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The Grenadegun is a powerful grenade launcher which appears in Devil May Cry. It is found in on the skeleton of a dead soldier[1] during Mission 8: The Legendary Knight Returns, after defeating Phantom. If it is not acquired at this point, it will appear in a room with a Divinity Statue near the end of Mission 9: New Strength.


The Grenadegun's design is derived from revolver-style multi-shot grenade launchers, most resembling a Russian RG-6: the barrel seems more closely based on a break-open M79 grenade launcher, and the structure on top of the gun is based on the top of an M72 LAW rocket launcher. It is manually operated with a straight-pull charging handle on the right side of the forend and auto-ejects spent casings, which is not a mode of operation any real grenade launcher of this type uses. It fires slowly, but is very powerful.


It fires explosive shrapnel shells[2] which have splash damage (though they cannot damage Dante), and each shot will nearly recharge a full Devil Trigger rune. Rounds fly in straight line with no arc, and are tracked as projectiles rather than hitscans. It can only be fired from the ground, and has a long delay between shots while the animation of the weapon recoiling and being bought back level plays out. This animation can be skipped by dodge-rolling or jumping immediately after firing. This allows Dante to fire the weapon much more quickly, these tricks being referred to as "roll cancelling" and "jump cancelling."

It should be used by players who heavily rely on the Devil Trigger, as with the use of one of the cancelling techniques it can rapidly fill up the gauge. Its power also allows to decimate weaker enemies. However it's mostly ineffective against fast-moving and flying enemies (aside from Griffon) due to the slow speed of the grenades.


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