After escaping the beam, Dante jumps into the TV screen and is then seen inside some news-like dimension)


(Dante lands in the some kind of arena and Bob Barbas appears)

Bob Barbas: This is Bob Barbas, Just doin' God's work.

Dante: Hey Bob. Put a spin on this.

(Dante flips him off)

Bob Barbas: My personal view on the terrorists is they are disgusting, degrading, ghastly, sleazy, prurient, and generally nauseating... The worst of them is Dante. The whole world would benefit greatly by his non-existence.

Dante: I'm taking you off the air!

Bob Barbas: You think so? I wouldn't bet on it, you little shit!


Bob Barbas: You're not big nor clever, Dante! You're tiny and stupid!

Bob Barbas: Information is power, hahahaha.

(After depleting his first life bar, Dante jumps into his eye)

Dante: Segue into this!


(Dante is seen on the pier from Mission 1, fighting demons with Bob doing a news report in the background)

Bob Barbas: What we have here is some truly shocking footage of the terrorist, known as Dante, at the Bellevue Pier recently. So what do we know about this Dante? Several people have now come forward and investigators have pieced together a shocking history of violence. At age 8, he attacked and killed the head nurse at St Lamia orphanage. She was described as a sweet old lady who particularly enjoyed working with children. Between the age eleven and fifteen he broke out of no less than eight youth detention facilities often mounting brutal, humiliating attacks against the prison officers just doing their jobs. Between sixteen and seventeen, he became involved in gangs, drug peddling and is believed to be responsible for over a dozen homicides. And worst of all he was also a well known cruiser in the seedier districts of the city rampantly spreading sexually diseases of the unholy kind.

Dante: And ain't that the best kind Bob?

(Dante jumps back into the arena)


Bob Barbas: Hahahaha. Boo hoo. Give it up, you little emo punk!

Bob Barbas: Hahaha, fuck off and die.

(After depleting the second life bar, Dante jump into the second eye)

Dante: This is hard hitting news, Bob!


(Dante lands inside the mixing room of the Virility factory with demons attacking and Bob doing another news report)

Woman 1: ..And he just started killing people. He looked me straight in the eye at one point. It was terrifying. He definitely had pedophile eyes.

Woman 2: I saw one girl, like, beg for her life. But, like, he said he was gonna kill her anyway.... and then he did.... Like, totally!

Bob Barbas: Since that horrific attack, it has come to light that Dante is involved in the terrorist organisation called The Order. I have a message for the Order. The whole world is looking for you. Every camera on every street corner, every police force in the country and worldwide. We will find you. We will destroy you. It's only a matter of time. This is Bob Barbas, from the Raptor News Network.

(Dante jumps back into the arena and Bob has yet another news report)

Bob Barbas: I interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news. The terrorist organisation responsible for the recent attacks has been located and is being stormed by SWAT teams...

Dante: ...No...

Bob Barbas: as I speak.

(A SWAT is shown running out of their vans, Bob then continues by showing the pictures of Vergil and Kat)

Bob Barbas: Two of the terrorists identified in these images are known to be in the compound.

Dante: Bastards!

Bob Barbas: A third terrorist has been cornered in another part of the city in a separate police raid.

(Dante is seen on the screen)

Bob Barbas: Rest assured. Those responsible will be brought to justice at any moment, dead or alive. This is Bob Barbas of the Raptor News Network. Just doin' God's work.


Bob Barbas: Hahahaha! You're cornered. We got you! We'll crush you! And you know what? We'll do it live! You Suck! We're gonna do it live! Hahahaha!

Bob Barbas: Who are you fighting for anyway? The people? Newslfash! The people hate you! I made sure of that!

Bob Barbas: God is on my side, Dante! Mundus, the God of demons! Who's on yours? Nobody!

Bob Barbas: You think you're cool? How's about i kill you and piss on your course for cool points?


(After Dante depletes all Bob's life bars)

Dante: Breaking news, Bob! You're fired!

(Dante shoots Bob in the chest and he dies. Dante is then transported back into the real world and Bob's essence is sucked up by Dante, creating a new angelic weapon for him in the shape of 2 shuriken-like blades named Aquila)


(Mundus is seen looking out of the remains of the broken window)

Mundus: Make your next move if you will. You've already lost.

Mission 11: The Order[]


(Dante arrives at The Order's site to witness arriving swat vans)

Dante: They're not in yet - I've gotta get to them first.

(Dante jumps over the roofs and lands next to a Order's building, while being transported to Limbo)


(After Dante uses the Aquila for the first time)

Dante: Bring it in!


(A new demon named Butcher cuts some cars up to get to Dante)

Dante: Who are you, fuck nut?

(Dante evades it and jumps behind it)


(After defeating the demons, the Limbo itself is trying to get inside the building)

Dante: Dammit! They're breaking in from Limbo too.


(Dante lands inside the building)

Dante: Where are you guys?


(After breaking a wall, a cutscene shifts to real world, where a man is chased by a SWAT officer)

Dante: Hey, can you hear...

A man: Don't shoot!

(A chased man is gunned by a officer)

A man: Aargh!

Dante: Damn!


(Dante reaches a big room with a big graffiti painted on one end)

Dante: The graffiti - it's keeping them out. Nice work Kat.


(Dante jumps down and yells at the Butcher to get his attention)

Dante: Hey, over here saw boy!


(After defeating the demons, a SWAT officers are heard)

SWAT officer 1: The female has locked the perimeter doors.

SWAT officer 2: We're blasting them open.

SWAT officer 1: Armed!

(A door is destroyed)

SWAT officer 1: Go!

SWAT officer 2: Remember dead or alive. Which means 'dead'.

Dante: Cowards.

(Another door is seen)

SWAT officer 1: Another door. Ready? 3...2...1.

(This door is also destroyed)

SWAT officer 1: Proceed.

Dante: Kat? Are you there? Stay out of sight, you hear? I gotta get to her first.

(A SWAT team reaches another door)

SWAT officer 1: Go again.

(The explosive doesn't destroy the door)

SWAT officer 1: It's barricaded from inside. She knows we're here. We need a demo squad here. NOW.

Dante: That's right Kat, you keep em out!

(Demons apprear, Dante kills them and then uses his angelic abilities to get into the next room, once he lands, a demons appear)

Dante: No! Not now!

(Once the demons are dead, Dante continues forward)

Dante: Kat! Are you here?

(Explosion and man's voice are heard)

Man's voice: Oh my god they're in! Move, move.

Dante: Get out! The place is overrun!

Man's voice: Run, get out of here.

Dante: Dammit, can anybody hear me!? Shit, this place is infested! I hope Kat's ok.

(After a while, a SWAT officer is heard again)

SWAT officer 1: Where is the girl?

Man's voice: I don't know. Please.

(Another wave of demons apprear)

Dante: Hey! Who are you looking for shit heads?


(After the demons are killed, the way is unexpectedly blocked again and Dante hears something)

Dante: What was that?

(Dante turns around and sees a demon in the mask)

Dante: What are you smiling at?

(This new demon attacks and uses teleportation to his advantage, but Dante dodges)

Dante: It's on, bitch!


(Dante defeats the demon, but it retreats)

Dante: Hey, get back here!


(The door opens and Dante goes through, while wondering what kind of demon was it)

Dante: What in hell was that?


(Dante reaches a cowering Kat)

Dante: Kat... Kat...

(Kat notices Dante)

Kat: Dante?

Dante: I'm here.

Kat: I don't know what to do.

Dante: Where's Vergil?

Kat: I don't know. He's probably in the server room, the Octagon. But he might be trapped in Limbo.

Dante: How do we get to him?

Kat: I don't know. I'm stuck in here.

Dante: Is there something I can do from Limbo to break you out?

(Kat is silent)

Dante: Think!

Kat: There may be a way. I'll guide you.

(Kat takes out the spray can and the duo runs)

Mission 12: Under Siege[]


(At first the SWAT officers are seen, with one putting the explosive at the door, then the scene cuts to Dante and Kat near the brick wall)

Kat: I think there's an old tunnel through here. Maybe we can get out that way.

