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Dreamrunner and Drekavac are lesser demons that appear in DmC: Devil May Cry. They are usually encountered alone in lower difficulties or with another Dreamrunner/Drekavac or other enemies in higher.


The Dreamrunner is an agile enemy that flips about the area, attacking with the blades it holds in each hand. It looks vaguely human, wearing a tattered tasset around its waist and a pale grinning mask. It has the ability to travel around through portals it creates, and can deflect many of Dante's sword and bullet attacks, even countering his aerial combos.

The Drekavac is a more powerful type of Dreamrunner. It is a powerful demonic swordsman that serves as a bodyguard to Mundus. As a highly trained swordsman, it can deflect projectiles with its swords, and can also teleport like other Dreamrunners. It usually attacks Dante in short duels before running away, but at the The Plan it instead fights to the death. It wears a grinning red mask instead of the Dreamrunner blue head, and is far more agile and capable of countering.


The Dreamrunner and Drekavac are both able to block nearly all of Dante's attacks, quickly countering them and inflicting massive injury. However, if they are dodged or blocked when they emerge from their portals, they are temporarily open to attacks for a very short period. If they are knocked into the air, they remain vulnerable for most of their time airborne, although they will eventually counter even before reaching the ground; they are even able to recover while Dante is in Devil Trigger. Fully-charged Eryx attacks or the Rebellion's "Overdrive" can break their guard; the Revenant's "Charged Shot" or the Kablooey's "Detonate" can also open up the demon, but it will block these projectiles if not already stunned. Therefore, the quickest method to defeating a Dreamrunner or Drekavac is to ensure that it is never given the chance to get back into battle stance; use the initial period of vulnerability to lay into the demon with a firearm's explosive attack, and repeat, or keep it juggled in the air with powerful charged attacks.


The Drekavac (дрекавац "drɛkaʋats"?, lit. "the screamer") is a monster from south Slavic mythology. It is generated from the soul of a child who died unbaptized, and its shape is uncertain; one description depicts it with a dappled body, elongated and thin as a spindle, with a disproportionately large head. It has a horrifying yell, and its appearance is said to be an omen of death.