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Ending-Scene 04 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Lady and Trish are seen back at Devil May Cry, wondering if Dante will ever come back. As the two are making plans on who will own the place, Morrison arrives and gives the girls the harsh truth.


Lady: Wow, no sign of him. Nothing.

Trish: Mmm... Yeah.

Lady: Then, can I have this office? Because I've been thinking it's almost time for me to settle down somewhere.

Trish: No, I don't think so. I rather quite like it.

Morrison: Oh, I hate to spoil your dreams, ladies, but that shit ain't gonna happen.

Lady: Whattaya mean, Morrison?

Morrison: See, there's this deed to this place, and I have it.

Trish: Why do you—?

Morrison: Clever little devil came to see me right before his last job. Said something like, "My dearest friend, I know you'll keep this safe, 'cause them crazy bitches—"

Did I say crazy bitches? I'm sorry, I meant ladies. Anyway, the rest of the story is not important, you get the gist.

Lady: I wonder if he even plans on coming back.

Trish: Got me.

Morrison: What is important is I have a job for you two.

...'Cause the rent ain't free.

Lady: 戻って来る気配は… ゼロね

Trish: まあ… そうね

Lady: ここ 貰ってもいい? そろそろ落ち着きたいの

Trish: ダメよ だったら私が貰うわ

Morrison: 夢を壊して悪いが… それは無理だぜ お嬢様

Lady: どういう意味?

Morrison: 権利書は俺が持ってるのさ

Trish: どうして…

Morrison: 仕事の前に預かってね ヤツが言うには “放っておくと恐ろしいビッチどもが…”

“ビッチ”はマズいな… 失礼 ま… 後は雰囲気で察してくれ

Lady: 戻る気満々…

Trish: みたいね

Morrison: そんな事より 仕事だぜ


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