(Kat begins spraying on the wall but is interrupted by an explosion)

SWAT officer: We need another charge.

Dante: They're breaking in.

Kat: I've got an idea!


(Kat runs to the door with Dante following her)

Dante: I'm stuck in Limbo, I can't stop them from here.

Kat: Yes you can - I spray, you bring the roof down.

(Kat sprays a circle on the pillar)

Kat: There - now pull it!

(Dante pulls the pillar)

Dante: Do it again!

(The noise confirmed the guards suspicion about Kat's wherebouts)

SWAT officer: Quickly! The girl is in there!

(Kat sprays another circle)

Kat: Okay, same again - hurry!


(Dante pulls the second pillar, destroying the ceiling above them and blocking the way for the officers, just when they open the door)


(Kat dodged the debris)

Dante: You ok?

Kat: Yeah. Come on.

(Kat completes the circle from earlier)

Kat: Let's go!

(Dante pulls the wall apart and the duo runs inside the tunnel)

Dante: Do you know where this goes?

Kat: I know this place like the back of my hand.

(Kat sprays another circle and Dante pulls apart another wall)

Kat: Come on.

(The duo comes across a door and Kat uses a eye scanning device to proceed, then an explosion is seen)


(Dante tells Kat to hide)

Dante: Hide. Quick.

(Kat hides in the hole in the wall)

Dante: Stay there! I don't think he saw you.


(The SWAT officer sees the hole)

SWAT officer 1: Hey! Wait - I think I saw something.


(The SWAT officer is inspecting the hole)

Dante: Shit! Kat, stay very still.

(Another officer thinks Kat is elsewhere, so he call the previous officer back)

SWAT officer 2: Leave it! The girl's up ahead, we need to move.

(Officers leave)

Dante: He's gone. Let's go.

(Kat crawls out the hole)


(The duo continues)

Dante: You OK Kat?

Kat: Yeah. I'm OK.

(After a while, Kat uses another eye scanning device to proceed)


(The duo comes across group of officers)

SWAT officer: Hands on your head FACE DOWN!

(One of the hostages is killed)

Dante: Kat - Get out of sight, now!

(The second hostage tries to run)

SWAT officer: He's running! Get him!

(The man is shot)

Man: Ah... no AGH!

(Dante to Kat)

Dante: Quick! Get in that room and hide!

(The officer shots the man's body)

SWAT officer: I told you not to run.

(Kat hides, but unfortunately she alerts one of the officers)


Dante: Dammit - he's coming in!

(Kat gets up and sprays on the nearby shelf)

Dante: What are you doing, stay hidden.

(Officer finds Kat)

SWAT officer: Hey you! Hands on your head! I've got the girl.

Dante: And I've got you motherfucker.


(Dante pulls the shelf on the officer, knocking him out)


Dante: Good work.

Kat: Come on, it's this way. Why do they have to kill everyone?

Dante: We're terrorists, remember?

Kat: Those were my friends... I feel sick...

Dante: They'll pay for this, but right now, we've gotta find Vergil.

Kat: Through here.

(Kat uses another eye scanning device to proceed, then she does it one more time for one more door, until they arrive at Octagon)

Kat: Dante... Vergil's trapped in Limbo. He's in trouble!


(The Butcher is seen trying to get to Vergil)

Dante: Hey you!

Vergil: Dante! Are you crazy? What are you doing here?

Dante: Bust you out here, bro.


(Dante defeats the Butcher and walks up to Dante)

Vergil: Thank you, Dante.

(Vergil notices Kat)

Vergil: Kat! You're still alive!

Dante: Is there a way out of here?

Vergil: Yes. There's an emergency gate. I'll take you there.

Dante: Let's go.

Vergil: No, not yet.

Dante: What?

Vergil: There are terabytes of sensitive data here. We cannot let them get their hands on it.

Dante: What does it matter?

Vergil: They'd know everything about our plans. If they get their hands on that data, everything I worked for will be for nothing! Kat.

Kat: Yes?

Vergil: Arm the self-destruct. I can't do it from Limbo.

(Kat notices that officers are at the door, cutting it)

Kat: They're cutting through.

Dante: The demons are breaking in.

(Dante points at the computers)

Dante: We don't have time for this.

Vergil: Then make time, Dante!

Dante: Shit, Vergil!

Vergil: Kat - do it now! This won't take long Kat, I'll help you.


Dante: How long do you guys need?

Vergil: Not long, couple of minutes. OK, boot up the system.

(Demons appears)

Dante: They're in!

(After Dante defeats the first wave, a small quadrupedal demon from the tower is seen with more of them and their name is revealed to be Rage Spawn. After defeating them the ground in the middle destroys itself and demonic shards fly in)


(After destroying the first wave of demonic shards, Vergil calls out for Dante)

Vergil: Hey, Dante.

(Vergil slides the shotgun named Revenant to Dante)

Vergil: It might help.

(Dante takes the shotgun)

Dante: Great.


(Dante destroys the shards)

Dante: How are you guys doing?


(Vergil and Kat are seen at the computers, the feed of the officers trying to cut the door is shown)

Vergil: Two more minutes Dante.

Dante: Vergil, I can keep the demons off your back for as long as you need, but I can't protect Kat from the feds. Step on it!

Vergil: Understood. Two minutes.


(Hordes of demons appear, but they are killed)

Dante: Let me guess, two minutes?

Vergil: It's all set to go. I just need a minute longer to grab what I can from the servers.

Dante: You're putting her in danger.

Kat: It's OK Dante, this is important.


(Rages appear)

Dante: This doesn't look good.


(Rages are killed)

Dante: Come on Vergil.

Vergil: It's done.


(An officer is seen planting another explosive)

Kat: They're almost through.

Vergil: Let's go, Dante.

Dante: Wait.

Vergil: What?

Dante: What about Kat?

Kat: There's no way out for me in the real world.

Vergil: No. We can't help her. Let's go.

Dante: We can't just leave her.

Vergil: Think, Dante! We're in Limbo, she's in the real world. This place is gonna blow in any minute.

Kat: He's right.

(The explosive's timer is seen counting down)

Vergil: There's nothing we can do. Let's go!

Dante: Go ahead. I'll be right behind you.

Vergil: Dante!

Dante: Give me a second!

(Dante walks up to Kat and instructs her what to do)

Dante: OK Listen to me. We don't have much time. Get down on your knees. Put your hands up. Do NOT fight back.

Kat: I'm scared. What will they do to me?

Dante: All you need to do is hold on for as long as you can. I will come back for you.

(The door explodes and the officers rush in)

Kat: Don't shoot!

(Kat is shot in the shoulder)

Dante: No! Fuck!

(Officers are kicking Kat and she falls unconsious, then her body is dragged away. After that the computers and the whole hideout is exploding. The scene then jumps to Dante running to Vergil)

Vergil: Quick! Get in!

(The brothers get on the gateway and are transported into the real world, interestingly on the other side of the road, on the roof. They then look at the exploding hideout)

Vergil: Come on, Dante. This isn't over yet.

(Brothers then walk away)

Mission 13: Devil's Dalliance[]


(Kat is seen on the video in the Mundus' office)

Mundus: Say the name.

(Kat is quiet)

Mundus: Say the name!

(After a while, Kat responds)

Kat: Vergil...

(Mundus walks into a frame)

Mundus: Vergil. I don't know who you are, or why you have been stupid enough to attack me. But I know you mean something to this girl, so I suspect this girl means something to you. I also know that you are collaborating with the Nephilim. I want the Nephilim. You want the girl. We trade their lives.

(Video ends)

Vergil: Interesting.

Dante: Interesting?

Vergil: Mundus knows less than I thought. He knows my name, but that's it: not that I am your brother, nor that I am Nephilim.

Dante: She must have been strong to hold out.

Vergil: Yes, she did well... but we can't save her.

(Dante looking suprised)

Dante: What do you mean?

Vergil: You can't seriously think I would trade your life for hers?

