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"Download the DmC Devil May Cry demo now! Play through 2 levels of the game where not only demons, but also the city of Limbo itself, will try to stop you. Then face the mighty Succubus in an epic boss fight. And if you have what it takes, unlock another difficulty level for even more challenges."
―Store description.

The DmC: Devil May Cry - Downloadable Demo, also known as DmC Devil May Cry Demo, is a demo of the original version of DmC: Devil May Cry, it was released on 11/20/2012 on the PlayStation 3 and on 11/27/2012 on the Xbox 360.[1][2]


The demo has two modes: Under Watch and Secret Ingredient. Both of them can be played on either Human, Devil Hunter, Nephilim or Son of Sparda difficulty, though the last must be unlocked first by beating the demo once.

Under Watch[]

"New Players should play this Mission first, it contains tutorials and will make your experience more enjoyable."
―In-game description.

This mission is set in Mission 04: Under Watch of the main game. One key difference from the final game is that there are no enemies to be killed at the ending area located at the church.

Secret Ingredient[]

"Boss Battle. Players are advised to play Under Watch before taking on this section of the Demo."
―In-game description.

The boss fought in this mission is the Succubus from Mission 06: Secret Ingredient of the full game. The mission starts at the area immediately before the boss room and ends after Dante kills the Succubus and then walks away from the boss arena, unlike the full game where Dante still needs to flee when the Succubus comes back.



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