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The Guidepost appears in Devil May Cry 2, in which clauses from it are quoted as the profile for each mission. There is a "Guidepost for the Hunter" for Dante and a "Guidepost for the Protector" for Lucia.

Clause Guidepost for the Hunter Guidepost for the Protector
Clause 7 The decayed king dreams of ultimate throne of a god and its incomparable power.
So he builds an altar to summon the spirits of darkness, the minions of destruction.
Only ones who face him are: the hunter guided by the dark blood and the guardian of unpardoned birth.
Chapter 1
Clause 3 Toward the north, the hunter of dark blood will realize his destiny. Toward the south, the protector will find the time.
Clause 8 The aerial heart will give the hunter the chance to reach the skies. The aerial heart will give the protector the chance to reach the skies.
Chapter 2
Clause 4 The key to the next journey begins and ends with death.
Chapter 4
Clause 5 She has many arms but only one heart, as she waits for the hunter deep in the water. She has many arms but only one heart, as she waits for the protector deep in the water.
Chapter 5
Clause 1 To seek and destroy, the hunter must ride north.
Clause 4 Close to your eyes, but far-off in your mind, the hunter must learn the value of options.
Clause 6 Dodge flame tubes and navigate through the cracked city streets so that when the time comes, your path will be shown.
Chapter 6
Clause 2 Its extremities reach the sky. Its intestines reflect the color of darkness. Its name means a tower of misery.
Chapter 7
Clause 1 A meeting of power shall end in conflict. The protector must rise to confront destiny head-on.
Clause 9 The challenger shall rise, while the king evades.
Chapter 8
Clause 2 The hunter will discover the purity of speed.
Clause 4 The protector, the king, and the truth.
Chapter 9
Clause 1 An unholy sanctuary lies in the underground of the north end and it is waiting for the hunter to visit.
Clause 2 Holy and filthy at the same time, some mysteries should be extinguished.
Clause 3 Two lights will open the sealed door and guide the hunter to the deep underground.
Clause 6 He wields a spear and is obeyed by the wolves. His single eye possesses knowledge and hate. He is the one who brings misfortune.
Clause 9 When the hunter and the protector meet, the last mystery will be given and received. Defeat the prisoner in the abyss and hand the hunter the mysterious vessel.
Chapter 10
Clause 3 The hunter will learn to feel with a leap of faith.
Clause 5 To prove its own identity, the protector points a blade toward the decayed king.
Chapter 11
Clause 7 Four lights will open the door to the future and the past. Four lights will open the sealed door, but will also invite the creepy to play.
Clause 9 They swarm like clouds and desperately seek the hunter's dark blood. The swarm like clouds and desperately seek the protector's blood.
Chapter 12
Clause 1 Chaos ripens as the hunter runs toward the sky.
Clause 3 The protector scales the skyscraper believing in its own reason for existence.
Clause 9 Evil must be opposed and destroyed.
Chapter 13
Clause 1 The hunter shall surpass all who came before him. The path to forgiveness is cleaned with blood.


  • In Devil May Cry 2 2002 TRIAL ver. source of the quotes is given as the Book of Forbidden Psalms (禁詩篇, Kinshihen?) instead, the clauses are also different.