Argent: Displaced Skirmish is the seventeenth Secret Mission in DmC: Devil May Cry. In this, Dante must defeat 2 Ravagers and 5 Stygians within the time limit of 110 seconds. However, enemies will only take damage when they are inside the green zone.

Dante must quickly Air Glide to an active zone before using Demon Pull on them in order to bring them to the active zone. Afterwards, Dante should, on the right timing, use his Hacker to Trinity Combo (equipped with the Rebellion then Arbiter, pressB tB tB r2+B t/Bx yBx yBx rt+Bx y) to deal huge damage and interrupt or parry enemies' action. Judgements to Trinity Combo is not recommended as the enemies will get knocked back away from the green zone.

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