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Mission 1: FoundEdit

(Before Hunter battle)

(During Hunter battle)

(After Hunter battle)

Mission 2: Home TruthsEdit

Vergil: Dante... it really is you. You don't remember me?

Dante: No.

Vergil: How much of your childhood do you remember?

Dante: Not much. I had meningitis while I seven, wiped my memory. Why?

Vergil: They told me I had a car accident that reduced amnesia. Age... seven.

Dante: Your point?

Vergil: Meningitis is a human affliction. You're not human, Dante. All war is fought with deception and you have been deceived. Your past is hidden from you for a reason.

Dante: Rewind a bit, who are you again?

Vergil: My name is Vergil. I established this Order in our fight against the demons.

Dante: Besides swords and bullets you mean.

Vergil: Such weapons can win battles but not the war. We use force yes.

Dante: And you really believe you can make a dent.

Vergil: Make a dent? With the two of us working together, I believe we can defeat them.

Dante: So that's what this is about. You need me to fight the demons in order to save the world.

Vergil: What else were you planning on doing with your life?

Dante: You're my brother.

Vergil: Your twin brother... I've been looking for you for a long time now.

Mission 3: BloodlineEdit

Mission 4: Under WatchEdit

Dante: Ah, come on!

Dante: I know.

Dante: Then go.

Mission 5: VirilityEdit

Mission 6: Secret IngredientEdit

(Before Succubus boss)

(During Succubus boss)

(After Succubus boss)

Mission 7: OverturnEdit

Mission 8: EyelessEdit

Mission 9: Devil InsideEdit

Mission 10: Bad NewsEdit

(Before Bob Barbas boss)

(During Bob Barbas boss)

(After Bob Barbas boss)

Mission 11: The OrderEdit

Mission 12: Under SiegeEdit

Vergil: Dante are you crazy? What are you doing here?

Dante: Busting you outta here, bro.

Vergil: Two minutes.

Dante: Vergil, I can keep the demons off your back as long as you need. But I can't protect Kat from the feds. Step on it!

Vergil: Understood! Two minutes!

Dante: You're putting her in danger!

Kat: It's okay Dante. This is important.

Mission 13: Devil's DallianceEdit

Dante: While I was in Limbo, I met a demon named Phineas. He told me.

Vergil: Dante that's madness! You would risk the future of mankind for a girl?

Dante: Kat put herself through hell to protect us! We'll find another way to get Mundus.

Vergil: Dante...

Dante: I am not leaving her!

Vergil: I can see that. Okay... we'll do it your way brother.

Mission 14: Last DanceEdit

(Before Mundus Spawn boss)

(During Mundus Spawn boss)

(After Mundus Spawn boss)

Mission 15: The TradeEdit

Mission 16: The PlanEdit

Mission 17: Furnace of SoulsEdit

Mission 18: Demon's DenEdit

Mission 19: Face of the DemonEdit

(Before Mundus boss)

(During Mundus boss)

(After Mundus boss)

Mission 20: The EndEdit

(Before Vergil boss) Kat: I never thought I live to see this day. Dante: It's the beginning of the end for the demons. Mankind will be freed. Vergil: Yes... freed from the demons. The path is clear for us to rule. Dante: What did you just say? Vergil: The path is clear for us to rule. Dante: To rule what? Vergil: This... everything! Kat: Vergil... Dante: You mean... like Mundus? Vergil: No... no! We'll be nothing like Mundus. We'll respect our subjects, not enslave them. Kat: Subjects!? Dante: He means you. He means humans. Kat: I thought we were fighting for freedom. Dante: It was his freedom we were fighting for. Not yours. Vergil: Don't be so simplistic. Humans are frail... they're like children. They need protection. Not just from others, but from themselves. We... you and I have saved them! Dante: You and I saved them? Vergil: Who else? Dante: A human? Vergil: Kat was useful but.... Dante: Kat saved my life. Kat held under torture to keep your existence a secret! Kat led us to the tower of Mundus' lair. We would've failed 20 times over if it not for her! Vergil: Listen! If you can't see the chaos the humans will cause... if you don't want the responisbility of protecting them... then stand aside. I'll rule alone. Dante: I didn't help you destroy Mundus just so you can take his place! I can't let you do this Vergil. Vergil: I can't let you stop me brother. Stand... aside! Dante: Don't do this. Kat: Vergil please... Vergil: STAY OUT OF THIS! (During Vergil battle) Dante: Sorry brother. Vergil: Don't be. Dante: It's not too late. Vergil: Yes it is. (After Vergil battle) Dante: The world is under my protection now.

Vergil's DownfallEdit

Mission 1: Personal HellEdit

Mission 2: HollowEdit

Mission 3: Power StruggleEdit

Mission 4: HeartlessEdit

Mission 5: Own ShadowEdit

Mission 6: Another ChanceEdit

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