Ivory: Shenanigans is the twenty-first and last Secret Mission in DmC: Devil May Cry, as well as the only Ivory Mission. In this, Dante must defeat a Witch, a Blood Rage and a Ghost Rage. It is recommended to do this secret mission once Dante's health is upgraded to its maximum.

Dante should focus first on attacking the Witch with Angelic weapons to destroy her barrier and prevent her from transferring the barrier to the Rages. Once she is defeated, the Ghost Rage should be attacked with Aquila's Round Trip (hold then releaseB l2 + B c/Bx lt + Bx b). During the time the Ghost Rage is caught in the Round Trip, the Blood Rage must be attacked with Eryx' or Arbiter's attacks. This should be repeated until any of the two Rages is defeated. After the first rage is defeated and the other becomes berserk, Dante must wait until it returns to normal before he can attack, evading any of its spinning charge attacks in the process.


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