Eryx is one of Dante's demon weapons in DmC: Devil May Cry. They are a pair of magical gauntlets that provide Dante with sheer brute force and increase his already formidable strength. Dante awakens this weapon once he kills Succubus.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Eryx gauntlets are a demonic weapon. As such, they glow a demonic red. They look like disproportionately swollen metal fists or large boxing gloves. At the forearms, the weapon resembles the grip of Dante's Rebellion, with its spiral engravings, owing to the weapon's shape-shifting quality. When in use, the Eryx leave behind a fiery trail and a small explosion upon impact, and at higher charge levels, is accompanied by large spectral fists when attacking.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Slower than the Rebellion but faster than the Arbiter, Eryx is an effective close-quarters weapon. It's nowhere near as long-ranged as Dante's other weapons, but it can be very powerful. All of Eryx's punches, including the launcher, can be charged to deal more damage and knockback. Strangely enough though, it is the one weapon incapable of performing a Just Charge, as releasing it upon reaching maximum charge of any move does not generate any extra damage, style points, or visual effects. An important difference between this weapon and those from previous games is that it's also possible to slowly shuffle around while charging up the third hit. With Eryx's attacks, Dante can break open walls, and even stop Tyrants dead in their tracks, as well as launch them into the air with charged strikes.

Acquiring the Eryx rewards the player with the This baby sure can pack a punch award.

Movesets[edit | edit source]

As a Demon-class weapon, Eryx is used by holdingB r2.gif/Bx rt.png in tandem with the other face buttons. On the PC, Eryx is equipped through scrolling down with the mouse.

While a slower demon weapon, the Eryx can be exceedingly powerful if charged attacks are utilized. Charge up frames, however, can leave Dante open for extended periods, even though he can slowly shuffle around. If things get too dangerous to continue charging, it is possible to use evasive techniques to instantly cancel out of the charging phase and avoid enemy ire.

Action Command (PS3) Command (Xbox 360) Command (PC) Description
Brawler B r2.gif +B t.gifB t.gifB t.gif Bx rt.png +Bx y.pngBx y.pngBx y.png PC E key.png + PC lclick.png PC lclick.png PC lclick.png Unleash 3 brawling punches at a single target. HoldB t.gif/Bx y.png/PC lclick.png to increase the damage of each punch
Slam B r2.gif +B t.gifB t.gifB t.gif Bx rt.png +Bx y.pngBx y.pngBx y.png PC E key.png + PC lclick.png PC lclick.pngPC lclick.png Slam a fist into the ground, shaking the earth and starggering surrounding enemies. HoldB t.gif/Bx y.png/PC lclick.png to charge the attack for increased damge
Level 2: Larger area of effect
Mighty-Swap B r2.gif +B t.gifB t.gif — (Change Weapon)B t.gif Bx rt.png +Bx y.pngBx y.png — (Change Weapon)Bx y.png PC E key.png + PC lclick.png PC lclick.png — (Change Weapon)PC lclick.png Two mighty hits followed by a alternative delay combo
Uppercut B r2.gif +B c.gif Bx rt.png +Bx b.png PC E key.png + PC F key.png An uppercut infused with demonic power. HoldB c.gif/Bx b.png/PC F key.png to increase damage and cause Dante to follow the enemy into the air
Level 2: Increased damage
Showdown B r2.gif +B t.gif (Midair) Bx rt.png +Bx y.png (Midair) PC E key.png + PC lclick.png (Midair) A powerful blow that pounds an enemy into the ground, while leaving Dante airborne. HoldB t.gif/Bx y.png/PC lclick.png to charge the attack for increased damage.
Level 2: The target deals area of effect damage when landing
Stomp B r2.gif +B c.gif (Midair) Bx rt.png +Bx b.png (Midair) PC E key.png + PC F key.png (Midair) Plummet down with earth-shattering speed and power. Surrounding enemies are pushed back. HoldB c.gif/Bx b.png/PC F key.png to charge the attacks for greater effect
Level 2: Increased area of effect on landing
Snake Eye B r2.gif Forward*, Forward +B t.gif Bx rt.png Forward, Forward +Bx y.png PC E key.png Forward, Forward + PC lclick.png Step back to evade an enemy attack, then counter with a right hook. HoldB t.gif/Bx y.png/PC lclick.png to increase the damage of the punch.
Level 2: Increased damage
Eryx Charge With any Eryx Attack, HoldB t.gif orB c.gif With any Eryx Attack, HoldBx y.png orBx b.png With any Eryx Attack, Hold PC lclick.png or PC F key.png All attacks performed with the Eryx can be charged up for increased damage or effect, by holding the attack button down.
Level 2: Increased payoff from charging attacks
Level 3: Maximum payoff from charging attacks

Background[edit | edit source]

Eryx was a mythological warrior who lost to Heracles in a boxing match.

One of the moves, Snake Eyes, is gambling slang for two dice having one pip on each die from the resulting outcome.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like all of the gauntlet weapons in the Devil May Cry series, Eryx's attacks greatly resemble those used in Street Fighter.
  • Eryx is the 3rd alternate weapon to be used more than once in all DMC games' cutscenes, where Dante used them again to knock Mundus over. The first one being the Sword of Sparda/Force Edge, and the second being Cerberus to catch Lady's falling motorcycle.
  • The title of the award earned for acquiring Eryx, "This baby sure can pack a punch", is a line spoken by Nero during the beginning of Mission 2 in Devil May Cry 4, referring to the Red Queen.
  • Eryx is the first gauntlet weapon in the series to not include kicking attacks in its move-set.
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