Finis Demons are a family of lesser demons that appear in Devil May Cry 2. Each type of Finis Demon is an iron gibbet containing a human criminal's skeleton which is animated by its dark energies.[1] The three types of Finis Demon are the Agonofinis, the Terreofinis, and the Mortfinis.



The Agonofinis (Lat: ""Bounded Agony"") is a bone-white Finis Demon that first appears in Mission 1 of Dante's scenario.


The Terreofinis (Lat: ""Bounded Terror"") is a steel-gray Finis Demon that first appears in Mission 7 of Dante's scenario. It is animated by its "ineffable terror".[2] They are stronger than Agonofinis.


The Mortfinis (Lat: ""Bounded Death"") is a blood-red Finis Demon. It is animated by its "ruthless death".[3] These are the strongest of Finis demons.


Though Finis Demons generally try to overwhelm the player with great numbers, they are slow and can be easily led into striking their own allies. They are also weak to Lightning-elemental attacks.

Finis Demons are able to wield a pair giant cleavers, a pair of saw-edged shields, long swords or no weapon at all, which changes their attacks. Cleaver and sword using enemies attempt to slash the character multiple times, and on higher difficulties gain a spinning attack (cleavers) or a powerful lunging stab (swords). Shield using enemies usually throw their shield from a distance as a means of offense, which makes them more dangerous than other types. On higher difficulties they can also try to roll into the character at close range. Finally, unarmed Finis demons jump towards the player and attempt to trap them inside themself, which both deals damage and immobilizes, allowing other enemies to attack unimpeded. If the character is trapped, it's possible to break out by rapidly pressing buttons.

Appearances in Other Media


Agonofinis in TEPPEN.


The Agonofinis was added to TEPPEN via its "The Force Seekers" expansion. It's featured in one purple unit card.


Gibbeting is an execution method used on pirates, thieves, and highwaymen which involves encasing the criminal within a small iron cage after they were hanged. The corpse would later be hung up from a post to discourage people from committing similar offenses. In some cases, the criminal was kept alive so they would die of thirst.



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