Argent: The Power Within is the eleventh Secret Mission in DmC: Devil May Cry. In this, Dante must defeat all enemies within the time limit of 70 seconds. However, enemies will only take damage from other enemies' attacks.

To easily complete the secret mission, Dante must let the Bathos throw grenades at him. Before a grenade explodes, he must Demon Pull a Lesser Stygian so the Lesser Stygian will take damage, and then quickly use Angel Evade to avoid the explosion. This must be repeated until the 2 Lesser Stygians are defeated. In order to defeat the Bathos, Dante can wait for one to throw a grenade, and then quickly pull it into the blast radius, or use the Osiris' Prop and Shredder (holdB r2+B c/Bx rt+Bx b) to deflect the grenades back at them.

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