Dante: No, I'm not saying we-

(Vergil interupts Dante)

Vergil: Apart from the fact that you're my brother, you're the key to destroying Mundus!

Dante: I'm not saying we trade me for her. I'm saying we offer another trade: Kat for Mundus' mistress, Lilith.

Vergil: Why would Mundus care about one of his whores?

Dante: Because she carries his child.

(Now Vergil is the one suprised)

Vergil: What? How can you know this?

Dante: When I was at the tower, I met a demon named Phineas. He told me.

Vergil: Yes, I've heard that name. This is amazing! We have access to Mundus' unborn child? This is exactly what we need to get him out of his lair!

(Dante angrily slams one of his guns)

Dante: No! We use this to save Kat!

Vergil: Dante, that's madness! You would risk the future of mankind for a girl?

Dante: Kat put herself through hell to protect us! We'll find another way to get Mundus.

Vergil: Dante!

(Dante walks up to Vergil)

Dante: I am not abandoning her.

Vergil: I can see that. Okay. We'll do it your way, brother.


(Vergil is on the computer looking for info about Lilith)

Vergil: There it is. Mundus' mistress, Lilith, runs an exclusive club downtown for high society: sports personalities, rich kids, bankers, that kind of thing.

(In the middle of the sentence, the scene jumps to the entrance of the club)

Vergil (in the background): Demonic substances flow freely. She hooks the pathetic weasels on the stuff turning them into soulless demon collaborators. She'll be there tonight.

(A bouncer stops Dante)

Bouncer: Woah! You're not coming in. You're not on the list.

(Dante uppercuts him and knocks him unconsious, then writes "FUCK YOU" on this notepad)

Dante: I am now.

(Dante goes inside. Litith is seen standing on the balcony, overlooking her customers, while Dante is greeted by one of her dancers)

Dancer: Hey, Dante! Wanna dance? Long time, sweetie! C'mon!

(Dante ignores her)

Dancer: Hey! Wait a minute, don't ignore me! Let's dance!

(Dante pushes her out of the way)

Dante: Not now!

Dancer: Hey! Yeah well, FUCK YOU DANTE!

(Dancer's cussing was enough to Dante being noticed by collaborators)

Collaborator: Daannnteee.

(The light shines on Dante, making Lilith notice him)

Lilith: Dante's here? The son of Sparda? Whom Mundus wants dead.

(Dante and Lilith are transported into Limbo)

Lilith: Mundus will delight in me when I deliver his corpse.

(She turns to her child)

Lilith: And what do you think, little one? Should we play with him a bit first?

(The child reacts furiously)

Lilith: Yes, let's...

(Demons appear)

Dante: You wanna dance? Let's dance.


(Lilith talks to Dante while he fights the demons)

Lilith: Dante! Son of Sparda! We don't normally let the feral rats in here, but I've been hearing so much about you! I'm dying to see what all the fuss is about! Ooh! Temper temper Dante! Play nice! My, what a little diva you are; such a shame you have to die.


(After Dante defeats the demons, Lilith talks to Dante directly)

Lilith: Tell me Dante, what brings you here? The music? The champagne sparklers? The girls? Or has this something to do with that scrawny little broken flower, I wonder?

Dante: I'm here for you Lilith, so get the fuck down here.

Lilith: Well I would, Dante but... how can I put this... you're beneath me.

(The whole club expands)


(Lilith talks like she has audience)

Lilith: Hello my beautiful creatures, human and otherwise. From night club to fight club! We have a special event here for you tonight!

(Demons appear)

Lilith: So drink up, shoot up, and place your bets! Let's get high society!


(Dante defeats the demons)

Dante: You have no idea who you're dealing with, do you?

Lilith: I'm dying to find out. Well, let's change things around a little.

(The club expands once again, so much that Lilith is not seen anymore, but thanks to her powers, can still talk to Dante)


(Dante is going forward in this new area)

Lilith: I have created this gauntlet run especially for you Dante.

Dante: I'm not here to play your games!

Lilith: Oh? Well, This is my club and you play by my rules!

(Dante arrives to a big red button and uses Eryx on it)


(The announcer of some sort is heard)

Announcer: Welcome to the Devil has Talent!

(The logo of the show is seen)

Lilith: It's quite simple, Dante: survive and you get an audience with yours truly. Which basically means I get to gouge your brains out myself! Fail, and both you and that little bitch of yours die.


(Lilith continues talking, while Dante goes ahead due to way being created thanks to the button from earlier)

Lilith: So, they say you have the power of heaven and hell within you. Let's test them out shall we?


(Lilith stops Dante)

Lilith: Let's begin shall we? Round one should be a cake walk for a well endowed man like you.

("ROUND 1 FIGHT!" is displayed on the screen)


(Dante defeats the demons and a button appears. Dante uses Eryx to push it, which creates way forward)

Lilith: Congratulations! You'll still in the running towards becoming Limbo's top fucking idiot! Now you can come a little closer!


(After going forward, Dante is stopped by Lilith again)

Lilith: Round 2 - how quick are you? You have 30 seconds to put an end to my miserable minions. Lovely. Off we go!

("ROUND 2 FIGHT!" is displayed on the screen)


(After defeating the demons and pushing the button, Dante yells at Lilith)

Dante: I don't have time for this bullshit.

Lilith: What's the hurry? Oh yes! The torture and suffering of that little brat! Don't worry! Once Mundus is done with her, she won't feel a thing. Nothing at all.


(Once again, Lilith stops Dante)

Lilith: Round 3 - nearly half way! What do you think my dear revellers? Shall we spice things up a little?

("ROUND 3 FIGHT!" is displayed on the screen)


(Dante defeats the demons, pushes the buttons and the layout of the area is completely changed)

Lilith: Few contestants get this far. Congratulations! It seems the Devil has Talent after all!


(Dante runs into a dead end)

Lilith: This is where it gets interesting. Do you like it with the lights off?

(Rage Spawns appear and "ROUND 4 FIGHT!" is displayed)


(Rage Spawns are defeated, way forward revealed and Lilith appears with her disco ball again)

Lilith: Mundus has been looking for you ever since he first laid eyes on you! Do you remember that night Dante?

(Dante pushes the button to reveal a way)

Lilith: I can't wait to see his face when I show up with your scrawny corpse.

(After two waves of demons and two buttons to push, Lilith is back)

Lilith: I'm starting to see why Mundus finds you so compelling! Oh no wait, he doesn't! He wants you dead! And I just love giving him what he wants!

(Dante lands on the platform which closes itself, while the masked demon encountered in the Order's hideout returns. Also the "ROUND 5 FIGHT!" appears on the screen. All this while Lilith keeps talking)

Lilith: You know Dante, fame is a funny thing. Everyone wants a liitle slice of you. Especially my friends here. Let me introduce you to one of them!

(After the demon is defeated, he runs away. Then button appears and after pushing it, layout changes again. Dante then continues forward, until he comes across yet another button. After pushing this one, Lilith is heard again)

Lilith: So Dante, do you miss your little girlfriend? It's a shame you can't be there to hear her whimper and cry! You wanna know what she sounds like? A little like your mother did when Mundus ripped her heart from her chest and ate it!

Dante: This game is over!

(Dante appears in the area, where he was first dragged into Limbo with Lilith)

Dante: Get that skin-bag you call an ass down here!


(Lilith feels pain from her child)

Lilith: Ugh! All right, all right, little one! I understand; I'm running out of patience too. Let's end this. Right now.

("ROUND 6 FIGHT!" appears on the screen with a new demon named Ghost Rage)


(A new demon named Blood Rage appears, then Dante swiftly defeats it)


(After defeating the Blood Rage, another one appears, alongside the Ghost Rage)

Lilith: Meow! Talk about animal magnetism! Looks like you're a bitch magnet Dante!


(After defeating both Rages, Dante turns to Lilith and points at her)

Dante: Your turn, Barbie.

Mission 14: Last Dance[]


(Mission starts off the same way the last ended, with Dante pointing at Lilith, only with different lightning)

Dante: Your turn, Barbie.

