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Doppelganger (ドッペルゲンガー, Dopperugengā?) is an ability used by Vergil in Devil May Cry 5 and Special Edition. It utilizes Vergil's Yamato Devil Clone (分身・閻魔刀魔人, Bunshin-Yamato majin?) – a spectral copy of his True Devil form to assist him in battle.

The ability is very similar to Dante's Doppelganger Style After-image in DMC3 and Vergil's counterpart's eponymous ability in the series reboot.


DMC5SE Official website — Vergil

English version

A shadow clone born of infernal energy and shaped by Yamato. The doppelganger mirrors both its Vergil's movements and attacks—even its appearance is a copy of his true self. That both shadow and master can move in such harmony is a testament to Vergil's mastery of the skill.[1]

Japanese version


Nico's reports — Character reports — Vergil

English version

Devil Clone
Doppelgangers ain't nothing new. People been trying to make them things using magic for years. Vergil, on the other hand, just cuts the suckers out of thin air.

The shape's supposed to be a reflection of his true form, which... Let's just say I like his human form more.

Now you might be thinking that two's better than one, and you'd be right, but I think it'd take more skill than most've got to be able to make it work. Probably ain't no thing for someone like Vergil though.

Japanese version




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Doppelganger can be summoned by pressing Button ps4 l1/Button xbone lb or any of the buttons on the D-pad, and the Devil Trigger gauge gradually drains while Doppelganger is summoned. The clone can be dispelled by pressing Button ps4 l1/Button xbone lb while in human form or by pressing Button PS4 Dpad Down/Button xbone dpad-down in any form. It only uses a spectral copy of Yamato as its weapon and it replicates Vergil's attacks while it is active. Doppelganger can be set to three different speed settings: Slow, Haste, and Normal. These can be set by pressing their corresponding button on the D-Pad while Doppelganger is active. The clone can also be summoned in a specific speed setting right from the start by pressing the appropriate D-Pad button. Pressing the already selected speed a second time will teleport the clone back to Vergil's side and reset it's actions. That is to say, if the clone was in the middle of executing a particular attack and the selected speed is pushed again, the clone will immediately cancel the attack and return to Vergil's side. Activating the Doppelganger also slightly increases Vergil's speed, damage, and resilience in a manner similar to Devil Trigger.

While using its Normal speed, the DT Gauge will be in its default purple color and Devil Clone attacks with a slight delay. This speed setting is considered its default speed and pressing Button ps4 l1/Button xbone lb, Button PS4 Dpad Down/Button xbone dpad-down, or Button PS4 Dpad Up/Button xbone dpad-up will summon the clone in this speed.

While using its Slow speed, the DT Gauge turns red and Devil Clone attacks with a long delay. This speed is set by pressing Button PS4 Dpad Left/Button xbone dpad-left.

While using its Haste speed, the DT Gauge turns blue and Devil Clone attacks in sync with Vergil. This speed is set by pressing Button PS4 Dpad Right/Button xbone dpad-right.

Some taunts, like Vergil's Bloody Palace and Samurai Taunt, gives the player ability to directly control the Doppelganger without moving Vergil himself, thus allowing Vergil to execute time-consuming taunts without fear of being interrupted by enemy attack. The ability can be activated while in Sin Devil Trigger, but only by pressing the D-Pad buttons, as pressing Button ps4 l1/Button xbone lb will cancel Sin Devil Trigger. The Clone's Yamato moveset also varies depending on whether or not Vergil is in Sin Devil Trigger.

Performing Just Charge Beowulf Combo moves will cause Doppelganger to perform Just Charge Judgement Cuts (A.K.A. Perfect Judgement Cuts) in tandem.


Action Command Description
Doppelganger Press
PS:Button ps4 l1 or any buttons on D-pad
Xbox:Button xbone lb or any buttons on D-Pad
Use demonic power to create a Devil Clone that will follow Vergil, mimicking his movements. You can alter the speed at which it act with Button xbone dpad-right/Button PS4 Dpad Right and Button xbone dpad-left/Button PS4 Dpad Left to speed up or slow down, and Button xbone dpad-up/Button PS4 Dpad Up to return to normal. Press Button ps4 l1/Button xbone lb or Button xbone dpad-down/Button PS4 Dpad Down to dismiss the clone. Consumes DT Gauge.