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Ebony, Ivory. I missed you girls.

Ebony & Ivory are Dante's trademark pistols. While they lack strength, Dante's ability to pull the triggers with inhuman speed as well as his enhanced dexterity make them versatile weapons for any range and orientation.


Both weapons have the same design, with Ebony as the black pistol, and Ivory as the white. The pistols resemble Desert Eagles, with stylized grips twisting into sharp points. Just like in the previous games, the weapons never need to be reloaded, and most likely can't, for they lack a magazine release or any sort of detachable magazines. Near the bore of each pistol are engravings of scrollwork, and each also sports a ring hammer.


Ebony & Ivory are versatile weapons that can be used from nearly any range. Their rate of fire allows for them to be used in juggling enemies in the air, and even slowing Dante's descent in the air. The pistols are efficient at breaking the guards of weaker, non-shielded enemies, but have no real effect on stronger foes. As in other games, the guns can be fired to cancel the animations of Dante's other techniques, allowing the technique to quickly flow into other combos. The Rainstorm abilities are also effective at crowd control around Dante.

While Ricoshot is useful for exploiting crowds to continue combos, it is also able to cause most enemies to stagger from a distance, and can be Just Charged to massively increase the damage dealt with each bounce. A charged Ricoshot can also be "stocked" using an exploit known as Charge Stocking.


Action Command (PS3) Command (Xbox 360) Comand (PC) Description
Normal Shot Button ps4 square Button xbone x Pc rclick1 Dante shoots his dual wielded pistols with lightning speed, at a single target. Levels 2 and 3 increase the damage.
Ricoshot Button ps4 square (hold and release) Button xbone x (hold and release) Pc rclick1 (hold and release) Infuses a bullet with demonic power. Shots bounce back and forth between targets. Longer charges increase the number of potential bounces. Level 2 allows the bullets to bounce multiple times on a single target.
Inverse Rain Storm Button ps4 square+Button ps4 cross Button xbone x+Button xbone a Pc rclick1+Pc space1 Spin in a circle while moving up into the air, firing the pistols to unload a torrent of bullets. Level 2 increases the firing rate.
Rain Storm Button ps4 square+Button ps4 cross (air) Button xbone x+Button xbone a (air) Pc rclick1+Pc space1 (in air) Dante spirals out of the sky, showering an area beneath him with bullets as he descends. Level 2 increases the firing rate.

Other appearances[]

Dante uses several skills with Ebony & Ivory in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, including both Rainstorm and its Inverted counterpart, and a "rushdown" technique similar to Dante's "Million Dollars" Super in theMarvel vs Capcom 3 variants.


Traditionally, black piano keys were made from ebony and the white keys were covered with strips of ivory.


  • Despite the portraits of women on the handles of the classic Ebony & Ivory, Dante refers to them as "guys" in the first game. However, despite lacking these portraits in DmC: Devil May Cry, Dante refers to his guns as "girls".[1]
  • Just Charging Ricoshot makes Dante imbue the bullets with angelic instead of demonic power.

Notes and references[]

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