Lilith: Yes, this is exactly the opportunity I've been waiting for. Come on baby let's make daddy proud...

(Lilith feels pain again)

Lilith: Uh! That's right little one, it is play time. oaaAAH!

(Lilith jumps over the railing of her balcony down to Dante, starts to unwind the device on the back of her head and she throws her wig away)

Lilith: You know, I've been looking for a chance to unwind...

(Her monstrous baby is seen growing in size out of her head and back. She then laughs, as the baby moans. The baby doesn't have name yet, so it's called Mundus' Spawn. Meanwhile the rooms changes itself into an arena)

Dante: Now there is a face only a mother could love.

(The Spawn then sucks Lilith inside it's belly)


(Spawn fights, while Lilith talks during the fight)

Lilith: Die!! Pitiful. Be a good boy and crush his skull... Now! That's my boy! Who's a good baby! You're a good baby!

(During the fight, the Spawn opens it's third eye)

Lilith: Keep that eye closed baby! Finish him off! Smash the little bastard! Yes!

(Dante sends one of the projectiles back, stunning him)

Lilith: Try all you like. You can't kill him, Dante. He's immortal, just like his father. This really is pathetic. Get away from my son!

(After depleting the Spawn's life bar, it falls to the ground)

Lilith: Get up baby!

(Dante pulls Lilith out and kicks her in the face. After attacking Lilith directly for a while, she orders her son to protect her)

Lilith: No baby! Suck me in! Pull me back in!!

(Lilith is pulled back in and Spawn regains his life bar, then the fight continues)

Lilith: Get away from there! Mommy's so proud! Don't you dare touch my boy! Smash him! Smash him to bits! Take this! Baby, stop him! Kill him baby! Is that it!?

(After Spawn's life bar is depleted again, Dante once again pulls Lilith out)

Dante: I said, get out here and fight me, you monster!

(After attacking Lilith, she once more talks to her son)

Lilith: No! Baby! Get me back in! What's happened?

(Lilith is pulled back inside and fight continues with a new Spawn lifebar)

Dante: Lilith, you are a disgrace.

Lilith: For god's sake, hit him back! No, stop that! Say goodnight! Awwww, that tickles, ahahaha. Baby, come on!

(Lilith is pulled out, attacked and the pulled back, while she starts to insult her son)

Lilith: Get away from me! Baby. Wake up! You idiot!

(Spawn's life bar is full once more)

Lilith: Defend yourself you idiot! Is that supposed to hurt us!?

Dante: So you think Mundus will want a hag like you by his side once he has his son?

Lilith: Killing you will make him love me, respect me! Appreciate me! You don't understand what we have.


(After Lilith's life bar is depleted, the arena turns back into a club and the baby sucks itself back into her body. Dante then points Rebellion to Lilith)

Dante: Get up! I'm not going to kill you or Mundus' spawn. I'll let you both live if you do exactly as I say.

Lilith: I will... I swear. I'm nothing without this brat.

Dante: Now, pull yourself together.

(The scene then cuts to a video of Dante demanding a trade between Kat and Lilith)

Dante: Rolling? Thanks for getting in touch, Mundus. Sorry it took me so long to get back. Regarding your trade offer, I'd like to suggest a counter proposal. A life of the girl...

(Dante picks Lilith up and points a gun to her stomach)

Dante: ...for the life of your child.

(Mundus, visibly angry, starts screaming)

Mundus: GAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Mission 15: The Trade[]


(The docks of the city are shown with the group and the SWAT team arriving. Vergil signals the team with the light. The team walks out with the guns and Vergil arms himself with one too. Lilith is looking scared, looks at Dante's gun and nods. Kat is pulled from the van and pushed to the ground, while Dante takes Lilith out of the car and points at her with a gun. Kat then stands up and the girls start to go towards each other. The scene then zooms into Mundus' office, with him looking out of the window. Back at the trade, Dante pulls out the second gun. The girls continue walking, while the scenes shifts between the faces of Dante, Vergil and Mundus. When both girls are next to each other, Vergil aims at Lilith and fires, destroying Mundus' Spawn in the process)

Dante: Move.

Dante: What the fuck-

(Lilith sees the hole in her stomach)

Lilith: Oh, no....!

(Mundus senses the death of his child, while Lilith starts crying. Vergil then shoots a bullet through her head, killing her. A shootout starts. Meanwhile Mundus draws the power from the hell gate. Dante runs to Kat, takes her to his arms and runs back to the car. Vergil kills last of the SWAT team and throws his gun away and Dante yell at him)

Dante: What the hell did you do that for?

Vergil: I had to.

(Mundus, enraged by the deaths of his child and mistress, he shoots a wave of demonic energy, pulling everything in it's way to Limbo)

Mundus: You don't fuck with a god.

(Dante notices the wave)

Dante: Get her out of here! GO!

(Vergil tooks of in the car, while the wave reaches the trio, pulling them into Limbo)

Dante: What's happening?

(The road in front of the car is changed, sending it into the air)

Vergil: Shit! Hold On!

(The wave seems to slow everything down, besides Dante and he sees that the car is gonna crash)

Dante: They're not gonna make it!


(Dante pulls out the container out of the way)


(After using Eryx on the containers 2 times, Dante yells on the third attempt)

Dante: Get down!


(The car flies over Dante)


(The car drives into a small warehouse, and a ship's propeller crashes inside)


(After pulling the propeller away and running after the car, Dante finds himself on the street with collaping ground)


(The ground in front of the car is changed, sending it into a bridge)


(After destroying the bridge, Dante jumps at the top of the car while it drives off. Then the scene jumps to Mundus, overseeing the destruction of the city below him)

Mission 16: The Plan[]


(Kat is seen drawing on the blackboard)

Kat: So the Hell Gate is the main source of Mundus' power. It can only be reached from his chamber... You must break to the chamber and close the Hell Gate. Mundus is still weak from his last outburst. This is your chance to defeat him.

(The scene jumps to the outside of the Silver Sacks Tower with Vergil going in and then to Dante in front of the tower)

Kat (in the background): Mundus doesn't know that Vergil is Nephilim, we can use that to our advantage. There's a back door into the tower located here. Vergil, you must reach the security room undetected, so Dante, you will create the distaction, here.

(Dante is seen on the camera)

Dante: Hey guys! You looking for a fight? Here I am!

(Dante throws a brick on it, destroying it. Then the scene jump to Mundus)

Mundus: Just like your father... Too big for your fucking boots. Me, a God, versus you, a piece of shit.

(Mundus transforms the tower, which in turn shoots a beam to the sky which pull things towards it. Also, everything around it is transported into Limbo, Dante included)


(Dante remembers something Kat said to him earlier)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Once Mundus sees you, all hell will break loose. Stay close to the tower entrance...

(Due to being transported to the Limbo, Dante is far from an entrance, so he runs back to it, avoiding the destruction in the process)


(Dante is back at the entrance)

Kat (in Dante's mind): The gates will seal - Dante, you need to keep them busy while Vergil makes his way into the tower.

(A new demons named Elite Stygians appear)


(After defeating the demons, Vergil is seen running to a laptop and starts working on it, opening a way for Dante for 30 seconds)


(Dante starts running to a door)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Dante. Make a break for the main entrance before it seals itself shut. You'll have a few seconds at best.


(Dante runs to the door while avoiding the demonic rocks which then block his way back)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Once inside, you will face Mundus' elite guard. Take him out quickly.

(A new demon named Dreamrunner, resembling the demon from The Order attack and Lilith's club, appears)

Dante: Showtime!


(After defeating the Dreamrunner)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Vergil will knock out the internal camera system - Mundus won't be able to see where you are.


(Vergil is seen on the laptop, disabling the cameras monitoring Dante, then the scene jumps to Mundus)

Mundus: Hahaha! Come to me Dante, if you can. I'll be waiting for you.


Kat (in Dante's mind): The corporate offices are heavily defended. One exception is floor 87 which is unoccupied. There you will reunite with Vergil.


