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Hell Judeccas are lesser demons in Devil May Cry 5.



The Hell Judecca will keep teleporting in the battlefield, usually to get away from the player. If it's focused down too much by firearms, it will keep teleporting until the player stops shooting. It can also spawn Hell Cainas or Hell Antenoras if it's not knocked down for too long.


Nico's Enemy Report - Hell Judecca

A high priest in the choirs o' Hell. Ain't that somethin'?
These fellas tend to leave close-quarters fighting to the grunts, which they can summon in to take the heat off themselves. Meanwhile, they attack from long range by extending those snakey tentacle arms.
They'll try to keep their distance and dodge gunfire when they can. You'll just have to show these slitherin' scumbags you got the smarts to get past their defenses and send 'em screaming back to the pit.



  • In Divine Comedy, Judecca is a river of Underworld from Cocytus and named after Judas Iscariot, Jesus' betrayer.
  • So far the Hells Caina, Antenora & Judecca from the legend of Cocytus are revealed in Devil May Cry 5. Only Ptolomea, named after Ptolemy, Jericho's governor, was not made.


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