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Furiataurus (Lat: "Fury of the Bull") is a boss that appears in Devil May Cry 2. It is encountered as the boss of Mission 8 of Dante's scenario.


It wields a massive hammer, and its body is made of hardened lava and flame in the shape of a minotaur, as it is still haunted by the death, agony, and resentment of the damned.[1]


Devil May Cry 2[]

As Arius boards his helicopter on the off-shore oil rig's helicopter pad, Dante arrives to stop him. Arius summons Furiataurus, and manages to escape while Dante fights the beast. However, Dante manages to slay it, and its body hardens into an inert statue. It is later revived as a component of Argosax the Chaos.


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The best way to defeat Furiataurus is with your firearms. If you get too close it can push you back with flames, but if you stray too far away it will charge at you head-on.

Enemy Data[]

N,H / MD
Armor Elemental weakness Damage modifier DT timer
15000/22500 400 (Inf. on MD) Frost N/A 60 sec.

Attack Data[]

Name Damage
Horizontal swing 500
Slam 500 (after Horizontal swing)/
600 (slow slam)/
1000 (quick slam)
+200 per hit (fire, Hard and Must Die only)
Concussion 400–500 (stomp)+200 per hit (fire)
Charging ram 1300
Fire wall 600 (hammer)+500 (right hand)+400 per hit (fire)
Round swing 800
Flame throw 500 per hit

Appearances in Other Media[]


Furiataurus in TEPPEN.


The Furiataurus was first added to TEPPEN via its "The Force Seekers" expansion. It's featured in one red unit card.


The Minotaur, whom Furiataurus is based on, is also featured in The Divine Comedy, where it is seen in the Seventh Circle of Hell: Violence. The Minotaur is shown amongst those who were damned for their violent ways in life.

The inspiration for the design was based on woodcuts of the brazen bull[2] - an alleged torture, or execution device, it was an bronze oven in the shape of a bull. The victim would be placed inside the oven, and slowly roasted alive as the metal began to heat up.



  1. Devil May Cry 2, Enemy File — Furiataurus: "Haunted by death, agony, and resentment of the condemned, its four limbs are still in flames."
  2. Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts. p.168: "Some Western woodblock prints depict a bull-shaped stove in which people were thrown and roasted alive, all for demonic rituals. That was the inspiration here."