(An overshot of the tower is shown)


(After reaching the floor 87, Dante reunites with Vergil)

Vergil: You good, brother?

Dante: Yeah. Good.

(Dante keeps remembering Kat's instructions)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Here you will split. Dante, make your way to the east wing. Vergil, you'll make you way to the west wing, where you'll find the main server room.

Vergil: Good luck.

Dante: You too.


Kat (in Dante's mind): Dante, you will have to cross a sky bridge to get into a East Wing. You will find the sky bridge along this path. Vergil will take over the servers in the West Wing. He'll clear the way for you.


(Dante reaches the sky bridge, but is unable to go forward thanks to the lasers)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Security going into the East Wing is tight, and you'll find yourself blocked, so don't try to cross it just yet.

(Scene jumps to Vergil finding a PC and he starts messing with it. He also sighs. After the access has been granted, the laser are disabled)

Dante: Bingo.

Kat (in Dante's mind): Once clear, make your way to the East Wing. Be careful. These floors are occupied. You will encounter resistance.


(Dante reaches the East Wing, with bunch of black silhouettes around him)

Dante: Floor 87.

Kat (in Dante's mind): This.. is a finance wing. Those who work here are barely human any more. They have been corrupted beyond recognition.


(Another Dreamrunner appears, while Kat is still talking. Then more demons appear)

Kat (in Dante's mind): One day, all of humanity will be enslaved to Mundus, like these poor souls.

Dante: So this is corporate hell.

(After Dante defeats the demons)

Kat (in Dante's mind): From here, you will need to make your way up to the next floor.

(Dante gets into an elevator)

Dante: What did she say - floor 105, sky bridge. Yep.


(Dante reaches the floor 105)

Voice in the elevator: Floor 105.

(Dante gets out of the elevator)

Kat (in Dante's mind): You want floor 106. Whatever you do, don't get out at floor 105. It's heavily infested.


(Dante realises his mistake)

Dante: Oh... Shit.

(Dante's way is blocked by rocks)

Dante: Okay! Not that way then!

(Dante continues forward)

Dante: Right... No turning back.

(Dante is stopped by demons)

Dante: Shit!

(When Dante defeats the demons and reaches the floor 106, Kat's voice is heard again)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Move up to the next floor.

(On his way forward, walls try to crush Dante)

Dante: Oh no you don't!

(After defeating all the demons)

Kat (in Dante's mind): I know, by now the demons will have detected your presence in the east wing. Time to move out.


(Dante reaches another laser-filled sky bridge)

Dante: Come on, Vergil!

(The scene jumps to Vergil)

Vergil: Hang on Dante...

Kat (in Vergil's mind): Vergil, just be careful you don't trigger the tampering mechanism.

(After access is granted)

Vergil: Bingo!

(Scene jumps back to Dante, where lasers have been disabled)

Dante: Bingo.

(The alarm starts ringing and the scene is back with Vergil)

Vergil: Not bingo...

(Back to Dante, the lasers are back on)

Dante: Ahh, that's...bullshit.

(Back to Vergil, he is found by a guard and goes to fight him and then the scene jumps back to Dante)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Vergil, you must not let yourself get dragged into Limbo, or you lose your ability to hack servers. If you are detected, it's all over.

(Dante sees the gaps between the lasers)

Dante: I can make it.


(After the lasers, demons appear)

Dante: Oh.. Fuck off!

(After defeating the demons and the another set of lasers, Dante reaches the end of the sky bridge)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Vergil will meet you by the main elevator.

(Dante reaches the main elevator)

Vergil: Over here.


(Dante reaches Vergil)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Here, you will rendezvous with Vergil.

Vergil: Seems we underestimated Kat.

Dante: I didn't.

Vergil: You really care about her - about all of this. You once said you didn't give a shit.

(The elevator closes)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Take the elevator up the floor one fifty four.

(Vergil gives Dante a taser)

Vergil: Here, Dante, take this.

Dante: What is it?

Vergil: I took it off the security guard. Might look like a taser in the real world, but it's a powerful demon weapon in Limbo.

Dante: Thanks.

(The elevator reaches the desired floor and the duo walks out. Also the name of the new weapon is Kablooey)


Kat (in Dante's mind): Vergil - you will make your way towards Mundus' chamber in the real world. Dante, there's no way through the Limbo, so you will have to go via the West Wing. Find the West Wing sky bridge.

(Dante reaches the sky bridge, which destroying itself as he's walking through it. On it's end, Kat talks)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Things will be pretty crazy here, you'll have to go up five stories of hell. I hope you make it, it's gonna be tough.

(Dante takes an elevator to the floor 159, while nice music plays)

Dante: She was right, this is hell.


(Dante reaches the floor 159 and steps out)

Dante: Ah, much better.

(Dante is blinded by light and then sees a core of the tower)

Kat (in Dante's mind): At this point you should see the main core Dante. You have to break in somehow.


(After defeating the first wave of demons, the demon from The Order attack and Lilith's club appears and his name is revealed to be Drekavac. Unlike other times, this time Dante kills the demon)


(After defeating Drekavac, the balcony and building around it destroys itself. Fortunately for Dante, this enables him to reach the main core)


(Dante launches himself towards the core)

Dante: Knock KNOCK!

(Dante swiches to Eryx to get inside)

Mission 17: Furnace of Souls[]


(Dante is seen at the start of the core looking for a way up)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Mundus' chamber is located at the top of the core. There you will reunite with Vergil.


(Kat keeps talking)

Kat (in Dante's mind): Be careful. The souls of the damned are channeled through here. Don't get caught up in the stream, whatever happens. Good luck Dante. You're on your own from here.

(From there, Dante goes up, destroying the environment and killing the demons along the way, until he reaches the top of the core)


(At the top of the core, Dante jumps into a light, ending the mission)

Mission 18: Demon's Den[]


(Dante reunites with Vergil, who is looking at the opened door to Mundus' office)

Vergil: You made it. We make quite the team.

Dante: I'm stronger.

Vergil: I'm smarter...

Dante: I'm better looking.

(Vergil smiles and shows Dante the door)

Vergil: Mundus is behind the vault door. Let's not keep him waiting.

(The duo starts walking towards the door)

Vergil: ...And I've got a bigger dick.


(The door shuts itself and the mechanism in front of it is disabled)


Dante: What's happening?

Vergil: They must know we're coming.

Dante: Just as Kat predicted... So, what do we have to do here again?

Vergil: Kickstart the backup generators in Limbo to overload the system so I can hijack the quantum encryption algorithms.

Dante: That's it! ...But er.. could you say that first bit again.

Vergil: So, you have to kickstart the generators.

Dante: Four of them, right?

Vergil: Yeah, that's right, one in each tunnel.

Dante: Let's get to work.

(Dante go to one of the tunnels and reaches the generator. He kickstarts it and the one of the pillars ("the servers") in the room with Vergil is lifted from underground, then a beam from a generators shoots to it. Demons appear and Dante kills them, then returns to Vergil)

Dante: That's one generator up and running.

Vergil: Good. I'll reboot this server. Now line up the power conduits with the corresponding server.

(Dante does so, then goes through the second tunnel and does the same process with that generator. Then he returns to Vergil)

Dante: That's two online, Vergil.

Vergil: Good. Rebooting.

Dante: Shall I line it up?

Vergil: You can. Or you can get the other generators online. Up to you.

(Dante repeats the process with the third generator, then returns)

Dante: Another in the bag.

Vergil: Any problems?

Dante: Nope.

(Dante repeats the process one last time for the last generator, then returns to Vergil)

Dante: All done. Great, here we go...

Vergil: Ok, listen up, to pop this beast open, you will need to line up four conduits with their corresponding servers. Did you get that?

Dante: Line up all four... I got it.

(After doing so, Vergil talks)

Vergil: OK, We're in bussiness.


(With the door open again, Dante and Vergil stand before it)

Vergil: You know what you have to do - you lure him out, I close the Hell Gate with Yamato. Then we go for the kill.

Dante: Any ideas on how I draw him out?

Vergil: We killed his unborn child. Get him rabid.

