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Doppelganger Style in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

The Doppelganger Style is a shadow-controlling style appearing in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening which is obtained from Doppelganger the Deathvoid. It allows Dante to create copies of himself to assist in battle[1], thus allowing him to experiment with different tactics and combos.[2]


While using After-image, the Doppelganger consumes the Devil Trigger Gauge as if Dante was in Devil Trigger; this also prevents him from using Devil Trigger for himself. Due to a bug, it is possible to keep After-image from deactivating even after the gauge depletes by continuously attacking or jumping. The Doppelganger wields the Devil Arm and firearm Dante had equipped when it was created, and performs whichever commands the player inputs for Dante even if Dante switches to different weapons after performing After-image. Furthermore, although it is not called out by the game itself, it is possible for a player using a second controller to take over the Doppelganger and control it independently of the first player by pressingB start while After-image is active, akin to the controls during the battle of Dante and Vergil against Arkham in Mission 19.



Action Command Description
After-image Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 circle Initiate a dimensional light-rift causing a second shadow version of yourself in DT form to appear. Also, while in Doppelganger mode, you will constantly consume DT energy. Doing this puts you in DT form also but negates healing and enhanced skills.


Action Command Description
Unnamed Button ps4 l1 (After-image) Increases the lag between your inputs and the Doppelganger's actions. Can be used twice before cycling back.
Unnamed B start (After-image, controller 2) Allows a second player to take control of the Doppelganger.


A Doppelgänger (Deu: double walker) is a ghostly double of a living person, often considered an omen of one's death. They are said to cast no shadow and have no reflection, and are supposed to provide advice to the person they resemble, though this advice is often misleading or malicious.



  • The cutscene in which Dante received Doppelganger and the Style select menu show both Dante and the Doppelganger in human form, but in-game they are both in demon form.

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