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The Double Kalina Ann is a secret weapon in Devil May Cry 5 used by Dante, created via merging Kalina Ann and Kalina Ann II.



Nico's Weapon Report - Double Kalina Ann
HA! I knew Dante had it in 'im! He found the Kalina Ann and brought it back!
Now that coupling mechanism I hid in my Kalina Ann II won't go to waste...I bet you can guess what that's for now?
BOOM! Throw the two Kalina Anns together to discharge an insanely high-powered heat ray!
Still, a girl needs her secrets, right? So, uh...don't tell Lady about this, m'kay?



Action Command Description
Twin HowitzerB sLaunch twin missiles with explosive payloads.
CascadeB s (hold)Connect the twin Kalina Anns to fire a supercharged energy beam that pierces through enemies.

Action Command Description
Multiple TwinsWhile on the ground, holdB cAutomatically lock on to multiple foes and launch a bigger barrage of homing missiles from your twin Kalina Ann.
Blaster TwinsB c (midair)Fire the twin Kalina Anns straight up and down to attack enemies above and below at once.
Hysteric TwinsB r1 + L back +B cLaunch a barrage of micro-missiles in a wide arc in front of you. TapB c repeatedly to increase the number of missiles launched.
Mega CascadeB r1 + L forward +B c, then holdB c once the Cascade beginsConnect the twin Kalina Anns to fire a supercharged energy beam that pierces through enemies.



DMC5 Double Kalina Ann hidden feature

Dante dropping the Kalina Ann II by holding the Gunslinger button.

  • The Double Kalina Ann has a secret move where, if the player holds the Gunslinger Style button, Dante will drop then Kalina Ann II on the ground and that will change the Double Kalina Ann onto Lady's Kalina Ann. The Kalina Ann II can be picked up again by walking near it.
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