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Enamuel City view

Enamel City

Enamel City[1] is one of the various cities shown within Devil May Cry: The Animated Series known for its racing group known as the Devils Nest and the demon killer, Red Eye.


Not much is known about the city itself. However, it was known to be home of several demons, including The Highway Demon and an unknown demon that was notorious for taking women on dates before killing them and storing them in an abandoned factory. Both demons occupying the city were killed by Devil Hunters when contacted by The Highway Department.[2] In addition, the city also has its own racing ganged dubbed "Devils Nest".[2]

Points of Interests[]

The city sports various places. It's mentioned that a hotel is featured in the city.[2] In addition, there's known places of the city shown:

Enamel City Bridge[]

Enamel City Bridge

Enamel City Bridge

The city formerly had a long bridge close to what look like the city's limits. This was where Red Eye once prowled for his victims and where the Highway Department normally patrol. It was destroyed by Dante during his chase with the demon when he used Ebony & Ivory against the bolts of the bridge.[2]

Sands Gases[]

Sands Gases

Sands Gases

Sands Gases is a gas station the primary hangout for the Devils Nest, a local racing gang and seems to be a popular spot for bikers in the city. The Devils Nest also has been looked at by the Highway Department. The leader of the Devils Nest is Vincent.[2]

Bingo Club[]

Enamel City Bingo Club

Enamel City Bingo Club

The city also contains a bingo club, supposedly a place where a individual could go to play bingo. The demon serial killer that dated women before killing them may have picked up girls from this location, seen as Lady was picked up by the demon and invited.[2]

Abandoned Warehouse[]

Enamel City Abandoned Warehouse

An abandoned warehouse in Enamel City.

One of the various places within the city is a sort of abandoned warehouse. While unknown what it was, it served as a base of operation of a sort for the demon serial killer that hunted women, took them out on dates, and killed them. The demon was promptly killed by Lady in this location.[2]


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