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Home Truths is the second mission of DmC: Devil May Cry. Dante and Kat travel to meet the head of The Order, Vergil, who tells Dante that he isn't human and attempts to recruit him to his cause. Dante explores the Paradise Mansion while in Limbo revealing moments of his past. The mission contains two Keys, Two Secret Doors, and nine Lost Souls.


Kat and Dante travel to meet Vergil, the head of The Order. Vergil asks Dante about his past and reveals some information about his own. Vergil claims that Dante isn't human, and that the two of them should team up to help defeat the demons. Dante is reluctant to commit to the cause, but Vergil intrigues him by offering to answer some questions of just who he is.

Dante, Vergil, and Kat travel to Paradise, an abandoned mansion that was once Dante's home. Kat opens a portal to Limbo for Dante to enter. Dante then travels through the mansion, triggering flashbacks to his past. Dante will receive both the Arbiter and the Osiris weapons.