HD Nero Snatch Grim Grip

Nero using Hell Bound while on a Continuum Pad to latch onto a temporary Grim Grip.

The Grim Grip is an object that appears in Devil May Cry 4. Grim Grips are blue, shining orbs that float in the air, and may either remain stationary, move around, or warp from point to point (depending on the difficulty level). Once Nero obtains the Evil Legacy, he can use his "Hell Bound" technique to grapple onto a Grim Grip, allowing him to travel across gorges or elevated areas without falling.

Sanctus, in both his normal and Diabolica forms, can summon flying miniature demons that Nero can stun and use similar to Grim Grips.

Continuum Pad

Continuum pad TC

A Continuum Pad

A Continuum Pad is a platform, often set near a cliff or ledge, which is used to reach distant or invisible Grim Grips that would be impossible to reach using "Hell Bound" alone.[1] However, not all Grim Grips require a Continuum Pad to be utilized.

Notes and references

  1. Devil May Cry 4, Tutorial File — Hell Bound: "Certain locations within an area contain Grim Grips. Snatch to grab a hold of a Grim grip and bound across an area like a bat out of hell. To engage a distant Grim Grip, you must activate it by stepping upon the blue Continuum Pad. There are also some Grim Grips that can be engaged without the use of a Continuum Pad."
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