Enzo Ferino is a young Italian American associate of Dante and plays the same role as J.D. Morrison. He is Dante's contact with the mercenary world, as well as a friend. At some point before Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, Enzo and Dante terminate their partnership, leaving Dante open to partner with Morrison for the anime. Testimonies from Enzo in the user manual for the first game and allusions made to him in other games by Hideki Kamiya suggest that, although they no longer work together, Enzo and Dante still remain in contact.


Devil May Cry Volume 1Edit

Enzo is a broker, Tony Redgrave (alias by Dante) know him when he as a mercenary. Enzo brought the job for Tony, Tony did't have office at the time, so they discussed it in Bobby's Cellar. one day, he brought a new guy to the bar and name was Gilver, but Gilver is assassin sent by Prince of Darkness to kill Tony. Gilver quickly became Tony's partner and over time, Gilver and Tony eventually clashed. in the end, Enzo arrives to Bobby's Cellar and found the injured Tony, who tells Enzo that his real name is Dante.

Devil May Cry 3 (manga)Edit

In the first volume, Enzo brings Dante his first job in four months, but makes the devil-hunter come to his room at a nearby strip club for more information. There, Enzo is attacked by Hell Prides, but Dante arrives in time to save him. Dante initially declines the job, but Enzo pressures him to accept it for the large reward by threatening to throw him out of his new office building.

When Dante returns to the strip club, Enzo is drinking and carousing with women. Dante shoots a bottle of wine out of his hand and menaces him at gunpoint. Enzo assures Dante that he didn't spend Dante's share of the reward, then panics when he realizes Dante hasn't brought Alice back. After telling Enzo he got the money, anyway, Dante once again draws his gun on Enzo and threatens to dissolve their partnership on the grounds that the last assignment had Dante working for a demon. Enzo retains his job by agreeing to Dante's demand for background checks on all new clients.

Enzo gets Dante another job, but the Devil Hunter refuses it. Enzo bursts into the bar where Dante is talking to the barkeeper and pleads with him to accept. He fears he'll be held responsible and punished by the client if Dante doesn't take the job. Dante, having accepted a pizza from the barkeeper as payment for the man's job, walks out of the bar, telling Enzo he has another appointment. Enzo misunderstands, thinking Dante has a date, but Dante casually brushes him off before stating he will be back in time to save Enzo from the mystery clients. Enzo confesses to the barkeeper that he can't tell if Dante is being serious. As Enzo complains about Dante, Dante sticks his head in the window of the bar and yells at Enzo to clean his office. The barkeeper advises Enzo to do as Dante asks if he wants the help.

Instead of going straight to Dante's place to clean, Enzo stays at the bar for several drinks. Drunk, Enzo is eventually kicked out of the bar. The barkeeper isn't going to let him sleep off the alcohol because the moon outside is as red as blood, and his instincts are telling him to close shop. At the conclusion of the second volume, it is not known if Dante was able to complete Enzo's job in time to save him.

Devil May Cry Drama CD Vol. 1Edit

The story takes place between Devil May Cry and The Animated Series. after the Mallet Island incident, Trish join Dante's Devil Never Cry, she know Enzo from this time and Enzo didn't believe this world have demons. although J.D. Morrison will provide job to Dante, Enzo still provide the job for Dante.

One time, Enzo to shop hoping Dante accept a entrust, investigate a ruin in the construction site, Dante intends to play poker cards to decide, Dante lost and accepted the entrust. at the scene, Trish and Dante encounter demons, Enzo searches for treasures in the ruin. Enzo find the devil gun, he did not know what it was, he want conceal to Dante and sell the gun, however, they noticed it, Enzo tried to persuade.

Trish believed that the gun was one of the works of Machiavelli, worried Enzo was have danger, she followed Dante to find Enzo. when Enzo was trading, a demon suddenly attacked him, trying to rob gun, but the gun possessed Enzo's hand. Dante found Enzo in the street, Enzo insanitly fire on Dante, Dante destroyed the gun with his sword. after this, Enzo believes that the demons is existing, he manages Devil Arms pawnshop, Dante's Devil Arms all deposited to there (including Alastor, Ifrit, Cerberus, Agni & Rudra).

Morrison told the story to Lady and Patty, they went to visit Enzo. In there, a customer pawn a devil gun of Machiavelli, Lady be control and attack, Dante arrived and solved the problem, provided Enzo handed over all Devil Arms to him. later it was revealed that the whole thing is acting, Dante used Devil Arms as bait to capture the demon who attacked Enzo at that time, Trish pretended customer and Lady is not be control.


Viewtiful JoeEdit

In Dante's cameo appearance in Viewtiful Joe, set non-canonically after Devil May Cry 2, Trish asks Dante if Enzo "stole [his] clothes again", implying that Dante's major change of character in the game was due to Enzo impersonating him. However, it is evident that this is merely a joke from the writers, as Enzo is portrayed in the later Devil May Cry 3 manga as a short, fat coward of a man, and in Devil May Cry 2, Dante uses his Devil Trigger several times. Furthermore, he wields the Rebellion, which is stated throughout the series to be a physical manifestation of his own power.


The 2010 game, Bayonetta, made by the Devil May Cry series, features prominent homage character in the game named "Enzo". He is an Italian-American who acts as Bayinetta's liaison, bringing her jobs. In Bayonetta's artbook, "Bayonetta: Art Book", Enzo is shown winning Strip Poker against Dante.