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The Grenadegun is a powerful grenade launcher which appears in Devil May Cry. It is found in on the skeleton of a dead soldier[1] during Mission 8: The Legendary Knight Returns, after defeating Phantom.


The Grenadegun's design is derived from modern "revolver launchers", such as the Penn Arms TL-8, which utilize a revolver-style system to fire either 37mm or 40mm grenades. It fires slowly, but is very powerful.


It fires exploding shells of shrapnel,[2] and each shot will nearly recharge a full Devil Trigger rune. It can only be fired from the ground, and has a slow reload speed. Rolling or jumping after firing a shot exploits a glitch that causes Dante not to reload, hence the player can "spam" shots quicker.

It should be used by players who heavily rely on the Devil Trigger, since it allows reloading it quickly and at a safe range from enemies. Its power also allows to decimate weaker enemies. However it's mostly ineffective against fast-moving and flying enemies due to the slow speed of grenades.



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