Dante: Got it.

(Dante tries to go forward but Vergil stops him)

Vergil: But - do not try and kill him. He is immortal until I shut down the Hell Gate.

Dante: Right.

Vergil: This is it, Dante. We have to put our lives in each other's hands, completely, without hesitation.

Dante: We are brothers, after all.

(Dante walks off)

Mission 19: Face of the Demon[]


(Dante reaches the office while Mundus sits in his chair, collecting power from the Hell Gate. He then hears Dante's footsteps)

Mundus: Why did you kill my child?

(Dante is silent and Mundus gets up from his chair)

Mundus: I will ask you again. Why did you kill my child?

Dante: Because you killed my mother.

Mundus: Ah. So it was revenge. I see.

Dante: It was more than that.

Mundus: Oh?

Dante: It was for freedom.

Mundus: Freedom? Well, You seem to have all the freedom you need. The freedom to murder my heir.

Dante: I'm not talking about my freedom. I'm talking about mankind's.

Mundus: Mankind. What would mankind do with freedom do you suppose. Because when I arrived, they had it. And what do you think they did with it? They fought. They killed. They starved. I brought prosperity. I brought structure. What have you brought? Besides violence. War. Death!

(Scene jump to Vergil outside the office)

Vergil: Come on, Dante... Get him pissed!

(Back to the office)

Dante: You know what Mundus? You're right, it wasn't for mankind. It was - it was for revenge. I gotta tell ya - killing your child like that, watching it explode into little wet chunks, hearing you scream like one of your little demon bitches. Priceless.

(Mundus uses the shockwave to push Dante out of his office. Dante lands near Vergil and they look at each other. And then Mundus flies towards Dante, taking him out of the tower, alongside him. They land on the building and Dante, being disoriented from the attack, is unable to defend himself when Mundus is trying to rip out his heart)

Mundus: I am going to make you watch me, while I eat your beating heart.

(The scene jumps to Vergil in the Mundus' office)

Vergil: OK, let's shut this thing down.

(Vergil prepares himself, then it cuts to Dante and Mundus, showing a flashback of Eva's death, back to the fighting duo and finally back to Vergil. He uses Yamato to close the Hell Gate, while Dante almost falls unconsious, with brief flashback of his mother. Mundus then notices the Hell Gate closing)

Mundus: The Hell Gate...

(After the Hell Gate closed, the real world and Limbo combine, with humans seeing the demons)

Mundus: What have you done?

(Vergil appears behind Mundus and stabs him in the back)

Vergil: Leave my brother alone.

(Dante overpowers Mundus and throws him off the roof. Also he spits on him for good measure)

Vergil: You ok Dante?

Dante: You took your time.

Vergil: You're welcome.

(Back on the ground, Mundus starts to suck everything in size, growing in size, bigger than every building around him. Then he looks down on the duo)

Mundus: Two Nephilim? Two sons of Sparda?

(Vergil talk to Dante)

Vergil: You ready for this?

Mundus: Sons of Sparda?

Dante: We can kill him now?

Vergil: The Hell Gate is shut.

Mundus: You will die!

(Vergil answers Mundus)

Vergil: NEVER!

(Vergil turns to Dante)

Vergil: Any ideas?

Dante: See that eye of his?

(Dante points to Mundus' third eye)

Vergil: Yes.

Mundus: I am a God, I am Master of the Universe

Dante: His demon child had something like that. We start there.

Vergil: OK. We'll have to get it open.

Mundus: I am Mundus.

(Dante answers to Mundus)


(Mundus prepares for attack)

Vergil: Keep him busy, I'll try and get the eye exposed.

(Brothers dodge the attack and Vergil stop Dante before he tries to attack)

Vergil: Don't attack him, just stay alive until I expose his eye.


(After Mundus destroys the building brothers were on, Dante sees Vergil in another one, shootin his spectral swords at Mundus. Mundus notices Vergil thanks to this and prepares to attack)

Vergil: Dante - Do something!

(Dante activates his Devil Trigger to slow down time, allowing Vergil direct hit to the Mundus' forehead. To stabilize himself, Mundus holds on the building)

Vergil: Now Dante, get to the eye!


(Dante pulls the eye, dodges Mundus' attacks and uses Eryx to punch and land on his face. Mundus then throws Dante on the building and since there's nothing to hold on, Dante keeps falling. Vergil notices it and transports himself to save Dante by crashing inside the building with him)

Dante: Good save.

(They then look at Mundus)

Vergil: Look, he's showing cracks.

(Vergil notices a humanoid Mundus inside the construct of buildings)

Vergil: Dante, do you see that?

Dante: Yeah I see it. He's still in there.

Vergil: We need to get in there, and kill him.


(The duo goes through the building)

Vergil: Come on, let's go!

(Brothers look at Mundus again)

Dante: Why was his body in there?

Vergil: Mundus is merged with his physical body. That's why he's protecting it!

Dante: So if we kill his body...

Vergil: We kill Mundus!


(The duo reaches an office and Mundus notices them, destroying it in the process. Then he begins the suck up the remains of it, taking Vergil with the rubbish)

Dante: Oh no, Vergil! NOOOOOOO!

(Vergil is sucked inside and Mundus then looks at Dante)

Dante: What have you done to him?


(After going to yet another building, two life bars appears, each for one hand. After depleting one life bar, the corresponding arm is destroyed and Dante is able to pull the eye on the same side. After doing so, the "little" body fighting with Vergil inside feels pain. Dante then proceeds to do the same on the other side of the body, with the same result)


(After destroying both arms, Dante attacks his mouth, swiftly depleting the last health bar. Then he jumps to Vergil to finish the job)


(Vergil kicks Mundus towards Dante and he slices him with Rebellion, causing him to explode, while the brothers leave through his back)


(After the battle, Dante and Vergil walk up to each other)

Vergil: We did it.

(Dante chuckles)

Dante: I did it.

(Vergil laughs and Dante joins him. Then they look at the destruction, while patting each other on their backs. The scene then jump to the social media, where people are horrified that demons exist)

Mission 20: The End[]


(Dante and Vergil reunite with Kat and look at the destruction)

Kat: What's happening?

Vergil: Limbo has collapsed into the real world. What was once hidden is now laid bare for all to see. Revolution is in the air.

Kat: I never believed I'd live to see this day.

Dante: It's the beginning of the end for the demons. Mankind will be free.

Vergil: Yes. Free from the demons, the path is clear for us to rule.

(Dante and Kat look at Vergil, shocked)

Dante: What did you just say?

Vergil: The path is clear for us to rule.

Dante: ... To rule what?

Vergil: This. Everything.

Kat: Vergil?

Dante: You mean - like Mundus?

Vergil: No... No, we will be nothing like Mundus. We respect our subjects, not enslave them.

Kat: Subjects?

Dante: ... He means you, he means humans.

Kat: I thought we were fighting for freedom!

Dante: It was his freedom we were fighting for. Not yours.

Vergil: Don't be so simplistic. Humans are frail. They are like children. They need protection. Not just from others, but from themselves! We - you and I - have saved them.

Dante: You and I saved them?

Vergil: ... Who else?

(Dante points at Kat)

Dante: A human.

(Vergil looks at Kat)

Vergil: Kat was useful, but -

Kat: Useful?

Dante: Kat saved my life! Kat held out under torture to keep your existence a secret! Kat led us through the tower to Mundus' lair! We would have failed twenty times over if it weren't her!

Vergil: Listen! If you can't see the chaos the humans will cause, if you don't want the responsibility of protecting them, then stand aside. I will rule alone.

(Dante aggressively points at Vergil)

Dante: I didn't help you destroy Mundus so you could take his place! I can't let you do this, Vergil.

Vergil: And I can't let you stop me, brother. Stand aside.

Dante: Don't do this.

Kat: Vergil, please!

(Vergil yells at Kat)

Vergil: Stay out of this!

(Kat hides behind the trash can, while Dante and Vergil begin to fight each other)


(During the fight, Vergil is pushed to the ground)

Dante: Sorry, brother.

