A mysteriously bandaged man sporting a green suit, he is looking to join a popular group of mercenaries. He even goes as far as killing a harmless man looking for information on him to keep it a secret. Gilver is initiated into the group after picking a fight with Tony Redgrave which eventually becomes a vodka drinking contest. Unlike Tony, Gilver can't hold his liquor and passes out nearly immediately and gets mugged because of the guild's tradition of "whoever passes out first pays for the drinks". Understandably, Gilver expresses his dislike of for alcohol for the rest of the novel.

Although older than his DMC3 incarnation, he still retains his chilling and calm attitude. It is stated that his stare will even give the meanest of men goosebumps; however, everyone envies his extraordinary strength and skills with his slim katana. He took on any high-paying jobs, unlike Tony, and would pay for the drinks at Bobby's Cellar (which is the novel's the "hang out" bar for mercenaries) when he returned from his jobs thus earning him quite a reputation even though he was taking all the good jobs away from them.

This generosity was a clever ruse, as by earning the trust of the guild he then proceeded to feed them to the demons he released after slowly but surely unleashing the wrath of the Underworld back onto the Human World.

His evil scheme was to allow the darkness to distort and manifest all of the Human World so that he could release his true demonic powers. He was able to read his brother's fighting style even after the sword his brother wielded had awakened. Gilver tried to cut out Dante's heart but he failed thanks to their mother's amulet. He is fatally wounded after Dante opens fire on him with his new guns: Ebony & Ivory. It is then that the bandages covering his face fall off, revealing to his little brother that his opponent is his own twin, Vergil. He then fades away along with the demonic powers that tried to consume the Human World a second time.


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