The Fetish is an enemy in Devil May Cry similar to a Marionette, but the puppet it inhabits was created by demons, meaning it is stronger, faster, and smarter than a Marionette.[1] Fetishes appear on all difficulties except for the Easy difficulty, and are much more frequent on higher difficulties.


The Fetish looks similar to a Marionette, but is larger and stronger. It sports many feathers, has a bird-like head, and carries a pair of flaming wind-and-fire wheels, which it can wield like yo-yo's.[2] Their chests glow with an eerie blue light, perhaps as an indication of their greater power. Like a Marionette, it will usually lay motionless until approached.

Many of the Fetish's attacks are similar to that of the Marionette — it can slash with its chakrams, emit an evil cry that will hang enemies up on demonic strings while it gouges them,[3] and wrap itself around them, pecking at their skulls with its beak.[4] It is also able to suddenly burst forth a great gout of flame that makes it extremely difficult to get close to the Fetish.[5]


The Fetish's explosion attack is extremely difficult to avoid because the Fetish usually waits to use it until Dante is next to it and unable to avoid the attack. If Dante gets too far away from it, it will often spin like a top and charge at him. This attack is extremely difficult to avoid, as it will usually hit Dante before the Fetish is in range to be knocked back, and it will follow Dante even if he jumps in the air. However, the Fetish can be knocked out of the attack if shot with a strong firearm, like the Grenadegun or the Nightmare-β. If you get caught by its grappling attack, wiggle the left joystick to break free.

For a single Fetish, use High time or Magma drive and then run around behind it. If you were unlucky enough and it blocked your attack - quickly roll away. For a group of Fetishes use grenade-rolling, Vortex, or uncharged Meteors. If you're far away from the Fetish, you can use Round Trip.


A Fetish is an inanimate object that is believed to have supernatural powers, or power over others. It is commonly used in Voodoo and similar West African beliefs, and fetishes can be composed of blood, bones, fur, claws, feathers, and certain plants. A Fetish in defintion means an abnormal degree of a sexual desire to a particluar-to-specific object, item of clothing, part of the body and more, like the bellybutton for example.

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