(Vergil gets up)

Vergil: Don't be.

(Vergil is yet again pushed to the ground)

Dante: It's not too late

(Vergil teleports behind Dante)

Vergil: Yes it is.

(Vergil teleports around Dante, then pushes him into the wall. Dante then activates his Devil Trigger for a brief moment. After some fighting, Vergil activates his Devil Trigger in the form of a doppleganger withing alongside him. Unfortunately for Dante, as long the doppleganger is out, real Vergil is regaining Vitality)


(Dante in his Devil Trigger state stabs Vergil. Vergil struggles against Dante and is sword is pushed deeper into his chest. Kat then comes out of hiding)

Kat: Dante... Dante, don't kill him. Please.

(Dante continues to drive his sword inside)

Kat: I am begging you. Please stop. For me.

(Dante snaps from his state and pulls Rebellion out. Due to his longer usage of Devil Trigger, his hair permanentely turned white. He then helps Vergil off the ground and brothers then stare at each other. Dante breaks the silence)

Dante: The world is under my protection now.

Vergil: You've chosen the wrong side. You're not human, Dante, and you will never be.

(Vergil takes Yamato and opens the portal somewhere, then looks back at Dante)

Vergil: I loved you, brother...

(Vergil then leaves through the portal. Dante and Kat are now alone and Dante is confused about himself)

Dante: I don't know who I am anymore.

(Kat puts her hand on Dante's cheek)

Kat: I know exactly who you are... You are Dante. Nothing more and nothing less.

(Dante then looks into the distance as his eyes glow red. The credits start to play afterwards)


Mission 1: Personal Hell[]


(Vergil is seen limping through a graveyard and he stops in front of a grave with the his family portrait on it. He falls to his knees)

Vergil: What happened to us, father?

(Vergil spits out blood)

Vergil: Dante betrayed me.

(Vergil reveals a huge gaping wound in the place of the heart)

Vergil: There's nothing left for me here.

(Vergil collapes on the grave. But he suddenly opens his eyes again and then he is seen falling through the sky, with black silhouettes around him. He lands in front of a house)

Vergil: Is this... home?

(Vergil gets up, but everything around him is enveloped in darkness and he falls to his knees again. Vergil is then seen on the ground. The blue light surrounds him and a woman's voice is heard)

Woman: Vergil... Vergil!

Vergil: Mother?

(Vergil gets up)


Vergil: What is this place?


(Demons appear to kill Vergil, so his pulls out Yamato in order to summon his doppleganger. He fails and notices his amulet is gone)

Vergil: My amulet! It's gone!


(After defeating demons, Vergil goes inside the house. There, he feels pain again and stops and notices a memory of him and Dante playing as kids)

Young Dante: Give up, Vergil!

Young Vergil: No!

(The flashback of Dante stabing Vergil is shown. Back to the present, Vergil sees that young Dante defeats young Vergil)

Young Dante: Ha-ha!

(Vergil looks sad)


(Vergil hears Dante inside his head)

Dante (in Vergil's mind): Poor Vergil... Are you lost?

Vergil: Damn you, Dante.


(Vergil continues forward, until his way is blocked. Ravens starts to gather and Vergil notices a presence. He attacks it and misses. The presence reveals itself to be a new demon named Wisp)


(Vergil leaves the building and sees a giant sphere in the distance. Eva's voice is heard again)

Eva: Vergil, my son... You're... you're dead!

Vergil: What?

Eva: You're trapped here... just like me. But you can escape, you still have a chance. The light! Find the light and get out of here.


Vergil: The light?... Ok.


(After reaching the light, the gate with the name "Paradise" on it closes and demons appear, forcing Vergil to defend himself)


(Vergil defeats the demons and the gate opens. The artstyle changes and Vergil runs to the gate, until he's stopped by a familiar voice)

(*)Hollow Kat: Vergil, wait! You're in danger!

((*)Hollow Dante appears behind Vergil)

(*)Hollow Dante: Hey, Vergil...

(Hollow Dante stabs Vergil through his back)

Hollow Dante: You're not going anywhere. How is it feel brother? To be beaten again?

(Hollow Dante pulls out his sword and Vergil falls on the ground. Suddenly, he is in the air again and is falling)

Mission 2: Hollow[]


(Vergil is seen laying on the ground, when (*)Hollow Vergil appears)

(*)Hollow Vergil: Look at you.

Vergil: Who are you?

Hollow Vergil: You have failed. Your father gave you everything... now you have nothing!

(Hollow Vergil stabs Vergil with his hand)

Hollow Vergil: Everyone you care about, everyone you love has turned their back on you. How does it feel?

(Hollow Vergil pulls out his hand and a giant heart appears next to him)

Vergil: My heart...

(3 holes appear in the heart)

Hollow Vergil: You can't change the past. But what would you do if you had another chance?

(Flashback of Kat in Mundus' office is shown)

Kat (in the flashback): Vergil...

Mundus (in the flashback): Vergil

(Flashback of Vergil, Dante and Kat during the attack on The Order)

Vergil (in the flashback): Kat! You're still alive!

(Flashback of Vergil, Dante and Kat after Mundus have been defeated)

Vergil (in the flashback): Kat was useful, but -

Kat (in the flashback): Useful?

Dante (in the flashback): Kat saved my life!

Kat (in the flashback): Vergil, please!

Vergil (in the flashback): Stay out of this!

(Final flashback focusing on Kat face is shown, then Vergil is seen in front of building, crouching. He gets up and wonders where he is, when he notices Kat ((*)Hollow Kat to be precise, but Vergil doesn't know that yet))

Vergil: Kat?

Hollow Kat: No, Vergil! Stay back!

(A big demon on four legs starts chasing Hollow Kat)

Hollow Kat: Vergil... help me, please!

(Vergil wonders what to do for a moment, then he decides to help)

Vergil: Kat! I'm coming.

(The way is blocked and Yamato unlocks it's angel mode)


(After defeating the demons, Vergil sees Hollow Kat in the distance, escaping through a portal, with a big demon following her)


(After Vergil uses the portal and steps out of it, he sees another one in the distance)


(After reaching the second portal and defeating the demons around it, Vergil uses it and hears Hollow Kat while he travels in it)

Hollow Kat: Oh god... aaah, Vergil! Where are you?


(Vergil lands near the third portal and yell at the demon to distract it)

Vergil: Over here!

(Demon is distracted and Kat leaves through the portal. The demon destroys some ground around the portal and leaves through it. More demons then appear)


(While using the third portal, Hollow Kat is heard again)

Hollow Kat: AAAH! Get away from me!


(After reaching the church-like building and defeating the demons around it, Vergil destroys the door and finds cornered Hollow Kat screaming his name)

Hollow Kat: Vergil!

Vergil: Kat!

(Hollow Kat is seen grabbed by the demon and then thrown to the ground. The demon then leaves through a portal. Vergil runs up to Hollow Kat)

Vergil: Kat, Are you ok?

(Hollow Kat reveals her true colors)

Hollow Kat: I'm fine, but you're dead. It's funny you had to die to understand humanity

Vergil: I rescued you from the demons, remember? Gave you a home... reason to live.

Hollow Kat: No, you used me and you betrayed me.

Vergil: Everything you hate me for, had to be done.

Hollow Kat: Really? You deceived us Vergil. Me and your brother. Dante... Now that's a real man. You're weak, almost pitiful. You'll never be half the man he is!

(Hollow Kat transforms and attacks Vergil. He then stabs her in the gut. She fall to the ground, detransforms and vanishes. Vergil then opens his eyes, revealing them to be demonic red)

Mission 3: Power Struggle[]


(Vergil's heart is seen, with one of it's holes being filled. Then Vergil and Hollow Vergil start talking)

Vergil: I killed her.

Hollow Vergil: And you're stronger now. Isn't that what you always wanted?

Vergil: Power.

Hollow Vergil: Absolute power, Vergil. You are a son of Sparda. Become the son of Sparda.

(Vergil is transported somewhere else and Hollow Dante is standing above him)

Hollow Dante: Welcome to hell, brother.

