Dr. Faust is one of Dante's weapons in Devil May Cry 5, created and given to him by Nico. It is the weaponized form of a Faust.


A hat that consumes Red Orbs to launch special attacks. Earn tons of Red Orbs from foes if you don't run out of your own first.


Nico's Weapon Report - Dr. Faust
I built this here Devil Arm based off Daddy's old research. Got the name Faust from the demon I based this design concept off of.
It fires crystallized demon blood like bullets...y'know, Red Orbs? I also made sure it causes any demon it hits to cough up a butt-load of blood.
Amazing, ain't it!? You'd have to be a few beers short of a six-pack to pass up a Devil Arm like this.


Dr. Faust is built around a risk/reward mechanic, in that it uses the player's Red Orbs to power most of its attacks. The flame-edged scarf Dante wears while Dr. Faust is equipped acts as a visual representation of Dante's remaining Red Orbs, changing length to show how many he has. The more Dr. Faust is powered up, the more Red Orbs the player will both gain and expend while using it.

Its basic fire mode resembles a machine gun, with rapid fire and a fair amount of spread. This expends Red Orbs rapidly, but if fired at close range it will liberate more Orbs than it costs to fire it.

The moves "Set Hat" and "Mad Hatter" will place a hat on any enemy they strike. While wearing a hat, enemies will drop Red Orbs in a similar manner to a Red Empusa when struck with any other weapon, but will also make Dante drop Red Orbs if he takes damage from them. "Hat Trick" can be executed when the hat returns: if it is performed, all enemies given hats will be thrown directly towards Dante.

The move "Man in the Red Hat" creates a swirling cloud of Red Orb crystals orbiting around Dante that will hit any enemies that move close to him, and can be very powerful if used properly. It is, however, quite expensive. The "finish" will fire the orbs forward, or at any enemy Dante is targeting at the time.

Magic Hat creates a ghost-like companion that will hover around and automatically target enemies with weak gunfire.

Red Hot Night is Dr. Faust's ultimate attack: at full power it summons a barrage of gigantic Red Orb meteors that deal devastating damage to both the enemy's health and Dante's wallet. It takes a significant time to charge to full power, and a full charge costs 150,000 Red Orbs. If Dante is hit after the player releases the button but before the attack animation completes, the meteors will fail to appear but the Red Orbs will still be deducted.


Action Command Description
Red Shot Press and holdBx x/B s Spit a high-velocity stream of Red Orbs at the enemy. Expends the Red Orbs you've collected.
Set Hat Bx rb/B r1 + L joystick forward +Bx x/B s Toss the hat, making any enemy it hits drop Red Orbs when struck with a weapon other than Dr. Faust. Taking any hits from enemies targeted by Set Hat will make you yourself lose Red Orbs.
Man In The Red Bx rb/B r1 + L joystick back +Bx x/B s thenBx rb/B r1 + L joystick back +Bx x/B s again to finish Carpet the area around you with countless Red Orbs that will damage enemies on contact. Expends the Red Orbs you've collected.
Hat Trick After executing a Set Hat or Mad Hatter, pressBx x/B s right when you catch the hat Inflict damage on all enemies hit by Set Hat while absorbing Red Orbs.

Action Command Description
Mad Hatter PressBx b/B c Send your Orb-bladed hat spinning around you, striking multiple enemies as it flies. Enemies hit by this attack will discharge Red Orbs on subsequent strikes from weapons other than Dr. Faust.
Magic Hat PressBx rb/B r1 + L joystick back +Bx b/B c thenBx x/B s after activation The hat floats around Dante, unleashing its Red Shot attack like a turret. Expends Red Orbs. Execute the same command after the activation to call the hat attack.
Red Hot Night PressBx rb/B r1 + L joystick forward +Bx b/B c Summon a swarm of colossal Red Orbs to slam down on the enemy from above. Gains power the longer you holdBx b/B c. Expends your Red Orbs.





The weapon takes its name from Faust, a figure from German mythology famed for making a deal with the Devil, exchanging his soul for knowledge and worldly pleasures. The name references both Faust and Doctor Faustus, the first stage play adaptation of the legend. Dr. Faust represents a similar "deal with the Devil" in terms of trading Orbs for powerful attacks.

When Dr. Faust was revealed at the New York Comic-Con 2018, it was named "Faust Hat" instead.[1]


  • The in-canon explanation of the name is in reference to the cowboy hat worn by the Faust demon in the previous game: The demon's hat was of the wide-brimmed black type typically associated with villains in Westerns: Dr. Faust is more typical of a "good guy" hat, being white and narrow-brimmed.
DMC5 Dante posing Michael Jackson's iconic move

One of the animations Dante performs after using the "Hat Trick" skill makes him pose like the iconic Michael Jackson dance move.

  • The way Dante poses with the hat is a tribute to legendary pop star Michael Jackson, by coincidence, Devil May Cry 5 released 10 years since his death.
    • Producer Matthew Walker stated in an interview that the moves are actually a reference to a "pop star in Japan that would wear a hat like that and basically copped Michael Jackson's dance moves".[2]


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