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Go home, take a dump, and sleep it off.
—Inscription on the door of the old Bobby's Cellar, Devil May Cry (novel)

Grue's Cellar, formerly Bobby's Cellar, was a location that appeared in the Devil May Cry 1 Novel. It was a dive bar, acting a hub for information brokers and mercenaries - being frequented by Dante under the alias "Tony Redgrave" until the death of Nell Goldstein. It has renamed after Grue, Dante's former hunting partner, after his murder and the bar was destroyed.


Devil May Cry Novel[]

At Bobby's Cellar Enzo Ferino introduces a new mercenary named Gilver, a tall man swathed in bandages who wields a katana. Gilver fights Dante, proving himself equal. Deciding to settle the fight with drinking, Dante wins and Gilver is robbed by the bar patrons.

Later on, Gilver converts the patrons of Bobby's Cellar into demons while Dante goes to Nell Goldstein's. Soon after he leaves, an explosion engulfs Goldstein's Shop in flames. Dante charges in, finding Nell working on two handguns made especially for him: Ebony & Ivory. Giving him the handguns, Nell dies. Dante ceases using the Tony Redgrave alias. Dante returns to Bobby's Cellar and confronts Gilver. Amidst a furious sword fight, Gilver shoots Dante with the shotgun purchased at Nell's shop. Fatally shooting Gilver in turn, Dante is horrified to discover that Gilver is his brother Vergil.

Much later, Enzo drops by Bobby's Cellar and helps Dante leave.

Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V[]

DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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V visits the bar to find Dante's middleman, J.D. Morrison.

Devil May Cry 5[]

Dante frequented the bar in his time as "Tony Redgrave". This is where he met Enzo Ferino, a informant and J.D. Morrison, a information broker whom he would become a close friend of.

He stopped coming to the bar after Nell Goldstein's death.


Name Role Status
Enzo Ferino Information Broker; Middle Man Inactive
Dante (As Tony Redgrave) Mecenary; Investigator Inactive
J.D. Morrison Information Broker; Assumed active
Gilver Mecenary

Deceased but retconned; Vergil being Nelo Angelo in this period

Grue Mecenary Deceased