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This article contains spoilers, as such, it is recommended to read it with caution, or not at all.

Frank (弗兰克) is a character in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. He is a member of the guardian family, brother of Locke and uncle of Faye. He acts as the boss of the game's Chapter 8. Frank seems capable of moving at superhuman speeds. Frank fights with a sword and a gun and employs smoke bombs in combat.


Frank is a tall, muscular adult human with white hair that goes down to his shoulders with a goatee on his face, has tattoos on his left arm.  Frank has a look that resembles a cowboy Wears a black hat with gray feathers, a green scarf with aviation goggles around his neck, a white tank top with a large black leather coat over his shoulders, dark leather pants and boots.


Frank is quiet and has never responded to Dante's remarks or questions.

Powers and Abilities[]

Frank, even though he is a human, exhibits physical prowess above a normal human being able to fight Dante in his human form for a while even though he is a half demon. Frank proved to be an excellent swordsman and marksman, exchanging cuts and shots against Dante, showing a very similar fighting style to his with the exception of the use of grenades and smoke bombs that Frank uses to distract and attack by surprise.


Peak Human Condition: Frank is capable of performing physical feats above any other human in the series.

  • Peak Human Strength: Frank possesses great strength, able to jump great heights, cut through the top of a metal structure with ease and fight Dante in his human form for a while.
  • Peak Human Endurance: Frank manages to do incredible feats in combat without tiring, managing to accompany Dante in a fight as he endures the pain of being stabbed by the quotas for a while.
  • Near Superhuman speed and reflexes: Frank showed great speed, managing to dodge nearby Dante's shots while disappearing to reappear on top of a nearby platform and exchange blows with him in combat.


  • Swordsmanship: Frank has shown himself to be an accomplished swordsman, able to cut through metal easily with a swing of his sword and can spar with Dante in sword combat for a while.
  • Marksmanship: Frank managed to perform with Dante in handling firearms.
  • Acrobatics: Frank manages to do several stunts in the air while fighting Dante.


Sword: Frank wielding a large black sword similar to Dante's Rebellion

Revolver: Frank handles a large revolver with which he managed to wound Dante in combat.

Smoke Bomb and Grenades: Frank used smoke and large bombs to distract and attack Dante by surprise with his sword.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat[]

Frank is spotted stalking Dante who calls him out, but Frank doesn't respond. Soon after, he tries to kill a young girl – his niece Faye, whom he accuses of summoning demons, but is stopped by Dante. The two engage in combat afterwards.