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Elder Geryon Knight is a boss V fought. The Elder Geryon's power later becomes the source for Devil Breaker Ragtime.


The Elder Geryon Knight is the demonic knight Cavaliere Angelo riding an Elder Geryon, a type of demonic horse capable of localized control of time. The Elder Geryon resembles an enormous armored horse with glowing blue horns and a mane of blue flame.


V crosses paths with Cavaliere Angelo during Mission 5 after getting out of the underground of the shipyard. He eavesdrops on the knight speaking with Malphas, who is the second-in-command of Urizen. Malphas tasks the knight to hunt down and destroy the Devil Sword Sparda, as a means to secure Urizen's reign.

V waits until Malphas leaves before confronting the knight-on-horseback. With the help of his familiars, he manages to kill the Geryon, only for Cavaliere Angelo to escape. V attempts to chase after the knight, believing the Sparda to be the only hope of defeating Urizen, only to be stopped by Griffon. Instead, he takes one of the Geryon's horns and gives it to Nico as a material for Nico's armory.


Nico's Enemy Report - Elder Geryon Knight
Geryon are listed as "equus daemonicus" in some of the oldest demonology texts. That's "horse demon" to the uneducated. You keeping up okay, sugar?
Anyway, seems these demons come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is the power to mess with time.
They're also proud—this is not a horse you just jump onto and ride around.
So if V's tellin' the truth, the way that knight was able to ride this Geryon is some mighty impressive stuff.


Devil Breaker[]

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The Elder Geryon Knight was added to TEPPEN with its "The Devils Awaken" expansion. He is featured in one unit card.


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  • During the fight, Griffon is surprised at the existence of another Geryon. V comments that Geryons are a rare species, but apparently not quite extinct as of yet.
  • Elder Geryon Knight is one of the bosses not present in the Bloody Palace.

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