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Grim Grips are shining bulb-like objects filled with blue light. They may be used as a magical grapple when the Devil Bringer acquires the Evil Legacy. They appear on most areas in Devil May Cry 4, helping Nero to travel and reach higher areas. Although most of them appear near a Continuum Pad, there are some wild Grim Grips scattered on an area even without these pads.


Grim Grips are like floating bulbs shining with strong blue light. When at close range, they resemble floating tops. They are roughly the size of a ball, and they were originally untouchable by human hands, but they can be grappled by those with demonic hands like Nero.

Some of these Grim Grips take different forms when filled with an alternate energy. Such examples are the "Grim Bats"; bat-shaped objects summoned by Sanctus to serve as protection, or attacking a target at will. These "Grim Bats" may be able to retain their Grim Grip shape temporarily while shooting at them, which makes them immobile for a short amount of time.


HD Nero Snatch Grim Grip

The Snatch ability of Nero while grabbing a Grim Grip

The Grim Grips first appeared on Mission 2 when Nero collects the Evil Legact. It was then showed that most Grim Grips require Nero to step in a Continuum Pad to be summoned. Some Grim Grips permanently stay in place when snatched, while others appear only of a limited amount of time. The Grim Grips above the Torture Chamber, and in the Advent Circles are also capable of moving in different directions

The "Snatch" ability is very essential in grappling Grim Grims, it can be upgraded into longer lenghts allowing farther reaching of Grim Grips.

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