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Fredi is the boss and owner of the Restaurant Fredi. He has the only recognized employee of Cindy, who acts as the waitress of the place.


In his first appearance, Fredi found himself working in his restaurant while Dante arrived to ask for a strawberry ice cream, which he had already prepared for a long time which made Dante think he was waiting for him since yesterday, this being denied by Fredi.

During his second, Fredi was angry with Modeus since he had commented that the strawberry ice cream he had ordered was too sweet, telling him that he would not accept his money since he had not liked his comment. Meanwhile, Dante was eating a strawberry ice cream with Patty, who was angry with him because he did not want to go to the beach, leaving her alone with the keys of the car to go on his own. During their discussion, Dante listened as Fredi argued with Modeus, to which he decided to support Modeus by telling the boss that indeed the ice cream was sweeter that day. Once the problem was solved, Fredi decided to close that day early by being down, leaving Dante, Patty and Modeus out of the store while Cindy he said goodbye to them.


His attitude is that of a temperamental man because he gets angry easily when he takes the opposite, but in spite of it is easy to persuade. In Dante's words, Fredi only appears rude but is actually more sensitive than what he sees on the outside.

Apparently he has some degree of confidence or appreciation before Dante, being that he could accept his opinion and resigned himself to continue discussing with Modeus.


His appearance is that of a middle-aged adult with white skin, brown eyes, brown hair, beard and mustache.

His work uniform consists of a formal white shirt with a black tie, black pants, a guindo color vest and a black apron tied at his hip.