Vergil: I don't have a brother anymore.

Hollow Dante: Cute. You know I was the one running away, living in the slums. You enjoyed a comfortable life. Look who's on top now! You don't belong anywhere. Guess that's why you're here. Well... That and 'cos I killed you.

(Hollow Dante jumps down to attack Vergil and notices Vergil's red eyes and shaggy look)

Hollow Dante: I'm liking the new look... Fuck yeah!

(Hollow Dante punches Vergil, sending him to an island behind him. He lands on it and Hollow Dante yells at him)

Hollow Dante: Hey, up here!

(Hollow Dante leaves and Vergil gets up)


(After gaining demon mode for his Yamato and killing the demons who blocked his way, Vergil sees Hollow Dante in the distance)

Hollow Dante: Are you following me? You know you can't keep up with your big brother. Try harder.


(Vergil sees a stuck train car and slams it against Hollow Dante using his Summoned Swords. Unfortunately, Hollow Dante climbs out unharmed)

Hollow Dante: Ahhh. I hate public transport.

(The train car fall into the abyss while Hollow Dante escapes)


(While continuing forward, Vergil talks to himself)

Vergil: Where are you Dante...

(When Vergil sees Hollow Dante in the distance again, the gate in front of him closes)

Hollow Dante: Give up, Vergil!

(After defeating the demons, the gate opens)

Vergil: Where did he go... Stop running Dante!

(When Hollow Dante is again seen in the distance, he is quite annoyed)

Hollow Dante: Stop following me around


(Vergil crashes into Hollow Dante and they both fly through the wall. Once the landed, Vergil furiously slam Hollow Dante in the bars behind him, then throws him to the ground. Hollow Dante gets up and starts limping away)

Hollow Dante: You're gonna pay for this.


(Vergil lands near a portal and sees Hollow Dante limping through it)


Vergil: Coward.


(After using the portal, Vergil sees Hollow Dante on the wing of a statue resembling Assiel)

Vergil: Seem you have nowhere to go.

(Hollow Dante flips him off and runs away)


(When Vergil lands quite near Hollow Dante, he sees him below him and is tired of runnin away)

Hollow Dante: Come on then. Let's do this!


(Vergil lands in front of Hollow Dante, while he kicks him to the ground)

Vergil: Oh... I've been waiting for this...

(Vergil stab Hollow Dante with his own sword)

Vergil: Got a last comic line, Dante? Or are we all talked out?

(Hollow Dante is in agony, unable to answer)

Vergil: Good.

(Vergil crouches down to take Hollow Dante's amulet)

Hollow Dante: No! Please... Don't!

Vergil: You don't need it anymore.

(Vergil pulls out the sword and Hollow Dante vanishes)

Mission 4: Heartless[]


(Vergil is seen standing with Hollow Dante's amulet in his hand)

Vergil: I killed him.

(The second hole in the heart is filled)

Hollow Vergil: You took his amulet.

Vergil: It's useless. It only responds to Dante.

Hollow Vergil: She gave it to him, remember? He was always her favourite, you know that. The way she admired his impulsiveness, how he followed his heart. You should find her. Show her what you've done. Finish what you've started!

(The scene then jumps to Eva being attacked by ravens and the demon who was following Hollow Kat earlier appears near her. Eva screams and the scene jumps back to Vergil, being attacked by demons)


(Eva is heard screaming)

Vergil: Don't worry mother. Your nightmares will soon be over.


(After going through hordes of demons and portals, Vergil enters a tunnel and right as he enters, the ground shakes and falls, denying him the way back)


(Eva screams and Vergil looks at the building in the distance)


Vergil: Almost there.


(Vergil reaches the grave with his family portrait. The grave closes itself and a Witch appears)


(After defeating the demons, the grave opens and Vergil enters it. Then it closes behind him)


(Vergil reaches where his mother is and sees her being harassed by a demon. His name is revealed to be Imprisoner. Eva screams once again)

Vergil: Hey you! Leave her alone!

(The Imprisoner turns to Vergil, ready to attack)


(After Vergil defeats the Imprisoner, he talks with his mother)

Eva: Vergil - I'm so glad you're here. I thought I'd never see you again.

(Vergil rustles his pockets which confuses Eva)

Eva: Vergil?

(Vergil shows her the amulet)

Eva: Vergil... What's happened?

Vergil: He's dead.

Eva: How?

Vergil: It was me. I killed him.

(Eva is visibly angry)

Eva: You? You killed him? How could you? He was your brother.

Vergil: He was your favourite. I could never be like him. Always waiting in his shadow, always second best. Well... Not anymore.

(Vergil drops the amulet and Eva picks it up)

Eva: But I always loved you equally. You save me from this...To break my heart. Why? Look at me, Vergil!

Vergil: I'm here to say goodbye.

Eva: What have you become? We gave you power... And you used it to kill! After everything we taught you!

Vergil: Everything you taught me was wrong! All you gave me was power. Nothing else.

Eva: I brought you into this world. Gave you love. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Where is your heart?

Vergil: I no longer have one, mother.

(Vergil starts walking away)

Eva: No, Vergil!

Vergil: Goodbye.

Eva: Please! Don't leave me! Vergil!

(Eva is last seen crying)

Mission 5: Own Shadow[]


(Last hole in Vergil's heart is filled, then Vergil is seen panting, again with red eyes)

Hollow Vergil: You've done it. How does it feel?

Vergil: Power... I need more power. You have something that belongs to me.

(Vergil points at Hollow Vergil's amulet, Hollow Vergil protests)

Hollow Vergil: This is mine!

Vergil: Then I'll take it.

(Hollow Vergil is formally named and pushes Vergil away, starting their fight)


(During the fight, Hollow Vergil flies up to the heart to be out of range and uses his Summoned Swords on Vergil. This happens two times, otherwise he is on the ground with Vergil and fights him head on)


(After Hollow Vergil is defeated, he is seen sitting on the ground with Vergil above him)

Hollow Vergil: We're one and the same!

(Vergil stabs Hollow Vergil with Yamato)

Hollow Vergil: Vergil!

(Vergil takes Hollow Vergil's amulet)

Vergil: Thank you.

(Vergil then pulls out Yamato, sucking everything from Hollow Vergil into himself, he then hears voices)

Hollow Kat (in Vergil's mind): You deceived us Vergil, me and your brother

Hollow Dante (in Vergil's mind): You don't belong anywhere!

Eva (in Vergil's mind): What have you become? Where is your heart?

(Ball of light envelops Vergil, restoring him to his former self and powering him at the same time)

Mission 6: Another Chance[]


(Vergil is seen falling through the sky again and landing again in front of the mansion)

Vergil: I've been here before. This time it'll be different.

(Everything is enveloped in darkness, but Vergil still stands. He then looks at the ball of light in the distance)


(Demons appear and Vergil, thanks to his amulet, summons a doppleganger to help him in fight)


(After side of the buidling collapses, Vergil goes forward)

Vergil: I've had enough of this place.


(When Vergil arrives in the room where we fought the Wisp for the first time, the room splits itself apart and demons appear)


(After defeating the demons, Vergil continues forward)

Vergil: I don't have time for this.


(After Vergil goes back outside, he sees that rocks fall from the sky)


(After defeating demons, a rock hits a floating island, turning it. This allows Vergil to proceed)


(Vergil reaches the ball of light, and like before the gate to the "Paradise" closes and demons appear)


(Vergil defeats the demons and the gate opens. Unlike last time, this time no one stops him and he goes through. After that Vergil awakens at the Eva's grave. He touches his chest and looks at the picture)

Vergil: I'm free now, Father.

(Demons appear behind Vergil. He stands ready with Yamato. Imprisoner growls and Vergil's eyes turn red again. The demons see this and bow down to Vergil. He smiles. Scene then jumps to Vergil walking away with his new demon army. The credits play after that)


(*) - for the purposes of this transcript, Hollow charaters will be named right from the start, even if their name is learned later (or not at all), to avoid confusion with their real life counterparts