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Devil May Cry 5[]

Battle Quotes[]


  • Did ya call me?
  • Alright, my turn now.

Flank Attack

  • You are asking for it!
  • Comin' at ya baby!
  • On it!
  • Eat it!

Double Check

  • Open up and say "aaah!"
  • Ride the LIGHTNING!


  • Burn baby, burn!
  • BBQ time!
  • Suck on this!
  • Oh! Watch your ass.

Round Robin

  • Kill you I shall!

Hanging & Switchback

  • I'm comin'!
  • Upsy-Daisy.


  • Never liked you anyway.
  • Ugh, I need to break here.
  • Whoa whoa whoa V! Are you alright?
  • Nowhere to hide now!
  • You rang?
  • Right where I want ya!
  • Leave this to me.
  • Hell yeah!
  • I'll flush you out!
  • Go to fucking sleep, right now!
"That's all right, superstar, go on with your bad self. Go ahead, we got this."
"Oooh, genius, says "be careful." Yeah, no shit, Shirley! Ain't that right, V? I mean you ARE fragile at the moment. Wouldn't take much to wipe you out in a sticky situation. I'm just saying running away is okay. It's always okay to run away, if you're not up for it!"
"Okay Shakespeare. Just remember this: You and I like to exist. So get rid of those demons quick, 'cause killing them ain't my shtick! I got your back,'cause dyin' is whack!"
"Gotta land the final blow, V! You know we can't kill demons!"
"Meaning don't try to think too much, shithead!"
―Griffon mockingly defining V's quote from William Blake to Nidhogg in boss fight[src]
"Whoa this is some kind of ritual shindig, isn't it? You guys got the dance fever for Sparda, huh? Whoa, easy on the dance floor there, partner."
―Griffon to Nobodies[src]
"So close, though, so close. You got a lot of heart, kid, you really do, but you're a bit of a sissy in the strength department. Hey, hey, no offense, uh, you know."
"Right, sunshine, now put a fire on it. We gotta get going, 'cause that annoying pimple Nero is making a beeline for Urizen. And if he gets there he's gonna--Smashed like a bug!!!"
"Oh the wise guy Dante. We were spawned from Vergil's abominable thoughts... but you knew that already. Well, we're merely the discarded thoughts when he was Nelo Angelo. No longer bound in his consciousness. We're here now to kill with our own free will. Liberating! And kill you we shall, Dante. Us, not Vergil. LIBERATING!"
―Griffon, explaining his and V's other Familiars existence to Dante[src]
"Perhaps... but if you had a little bit of trouble defeating us, imagine what Vergil can do to you. Go see for yourself. Us? This is our final flight... and the end of Vergil's nightmares. Godspeed Dante, you'll need it."
―Griffon's final breath[src]