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Drive is an attack in which the user unleashes powerful shockwaves from their sword. It has appeared in every Devil May Cry since the third installment.


Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

Drive makes its debut as a Rebellion technique. By holding the melee button, the blade will start to glow red and crackle with white electricity. While charging, Dante is free to use any non-melee attack. Upon release, Dante will swing Rebellion reverse-grip style, running the tip along the ground and launching the shockwave.

The shockwave wave itself only travels along the ground and will launch enemies it runs through. Since it only travels along the ground airborne enemies are completely unaffected by it and it can be stopped by debris.

Devil May Cry 4[]


Drive is a Dante exclusive technique in the original release. This time around, he uses the technique with Rebellion and Swordmaster through a back style input. Unlike before, Dante takes and holds position while Drive charges up, rendering him immobile. It can reach up to three levels of charge and does not release until the player releases the button. Drive's shockwave no longer travels along the ground, instead flying through the air as a red wave. This shockwave still launches the enemies it hits.

There are two variations of Drive, the first being Quick Drive. By pressing the melee and Style button simultaneously with Swordmaster active (or by holding down the Style button and pressing melee while doing so), Dante will perform a standard slash immediately followed by a weak Drive shockwave.

The second variation of Drive, Over Drive, launches two additional shockwaves if the Style button is pressed just after the first swing. Over Drive is best used at a distance as the shockwaves will fly under the enemy if they are too close.


In Special Edition, Vergil is able to use Drive with Force Edge. By pressing melee and Trick buttons at the same time, Vergil does a reverse-grip double swipe that fires black shockwaves at an enemy that travel a short distance very quickly. These shockwaves launch the enemy into the air.

By tapping the melee button at anytime during Drive's animation will activate Over Drive, in which Vergil launches a large, slow moving black shockwave that explodes after traveling a short distance. Over Drive can be charged up to 3 levels and is generally more potent at higher Concentration levels.

Due to Air Trick canceling out of just about every animation, it is possible to teleport to an enemy instead of activating Drive. Holding down the Trick button then tapping the melee button is one consistent way of executing Drive without triggering a teleport.


In Special Edition, Trish launches multiple red and black shockwaves with Sparda to finish her Bare Knuckle Combo A. These shockwaves do not launch the enemies like most Drives do.

By holding the attack button on the 4th strike allows Trish to charge Maximum Overdrive where in she unleashes up to 11 shockwaves if fully charged.

DmC: Devil May Cry[]

Dante performs Drive with his incarnation of Rebellion and is executed by holding the melee button. Dante will crouch down and hold the sword reverse-grip behind his back while charging. Dante swings the blade and releases an orange shockwave that knocks the enemy back. Releasing the attack just as the blade flashes will release a stronger blue wave. This iteration of Drive does not launch the enemy.

Over Drive adds two more shockwaves by pressing the melee button after the first swing.

Devil May Cry 5[]


Despite Rebellion and Sparda making an appearance, only the Devil Sword Dante can perform Drive and Over Drive. It is part of Devil Sword Dante's standard moveset and is activated by a back-to-front and melee input. It can be charged up to two levels and Dante stays in a crouched position while he charges it. Over Drive adds two additional shockwaves if the melee button is hit just after the first swing.

While not part of the command list, Quick Drive can still be executed with Devil Sword Dante; by inputting the standard front-to-back + melee command immediately after the first swing of the Devil Sword Dante combos.


Vergil has access to the Drive and Over Drive using the Mirage Edge, by executing a back-to-front and melee and then hold melee input respectively. The moves have the same effects as in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. The only notable difference is the color of the shockwaves now being colored blue instead of black.

Other apperances[]

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds/Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinte

Drive appears as one of Dante's special moves in both (Ultimate) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In the former game, it is a standalone projectile special move, while the latter game has it solely as a Stinger combination followup off of Million Stabs.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Dante uses Over Drive as his Level 1 Super. It cannot be charged as it automatically launches all 3 shockwaves once initiated.


  • Drive looks and functions similar to Lucia's ground Divine Anger attack, but the latter requires different input.
  • Nero has two attacks that seem to function on the same principle of Drive:
    • Nero commonly used Yamato in cutscenes to fire an energy wave at his opponents in his debut game.
    • Nero also has Maximum Bet where he swings Red Queen and his Devil Trigger ghost uses Yamato to release an X shaped shockwave at the enemy. In Devil May Cry 5, Nero's Bringer Claws are used instead of Yamato.