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The Fault is a subterranean demon that appears in Devil May Cry 4. The darkness within the Fault is often home to demons,[1] which must be defeated to escape. Faults are first encountered in Mission 14: Forest Of Ruin, and are only encountered by Dante.


The Fault can sense the magical power of its prey, and will seek it out. Once it detects a victim, the Fault will appear from below him and swallow him with its glowing blue jaws, transporting him to a realm of darkness within the Fault's body.[1] The Fault's mouth is actually located on the top of its head, as the devil has what appears to be a human-like face underneath.



A Fault about to retreat.

Faults have relatively low health and can be dispatched with a Stinger and then a single hit. However, they often appear in areas with other enemies and constantly serve as a distraction while fighting. It is best to kill them to prevent distraction and for a small Green Orb.

Though they often appear in areas in which all enemies must be defeated to progress, they do not count towards this total, and can be ignored. However, they will always drop Green Orbs when killed, and can be slain quickly with one hit of Full House or PF013: Epidemic. There are a finite number of Faults in each area, each staying within a small portion of the map, so they can even be eliminated before focusing on other enemies.

If a Fault manages to catch the player, the player is transported to the Ruined Lowlands (subterranean area in Sky Above Fortuna in Mission 18's case) and forced to fight different enemies to unlock the exit. The Faults in Mission 14: Forest of Ruin will contain several Scarecrows, Assaults, or Chimerae, while the Faults in Mission 18: The Destroyer contain Gladii, Cutlasses, or Basilisks.


A fault is a planar rock fracture which allow the rocky plates to move relative to one another. They frequently result in one or both plates sinking, and are the source of earthquakes.



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