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Frosts are elite ice demons appearing in Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4. They were created by Mundus[1] as shock troops, and resemble Blades and Assaults.


Frosts are lizard-like lesser demons with icy armor that have the power of controlling ice at their will. Their claws are effectively swords, and are colder than absolute zero.[2] They use their claws to slash at their victims and, like Blades, can shoot them from their fingertips.[3][4] If given enough time, they are able to regenerate lost body parts by encasing themselves in ice,[5][6][7] and are impervious to all fire weaker than Ifrit's hellfire.[8]


Devil May Cry[]

Frosts are able to perform several unique techniques, using ice manipulation to its advantage:

  • Slash: A basic melee attack with some horizontal motion, slashing with the ice claws mounted on their wrist. The move is incredibly fast, to the point it can even interrupt a Stinger.
  • Cold Wave: The Frost releases their coldness into the ground, creating a directional ground-crawler attack that moves in a straight line.[9]
  • Ice Shards: Frost fires a spread of three ice claw projectiles from one hand or six from both hands, functioning in a very similar way to a Blade's projectile attack but with improved spread and all projectiles fired at once. Like a Blade, after firing there is a short pause while they "reload" their claws. [10]
  • Displacement: Disperses the water in their body to travel invisibly through the air. They can only travel in straight lines.[11] They will deal a small amount of damage if they pass through Dante in this state.
  • Ice Cocoon: After taking significant damage the Frost's right arm will be destroyed and it will attempt to perform this move to regain it, forming a tough cocoon of ice around itself. If the cocoon is destroyed quickly, they will be prevented from regenerating.
  • Million Carats: Frost makes a high jump and then lands, punching the ground, summoning giant ice shards around itself in a similar manner to Ifrit's Inferno move. The hitbox on this attack is extremely persistent compared to the version in Devil May Cry 4. It it possible to knock them out of the air while they are performing this move if they can be caught before landing, though this is a risky tactic.

Devil May Cry 4[]

The Frost inherits all of the past attacks, in addition to few more offensive techniques:

  • Split Shot: Frost charges its hand, jumps and then fires an ice bolt, which splits into multiple ice crystals. This attack freezes you if hit. Crystals explode after a short period.
  • Uppercut: Frost prepares to attack and then makes an uppercut, which can launch you in the air if hit.


Devil May Cry[]

Frosts as they appear in Devil May Cry

First encounter with Frosts in Devil May Cry.

The best way to deal with Frosts is to use Ifrit's Kick 13 lvl 2. This fast moving, perishing flurry of kicks can end what could be a difficult battle quickly. Using Alastor isn't really recommended; none of the sword's attacks except for High Time will cause significant damage or cause the demon to stumble. If more than one Frost surrounds Dante you can use inferno to deal some serious damage to all in range. Both this and Kick 13 lvl 2 can also help to break their icy cocoon quickly before they can regenerate.

Devil May Cry 4[]

Double Frost

First encounter with Frosts in Devil May Cry 4.

One thing to know when fighting Frosts in Devil May Cry 4 is how to avoid their attacks. One attack that deals a lot of damage is the one where they jump. When you see them jump, jump too. That's because when they reach the ground ice is created and if you are in the area where it is created you will suffer a huge amount of damage. When you jump to avoid it use Ebony & Ivory (or Blue Rose) to shoot it to fall to the ground slowly. This is their major attack but it can be avoided pretty easily. Another attack you need to look out for is when they throw ice at you, and the worst is that there is an extremely high possibility you will get hit. They do this attack when they are away so you have to be close to them at all times.

Against Nero, Frosts are extremely weak to Exceeded Red Queen attacks, Charged Shots from the Blue Rose, and Nero's Buster. An EX High Roller will almost always knock them into the air, making them vulnerable to a Buster or Snatch. Alternatively, jump and use Snatch in the air to pull the Frost up and attack it while in the air, although at higher difficulties they tend to dodge attacks quite easily. While they are on the ground, however, they are adept at blocking Nero's attacks.

Against Dante, Frosts are extremely weak to nearly any attack from the Gilgamesh, though before Dante obtains it, it is wise to use the Rebellion's Swordmaster techniques. Prop will usually launch them, and then Aerial Rave can be used to abuse them while they are in the air, defenseless. If you want to use Lucifer, however, you should probably knock them over with a Charge Shot or Shotgun blast first, as they usually refuse to keep still.

Other appearances[]

Devil May Cry 2 novel[]

An alternate universe version of Frost appears as part of the demon rebellion against Mundus, alongside fellow elite demons Blade, Phantom, Shadow and Griffon. Though appearing human, he can take on the form of his namesake via Devil Trigger. He dies in the final assault against Mundus's army.



Frost in TEPPEN.

The Frost was added to TEPPEN on July 2020 with the "Adventures of a Tiny Hero" expansion.


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