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The Hell Gluttony is a lesser demon that appears in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. They are found from Mission 4: The uninvited one onwards. Hell Gluttonies are one of the 7 Hells.


Hell Gluttonies are grey, humanoid demons that bear a certain resemblance to the figure of the Grim Reaper from popular folklore, only with few exceptions, namely their cloaks are green and the wield sharp double-bladed staff instead of the scythe. With addition of green cloaks, they also wear green bandages on their legs. In the Netherworld, these demons are jailers in charge of judging and punishing the souls of those who committed the sin of gluttony.[1] However, they have been summoned to the human world to hunt even the innocent.[2] To manifest in human domains, they choose sand as their medium. Thus, they disappear in a cloud of sand when killed.


Hell Gluttonies have only one attack: fire a blast of sand from its mouths that can injure its victims.


As the enemies are very similiar to Hell Prides, so are easy to defeat (but for the beginners, their blast attack can be suprising, since being so similiar to Prides in appearance, they could be mistaken for them). Any weapon will do it for these. But their greatest weakness is Artemis.

The best way to avoid being hit by their blast is to get behind them and attack them after the blast is done.

In higher difficulty modes, Hell Gluttonies gain more base health and the ability to enter devil trigger mode.


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