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Heaven or Hell mode is a variant of the default difficulty in which all damage inflicted by the player character, enemies, or traps is increased to its maximum, meaning that any injury will immediately kill its victim. This eliminates the difficulty of most battles, while greatly increasing the danger of environmental hazards. However, effects that persistently drain Vitality, such as the Haywire Neo Generator, will still operate normally. In addition, most versions of the difficulty mode allow the player to use up to three Gold Orbs per mission without counting against the deaths or items used counts. Completing a Heaven Or Hell playthrough requires the player to focus on carefully avoiding every hazard and slay enemies quickly, usually with long-distance gunshots rather than intricate techniques.

Unlocking Heaven or HellEdit

Devil May Cry 3Edit

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To unlock Heaven or Hell mode the player must finish the game on Dante Must Die Difficulty.
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