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The Harpy is a flying enemy from DmC: Devil May Cry.


A flock of Harpies nesting in the inverted subways of the Central Penitentiary were responsible for stealing Phineas's mechanical eye, and often returned to torment him. Dante happened upon one such attack after being stymied in his attempts to reach Bob Barbas's lair, and after driving off the flock he agreed to retrieve the eye for Phineas, in exchange for the demon's guidance towards his destination.


A humanoid demon, much like the Stygian, but with wings to fly about the area. The Harpy attacks by swooping in, or by using a large spear-like weapon from a safe distance, all while producing piercing shrieks. They can easily avoid Dante's Demon Pull, and will sometimes release an explosive wave of air that also protects them from damage.


Harpies can easily avoid melee and Ophion attacks so long as their wings are intact, so the wings should be destroyed with Dante's weapons or Vergil's Sword Illusions and Judgment Cut, causing them to fall; this can often lead to an easy environmental kill. Once the Harpy is on the ground, they are very vulnerable to regular attacks, but will eventually regenerate their wings in a damaging torrent of wind, preceded by a screech. Harpies are also able to extend their lances quickly and accurately, so the player character must dodge as soon as the Harpy makes an audible metallic sound.