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The Hell Greed is a lesser demon that appears in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. They are found from Mission 7: A chance meeting onwards. Hell Greeds are one of the 7 Hells.


Hell Greeds are grey, humanoid demons that bear a resemblance to the medieval torturers. They wear black torn clothing all over their body and masks that cover their eyes and noses. Greeds carry enormous torture equipment known as "Iron Maiden" which they use to attack. In the Netherworld, these demons are jailers in charge of judging and punishing the souls of those who committed the sin of greed.[1] However, they have been summoned to the human world to hunt even the innocent.[2] To manifest in human domains, they choose sand as their medium. Thus, they disappear in a cloud of sand when killed.


Hell Greeds only have 1 attack and do not pose serious danger:

Their attack is swinging the maidens around: this attack is only dangerous when the enemy gets too close during this process.

The enxtension of this attack is that after the Greeds are done with it, they stick the maiden into the ground to release souls from the maiden. After the soul returns to the maiden, reinforcements are summoned, namely Hell Prides, Hell Sloths and Hell Lusts.


As the enemies aren't really a threat, Hell Greeds are very easy to defeat. Any weapon will do it for these. Moreover, Greeds move incredibly slow, making it possible to take the time you need to charge your attacks.

From the 7 types of Hell, they appear with the least number of specimens, typically from 1 to 2. Beick quick enough before they summon the reinforcements will reasure swift victory.

In higher difficulty modes, Hell Greeds remain slow, they only gain more base health and the ability to enter devil trigger mode.

Appearances in Other Media[]


The 5th Hell: Greed, along with 1st Hell: Pride and 7th Hell: Lust are featured in their own cards in the game, all of them are part of the Core Card Pack and are purple unit cards.


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