Copper: Air Brawl is the first Secret Mission. In this, Dante must defeat 5 Stygians in just 80 seconds, however, the enemies will only take damage while in air.

It is recommended to use the Rebellion's High Time (holdingB c/Bx b until both the enemy is is launched and Dante is in mid-air) ability which launches the enemy in air while allowing Dante to go airborne. From then, Dante may use moves such as Aerial Rave (in mid-air, pressB tB tB tB t/Bx yBx yBx yBx y) and Roulette (in midair, pressB tB tB tB t/Bx yBx yBx yBx y). When the enemy is defeated, Demon Pull must be used in order to stay in the air and continue hacking away the remaining enemies.

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