Darksoul I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!
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Mission 1: FoundEdit

Mission 2: Home TruthsEdit

Mission 3: BloodlineEdit

Mission 4: Under WatchEdit

Mission 5: VirilityEdit

Mission 6: Secret IngredientEdit

Mission 7: OverturnEdit

Mission 8: EyelessEdit

Mission 9: Devil InsideEdit

Mission 10: Bad NewsEdit

Mission 11: The OrderEdit

Mission 12: Under SiegeEdit

Mission 13: Devil's DallianceEdit

Mission 14: Last DanceEdit

Mission 15: The TradeEdit

Mission 16: The PlanEdit

Mission 17: Furnace of SoulsEdit

Mission 18: Demon's DenEdit

Mission 19: Face of the DemonEdit

Mission 20: The EndEdit

Vergil's DownfallEdit

Mission 1: Personal HellEdit

Mission 2: HollowEdit

Mission 3: Power StruggleEdit

Mission 4: HeartlessEdit

Mission 5: Own ShadowEdit

Mission 6: Another ChanceEdit

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